Facebook Prank Lands Man in Prison

Concerned that your fake Facebook profile got deleted? At least you did not end up in prison. As reported by CNN:

Moroccan authorities arrested an engineer Wednesday for allegedly stealing the identity of the king’s younger brother on the social networking Web site, Facebook, the state news agency said. Fouad Mourtada, 26, was arrested in Casablanca for “villainous practices” in connection with the theft of Prince Moulay Rachid’s identity, Maghreb Arabe Presse reported.

It’s a great day to be in America today.

Update: a website has been set up to campaign for Fouad Mourtada’s release.


15 Responses to Facebook Prank Lands Man in Prison

  1. http://techwatch.reviewk.com/ says:

    Moral of the story? Better Kate than be Keauver

    • Arelis Josefina Parra says:

      Today FACEBOOK inhabilited my account. I have more 4,300 friend INVITE TO FACEBOOK. I white and publication Important Article different link of NATIONAL LIVE. pRESIDENT OBAMA. Notice to my CountrY Dominican Republic. Last night two people white very abouth my interest in the Political in the United Stated and other Democratic PARTY of countries. I answer this acusation and put one complaint to the Maoyor of Party Dra. Milagros ortiz Bosh and put in my MURO this conversation this people to my. I nEED MY ACCOUNT i NO MAKE NOSING BAD IN THE SOCIAL PAGE OF FACEBOOK.

  2. ahmet aktas says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    I wasnt login the Facebook. These pages always gave that message ( Your account has been disabled by an administrator. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page here) Please help me.
    What can I do about that? Why did you cancel or disable my account?
    Please open my account. If I did a wrong thing, I apologize you. I m waiting your suggests and soonest reply
    Best regards

  3. Cederash says:

    не информативно как- то

  4. Ferinannnd says:

    Честно говоря, сначала до конца не понял, но со второго раза дошло – спасибо!

  5. Avertedd says:

    Зачет, сенкс автору

  6. Olegreze says:

    Основная задача Яндекса — давать ответы на вопросы пользователей!

  7. Noor says:

    I have reported against a profile that is Noori alvi,someone is using my name n ma pics.That guy is assaulting ma character,.Its a fake id.I’ve already informed facebook authorites about it,but no response.Plz delete that profile.Plz

  8. Отличный сайт! Нужно убить пару часиков – вам сюда :)

  9. williams01 says:

    Really very interesting.But the kings brother should also ensure that passwords are known only to himself.

  10. sylvia says:

    Wondering if you can check this out for us. I know this may not be the place to post this, but feel like this is IMPORTANT!! I’ll got our local new channel checking this out also.

    Please don’t ignore. I found a HACKER on my FB!! Go to settings, then privacy settings, then block list, then in person box write “automation log”. Hit block If someone pops up block them. I had a guy named Phua Soon Hock on mine, and I’ll be checking again every once in a while to …make …sure there are no others showing up.

    Who is PHUA SOON HOCK? And why is he hacking into our computers? Is it time to get off face book? Is anything safe?

  11. salamov says:

    Identity theft is prohibited everywhere in the world. Just for reminder, to prevent this please change the password periodically…

  12. bong says:


    […]Facebook Prank Lands Man in Prison « president of facebook[…]…

  13. Anonymous says:

    whos cherry davila

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