Facebook Terms of Service Do Not Apply to All

Facebook Terms of Service specifically state that no user may “impersonate any person or entity, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent yourself, your age or your affiliation with any person or entity”. Regular readers should know this blog is already familiar with this policy (see here, here, or here).

Well, it appears certain people are above the law. Sean Parker is an early employee and a major shareholder. He is also a member of numerous networks:

It appears he graduated from Columbia, Sarah Lawrence, Pepperdine, USC, UCLA, UC Berkeley, New York University, and Stanford. All in 2002. He is also in four regional networks while regular users are limited to one.

Via Valleywag.


5 Responses to Facebook Terms of Service Do Not Apply to All

  1. z says:

    It appears your blog post (or perhaps others) affected Sean’s resume… he’s now just part of 2 networks: San Francisco, CA and Facebook.

  2. Au Kala says:

    my facebook account has been disabled and i want my account back because i have not been able to communicate with my family members in other city and other countries.Please tell me that u haven’t made your decision to keep my account disabled i really need to talk 2 them. Please help me and please dont make it final to keep it disabled…

    I truly indebted to you if you can help me enable my facebook account from disabled and i promise that will never repeat the mistake again that i ever do…

  3. M&M says:

    Have you noticed who runs the Mafia Wars, have you noticed they are all from the Middle East. Have you noticed if you are a woman, how many times these individuals with names you can’t pronounce or even recognize are always trying to chat with you and sometimes it is not just a friendly chat. Have you noticed the top people in the Mafia Wars are all Middle Eastern, well then if you ever say “No!” to them or “Quit Bugging me” then you will realize your Facebook will be terminated. If you say something bad about Middle Easterners and post you will be terminated off of Facebook. Have you noticed the middle name of our President? Have you noticed that the President is not an American Citizen. Have you noticed that the President would not give up his personal cell phone when he took office. Have you noticed who shot and killed many soldiers in one of the major Army bases inside the USA? Have you noticed that our President was in a training base in Pakistan for two years when he was younger and he admits of the time he was there, but won’t admit what he was exactly doing there? Have you noticed that no American could fly into or enter into Pakistan during the years his training. Have you noticed that only Indonesian and British citizens could enter Pakiston during the years of his training. Have you noticed the greatest known icons that were still living had suddenly died during his Presidency. Have you noticed that Ted Kennedy strongly supported our President, but have you noticed he died the same week that Michael Jackson died, the most popular black man in the world, who supported the Kennedys, the Clintons, the Bushs, Ronald Reagan, and Arnold the Governator. Well we all know that Ted Kennedy had his surgery and was living well, but do we know if he had ever told our President that he will never be his brother JFK, and he will never be globally admired and as popular as Michael Jackson worldwide, and you will never be anywhere close to being like Martin Luther King, Jr. or did the Kennedy’s find out that he really is not an American citizen, and he was actually born in a Kenyan hospital with his grandmother and siblings observing his birth, and the prime minister or Kenya has the original birth certificate kept by the hospital in his possessions. You wonder where our President’s campaign money went too? His birth country of Kenya. Have you noticed Arnold the Governator is married to a Kennedy, Maria Shriver, and her grandmother dies a week before Michael Jackson and Ted Kennedy died? Have you noticed that our President is the first to take office who is not a naturalized US citizen, since he was born in Kenya by an 18 year old woman, and the American law states you have to be 19 years old for her son to be considered and American citizen, and his citizenship is duel citizenship in both Kenya, since he was actually born there, and Indoesia, where he was later adopted by his mother’s new husband with last name Soto. Have you noticed, she was never legally married to our President’s father. After his training in Pakistan he was accepted to go to college in America, and he came with a visa, and not the credit card, but he never went back, and he staye dhere in the U.S. Have you noticed when he became a Senator of Illinois he had no experience besides his schooling, and he won that election a few years after 911. Have you ever put a gray beard and mustache on our President, and imagine him without the facelift he obviously has had, and you will see a striking resemblence of the biggest terror suspect in the world, and you wonder why everybdoy still sometimes mistakenly call him Osama, instead of OBAMA HUSSEIN, of course Saddam Hussein did not let any terrorist camps int his country. His definition of terrorists were the U.S. soldiers. Of course he did not have a nuclear bombs or weapons of mass destruction in his country, but maybe Mr. Osama, I mean Obama Hussein did and how can these tow be enemies when they shared the same name? Have you noticed, our country is being run by a shaved down terrorist name Obama, oh no, Osama bin Ladin. Have you noticed they are both the same height and weight, and the gray hairs seem to be coming back. Hey, if Michael Jackson can go white, why can’t Obama, oh I meant Osama bin Ladin go black? Have you noticed, every time anybody other than a middle easterner who advanced to the upper levels of MAFIA WARS gets kicked off? Well, believe it that the terrorists are running Facebook and MAFIA WARS and if you are not on their side for any reason what-so-ever you are booted off. How many American military do you see that have not been kicked off of Facebook numerous times, now you know. Whoever does comply with the Middle Easterners who are the MAFIA Warriors, you will see those people joining there training camps like our President did back in the day when American were not allowed in Pakistan, and banned to travel into the borders of that country. Now, do you know why the Kennedy’s grandmother who developed the Special Olympics, one of the greatest heroes of all time died, a week before the greatest entertainer in the world died, and then the last remaining brother of the greatest Catholic-Christian family dies also, because TED KENNEDY was about to go public before he died of natural causes with the fact that our President is not