First Facebook Spam Received

This is far from newsworthy, but it marks a new era in the evolution of Facebook. A week ago, I received my first spam message within Facebook. It came from “Luaz Vieria (no network)” and this is a small section of it:

Before I go further, I will like to give you a brief profile
about myself..Mr Luíz Gonzaga Vieira by name 35 years of age,
English,french man married with 3 kids. Due to the nature of my work, I
travel a lot. But my Family resides in Paris, France. I just resigned my
job as a Research Analyst for CIRAD (Agricultural Research and
Development Institute based in France ) but I still work as a freelance
consultant for the institute which gives me very much time to do my own work
which is basically being a freelance researcher who could be employed by
research institutes to do research projects anywhere in the world.
Presently, I have just been granted a funding to head a
research project in the Cocoa Rich regions of West Africa regarding the
growing and handling of cocoa for the benefit of the cocoa community as a
whole – investors , the growers, traders, users and consumers. This
research program will be funded and sponsored by some of my American
counterparts interested in Investing in the Production and Trade. But the only
set back is that the American counterparts want to make payments for
the research informs of US money orders/ cashier’s check only. And its a
known fact that money in such forms cant be cashed outside the US.
Getting an accountant in the states or opening an account would have been
my best choice but I have a deadline to meet and taking any of those
choices would cost me time and a whole lot of other requirements, which I
am not ready to deal with. There is where is need your assistant and

When Facebook began allowing anyone to register, the move was widely criticized in part because it would lead to various abuses of the system. Perhaps the predictions were correct.


28 Responses to First Facebook Spam Received

  1. Elliott Back says:

    Facebook Fraud: Ponzi Scams!

    The problem with opening up Facebook to the entire world is that spammers also live in the world, and therefore spammers can now use Facebook to do their evil bidding. Take, for example, Marvin Mooney, who created a so-called “Playstation 3 for …

  2. crazyjoe says:

    Spam and scams will always exist in any large community. It is up to the individual to be weary, online or off. There are some very funny scams out there, my favorite are ones that start off saying that you should beware of scams.

  3. […] Spam and, privacy concerns and misuse of accounts are always not too far from the surface with any social networks but its good to see that Facebook is starting to address the issues that its users feeding back to them. Only time will tell whether these issues will improve in the near future. […]

  4. matt laurence says:

    yeh i’ve recently started to notice increasing spam throughout facebook lately. most of which are comments their ‘friends’ telling them to visit a website or click on a link similar to that shit myspace spam, actually not as bad as i haven’t seen any massive images yet.. but who knows.. Facebook seems to have been able to maintain a fairly spam free network for sometime lets hope they can keep it up!

  5. Justin says:

    Facebook will only get worse.

  6. kris constantin says:

    i have been identity theft on your site iv tried to get it deleted and its not im going ot the police if nothing is done about this

  7. Blake says:

    I just got my first myspace-esque spam message on my facebook wall as follows…

    “I found this on Facebook and thought you would enjoy it!
    FREE Ringtones From Facebook!

    Facebook is on its deathbed…and it’s Facebook’s fault for opening itself to the entire sucky world…

  8. shalonte says:

    wow…i just got a facebook and i’m already scared. My ex told me the president was stealing identities, so i looked up facebook scams. this is some of the content i’ve found. i’m about ready to call it quits with facebook.

  9. Maria Alejandra Peñalosa says:

    After click on some application I found this IPOD ad, was kind of a promotion, the ad said something like do you want to participate.. and I clicked..yes!!! then I found in my mobile phone like 3 messages… and then I found out that every message I received was charged to my mobile account… and I had to unsubscribe by another amount of money!!!! I felt really cheat!!!!
    This is not a fare, convenient, customer service advertising…. it is a cheating business… so please take care about the quality of ads if you are going to allowed them.

  10. chelsea leigh says:

    one of my friends just randomly wrote “I have downloaded 7 free ringtone from!” However, i thought twice about going directly to the sight, so i googled “ringhookup” and this is the first thing that popped up. Now that I think about it, I have been seeing many random wall postings about websites that offer free ringtones. I want to encourage everyone to be careful about these things, and think twice before going to these places.

  11. ryan crocker says:

    i was hacked by they sent messages to people saying they were me and i dwnld my ring tones from them. writing on their walls. yes, we must all be carefull now. good time to delete all ur personal info.

  12. John "help me" says:

    does anyone know the password if you get hacked by ringhookup? I got hacked also and facebook wont do anything about it.

  13. cary says:

    I got spammed today by that dang ringhookup. :( how embarrasing.

  14. jen says:

    i posted two books on facebook marketplace and two persons with suspicious names contact me saying that they want to purchase my books. then when i gave them my contact info ones like she will issue a $3000 check for my $50 book and let me keep $100 if i can make a transaction through western union. the other was like he will issue a $1500 for my $40 book. just that i have to ship it to a certain place…they are ridiculous. so unconvincing…what should i do about them..

  15. Hamish says:

    I had my facebook hacked or something, and so did my friends, where i sent messages telling them all about some pills you could buy to enlarge things or prescription drugs through Canada. No where is safe. Will delete my account if it continues

  16. J.F says:

    Well, about those ring tones, I had same bad experience. I got pissed of so I am telling every one to be aware, I wanted to download a ring tone that was supposed to be FREE, but when I clicked the link I was asked to type in my cell phone number which I did thinking it was necessary for me to receive that free ring tone! I was actually signing for a service I never used and they were charging my cell phone account as soon as I top up after less than 1/2 an hour my cell phone account was back to a few cents without using it! Looking around I found out that bluebolt was charging my account for a membership fee, I looked all over that website trying to figure out how to cancel this membership that I did not explicitly ask for it, all I wanted that ring tone that was said it was FREE! No way to find a link to stop or cancel your membership, I had to go to frequently asked question and read almost every and each question before I could fine 2 short lines in the meddle of no where say to cancel your account text “Stop” to xxxx.
    To me this is pure hacking and fooling people!

  17. m.t says:

    what do the facebook marketplace scammers want? Is this an identity theft scam where they just want your name, address, and cell phone number so they can use it to purchase something???? I don’t think you can purchase anything with just that information but will they be able to access anything personal? What is it they are trying to scam you with? What do they want from us?

  18. m.t says:

    P.S I’m talking about the facebook marketplace scam like the one jen, the posts above, describes.

  19. Heather B says:

    I’ve been on facebook for 2 years and had never had a problem, until yesterday. I got the e-mail spam sunday night that is supposedly from a friend that just said “hey look at this” so I clicked on the link and it was garbage, so I turned my computer off until I could talk to my mom (personal computer repairer) about it. Monday morning when I got into work I wanted to check facebook because I had posted some photos and I wanted to see the comments, only to recieve a message when I tried to log in that my account had been disabled by an administrator for spamming. What am I supposed to do now? Facebook has not replied to any of my e-mails. I’m so frustrated! I had about 50 photo albums on there and now they are all gone. :( It’s dissappointing.

  20. Anon says:


    Its a scam to gain money. They send you a check for 3k and ask you to wire back the remaining change. So you do, but the 3k check never bounces and you get held responsible.

  21. P. Eim says:

    There is NO way to report SPAM or SCAM to FACEBOOK (FB) without first registering. In other words, people who did not register with FB first, cannot get their message accross to FB.

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  24. gille says:

    Someone has hacked into your system. They have my phone number email. I am quite upset and I want my account deleted.

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