Blogging About Blogging About Nothing

The Cornell blogosphere is on fire again! Latest topic of interest is Tara Tavernia’s “Blogging About Nothing” piece in The Cornell Daily Sun. A small section sums up her point:

The problem is that the interesting stories are mixed with the blogger’s commentary, which is my main complaint about blogs. Very few bloggers are experts on the field about which they are writing (I mean, really, can you be a pop culture expert?). Yet, everyone wants to give their two cents on every topic.

Perhaps that may explain why only very few blogs have a substantial audience. Does this mean the rest of the population should cease all online publishing? Should we also introduce filters to make sure only approved content ever sees the light of day?

Ironically, she is writing about blogs, something she is clearly not an expert on.

But wait. It gets better:

Every publication has a website, and many are now adding the newer variants of online media as well — photo slideshows, forums, blogs and podcasts. I cannot grasp why the media — magazines, newspapers and even television — has to transform itself into such a fast-paced environment. Sure, it’s great to read the news ten minutes after it happened, but inaccuracies are bound to occur with so little time for editing and fact-checking.

I hope she realizes The Cornell Daily Sun is one of those publications (with photos, forums, and blogs).

Christian Montoya adds:

In the end, the funny and ironic thing about Tara’s rant is that it sounds more like a blog entry than a newspaper editorial to me. It’s poorly written both in grammar and structure and full of weak arguments and Tara does nothing to prove to us that she is an expert herself, considering how few blogs she actually reads.

Elliott Back points out:

It’s not fair to claim that making money is an impure motive for writing a blog, unless you want to include all mainstream media as well. The New York Times is plastered with ads.

I stand by my previous claim: bloggers love to blog about blogs.


One Response to Blogging About Blogging About Nothing

  1. Montoya says:

    I blog about blogging all the time! I even have a blogging category at my design/tech blog… there’s just so much to say about the topic. People find it ironic but it’s not that unusual… as pioneers in our practice we are both participants and advocates of what we do… so we advocate in our practice, by blogging about blogging.

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