even close to being an American citizen, and that he might be in fact a terrorist, and the President warned him of the consequences, and their grandmother died. One other note. Have you noticed, Arnold is an American citizen now, and you wonder why Sarah Palin, will not back down, and why the Democratic party is totally amainst our new illegal alien terrorist President, and you wonder who really took down the towers, well he is the Oval Office now, and he could be your real leader of Facebook. Have you noticed that if our President is not even an American citizen, and Arnold the Governator is, and he found out that he killed his wives relatives, what will be next? Arnold-Palin 2012 the real American Citizen, not the terrorist that has brought our job market to hell, we have not gained 1 single job here in America, since he took office, and how does that make our country successful, he has not pulled the troops in his country he trained in for two years, that he admits he was there, but no American citizen was allowed to be by law in Pakistan. We have the Devil in Disguise running our country as the Commander in Chief, and since no general in all of the armed forces will ever recognize him as the Commander in Chief, he responsible for the deaths at Camp Hood, thinking that these generals will now oblige to his commands, but they know better, and they know who he really is, and if you ask John McCain personally if our President is a terrorist, he will answer no comment. McCain is usually well with his words, and speaks his mind, but now you know the real reason why he wanted to win the Presidency, because he know we are now being controlled by evil. Have you noticed that everybody wonder why our President who is all for freedom will not allow gay marriage, well if he is truly an American he should have any problem with what the world is today filled with people who are attracted to the opposite sex, it’s part of life now, but if you are any of the Middle Eastern worship you can be severely punished for those crimes, especially in Indonesia where he was officially adopted or he could not have been able to attend any grade schools in that country where he was raised. Have you noticed his sister claims he was born in a different hospital than what our President claims he was born, and every hospital in Honolulu do not have any record of him or his mother every coming to their hospitals for any given reason. Have you noticed, he has no given right to be our President, but yet we all voted for him, and you wonder why some you family is suffering from losing their jobs, but yet every other foreigner is still working in those very jobs they lost. Have you noticed he has not brought the jobs back to America, and that he has given money to companies that do need any more than they had, who were strongly involved in his efforts to become a Senator of Illinois and the President of America. Have you noticed we have all been blindsided by the most murderous man in the world, who is now our President, whenever he is afraid something might leak out that he is gay and he is in fact a terrorist, and not the man he states he is, those people are dead in 24 hours. Have you noticed if Michael Jackson would have completed those 50 concerts and he probably would have after watching his movie, then he would have extended the tour worldwide, and who would still be the most popular man in the world, not OBAMA HUSSEIN, but the King of Pop Michael Jackson, who voted for Hillary and Bill Clinton, and was always by the sides of every Kennedy, the Governator, and the world. How did Michael Jackson loose your job, and how did the President loose your job, how can you answer that best. Have you noticed, if we raise minimum wage then we have to kick out those who have worked wherever for many years, for these new guys with no education to take your job. It is funny how this country is run by people with no college education to proove of, everybody that struggled through life and expenses and jobs to make it barely each week are now without a job. Have you noticed, how much money did you receive from our current President, I think you will see for the first time the Government, after both George Bush’s and the Clinton’s has taken your pride, money, life, and well-being away. Have you noticed that our current President is promotion a health care plan that is going to make our next generation of children and their children into a poverty stricken world, isn’t that what every terrorist want to do to America. Have you noticed, you how much time you spend using Facebook, MAFIA WARS, and all social networks, and you wonder why the current President would not give up his personal mobile phone. Have you noticed our current President is a control freak, and he loves to be on camera, visiting every other prime minister and president that rule the Communist and Terrorist Mafias of the World. Have you noticed his first televised public speaking after taking oath was the Al-Jazeers, the gloabl Middle eastern television broadcast, and not to any American televised publication. I keep putting the puzzle together and I am seeing that if we do not have this current President removed, we will not see the light of day before his first term is over. We can simply stand up for our rights, and get this ignorant vision that the economy if because Bush. He had nothing to do with and everybody even the current President is living in the past, we should start living for the future, and stop being consumed with blaming anybody but ourselves for voting in the worse person in the world to lead our country. Keep in mind that even Martin Luther believed that all people that are not normal, especially the disabled people, who the Kennedy’s and the Jackson’s stongly supported, were to be punished and killed and that would not be a sin, does our current person also believe in this. Let’s all join together as one, as take this President out of office, so we do not have to suffer for this change that he supports, our lives were so much better when Bush was president, and now we have to deal with the devil running the show of the world.

  4. M&M says:

    Your term has been Terminated, is breaking the legal constitution of the freedom of speech and your conspiracy that everybody is a terrorist, when in fact Facebook is to Osama, oh I meant Obama Hussein, as MySpace is to George Bush. George Bush is obvously the winner he will not drop any supporter, for he understood the Freedom of Speech, and he got his share of name calling, but he would not be shy of speaking his mind or grabbing his wife’s ass, and kissing her like a man should on public television, but I have never seen Osama, oh I mean Obama Hussein really act like a man that loves his beautiful wife!

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