Admissions Offices Open Up Through Blogs

Last August, Cornell launched the Life on the Hill project to allow prospective students get a feel for campus life. While this initiative faced criticism from independent bloggers, it was an interesting move nonetheless.

It turns out colleges have been exploring other ways of using blogs to attract applicants. Admissions offices, traditionally shrouded in mystery, are beginning to open up. Yale Daily News sums it up:

In recent years, the increasingly intense college search process has given rise to online forums in which college-bound seniors swap advice, statistics, and stories in order to increase their chances of acceptance to top-tier schools. Now, some colleges are bringing information to the students in the form of behind-the-scenes blogs and message boards that offer a revealing look at what goes on inside America’s most selective admissions offices.

Yale does not have an admissions blog and has no plans for one. A quick search reveals that neither does any other Ivy League school. The only exception is Cornell’s College of Engineering.

Here is a small sample of schools jumping on the admissions blog bandwagon:
Bryn Mawr –
Case Western –
Chicago –
Connecticut College –
Cornell (Engineering) –
Johns Hopkins –
Olin College –
Oregon State –
SUNY Stony Brook –

It’s certainly refreshing to see schools make a legitimate attempt to connect with the potential future students during the stressful application process. I can only hope that more colleges follow their example.


3 Responses to Admissions Offices Open Up Through Blogs

  1. Blake says:

    I would mention that Harvard Law and Wharton School of Business do have blogs and have for quite awhile (in blog/internet years).

    Thanks for the add.
    OSU Admissions

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks for the listing; I like opening up the admissions process a bit. Between the blog and AIM, I get comments and questions from students all day… and isn’t that what it’s all about? Thanks again.

  3. prez says:

    Blake – I only looked at undergraduate admissions, which I probably should have mentioned. I must agree with you, though. If you look beyond undergrad, the field becomes much larger. However, grad/professional school blogs cater to a somewhat different crowd, so ideally they should be covered separately.

    Chris – You’re very welcome. Keep up the good work.

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