Facebook Has a Post Limit

I received an interesting email back in August:

My name is A*** M***, my account was recently disabled by facebook. I felt alone in my situation until I found people in the same boat as me, thanks to your interesting facebook blog. I was disabled because I have lively discussions on the largest facebook group ever’s wall. Before I came it was not a very nice place, however as a bunch of regulars will note, (regular meaning on atleast 4 hours a day), I changed the discussion to postive. Quickly, I began getting warnings I was reaching the post limit, not realized I had 3 strikes and your out. So, I got the warning, went to bed, and the in the morning I had been given another strike for some reason, a red message appered saying that my account was in jeporday of being deleted. So I made, a joke with my sense humor, and my skills of turning the wall around, and i made a group and invited the wonderful friends I had made on largest group ever to join! But, BAM with in 5 seconds of making it, I was disabled. I’m impulsive when I get pissed off, (thanks to my adhd)..and so i wrote really sketchy/weird and angry emails probably not the best idea.

So yeah, that’s how I got disabled. 12 hours still nothing from facebook.
I tried to explain them how important it was to me, since I am not intellectually simulated in my school, and how meeting other smart colege students was imporant to me. But it probably didn’t come out that way, in fact right now..facebook is probably reading my emails and laughing.

Well, sorry for bothering you with my story,
but your blog was very interesting, and gave me hope
that maybe my account will come back.

It seems Facebook has limits for how many posts one can submit. Seems a little odd for a social networking website to create activity limits, but Facebook is known for its surprises.

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  1. BP says:

    um, Facebook disabled my account out of the blue. They did not say it had anything to do with a post limit, instead sent me an email demanding that I promise to not “scrape information” from their website in order to have my account re-enabled. (When, if for any reason, it may be because of this post limit, but even THEN, i do not post things, only comments, and not that frequently.) What the hell kind of information would I need to scrape from Facebook? At any rate… They did not send this email until after I had already taken the liberty to email the info@facebook address they give you when you attempt to log in. I received an auto-response to that, followed by an email 7 or 8 hours later saying they will “look into it.” I responded to that email once again, as well as the email originally sent to me after the account was disabled. Frustrated, I’ve written two more emails. This is getting damn ridiculous. Excuse my language.

    And a friend of mine got hers disabled as well, receiving the same email notification that I did. We both have REAL names and we both do not post unnecessarily. Nor are we guilty of scraping information from the damn website.

  2. Stu Segal says:

    so yea
    facebook disabled my account for adding too many people. i dont understand…if the point of facebook is to add friends, why is there now a limit on how many people you add. And if you add to many people, WHY DO YOU GET KICKED OFF?? In the earlier days, they’d just disable the adding for 24 hrs-7 days. This is just fucked up. I already got kicked off once and it took me 3 days of going back and forth with them, talking to 4 different people to get readded and now i am back in the same situation. Its such bullshit. I just wrote 4 e-mails to them hoping to get back on soon. I just enjoy using the site. Its just so fucked up. There is no “Abuse” as they like to put it. Only us enjoying the site expect no stupid restrictions.

  3. SenorDD says:

    Just had a similar thing happen to me. I didn’t get any warning at all. I just sent in 3 emails to appeal and so far, nothing has happened with it yet.

  4. fdsfdsfds says:

    Yeah, I just got disabled, too, I guess for the same reason, and I’m really hoping I get lucky and they actually read my e-mail. I asked them to tell me what I did wrong (since they never actually specified) and if it was possible to get re-enabled and stuff.

    Ughhhh I’m really frustrated ’cause I had like a year’s worth of photos and comments and conversations and yeah I probably need a social life :( buttttt fdksljfsklhggg

  5. krystopher fortenberry says:


    • ree says:

      “I HAVEN’T DID NOTHING WRONG..” haven’t did nothing wrong? remember school.. when they taught GRAMMAR? OHHH I GET IT, you dropped out in kindergarden, good thing Fb dumped you to get your low IQ away from the mostly intelligent people on it.

      • gotchya! says:

        Ree, if you’re going to throw stones then you should be able to take the hits too!
        Speaking of low IQ and grammar, take a good look at your spelling. Did you see anything wrong with it yet? Maybe you’ll get this, the way you spelled “kindergarden” is actually spelled kindergarten. That’s right! Kindergarten is spelled with a “t”!

      • LOL…that’s funny! OMG

  6. Zachary says:

    I was just disabled for not being verified with my school network. I had no clue that I even needed to do something to become verified, or how to do it for that manner. I sent facebook and email and still no response on it. This is ridiculous

  7. Candice says:

    JUst like Zachary said the same thing happend with mine:( and they didn’t send me an email or anything im so mad, so you think there going to send an email or something that I could get back to them on??

  8. Ben says:

    I just got disabled for having a conversation with somebody in one of my own damn groups!!! wtf?!? facebook is better than myspace, but do they have to be so paranoid??? I’ve sent them a couple of emails trying to figure out what they’re problem is, and if they’ll let me back on… i’ll always just make another account, but i would like to be able to have all my pics, conversations, and group admins back… this is so retarded! does anyone know if they completely restore you’re account once they let you back on? or is it gone permanetely??

  9. Igor says:

    HELP! I just ggot disabled for posting too many comments on group walls! They sent me those red messages, but they NEVER WROTE WHAT THE LIMIT IS!! Then they send me an email warning me and like a minute later they just disable it! I already wrote 4 emails to them 4 hours ago and am waiting for a reply. Has anyone who had this problem been reenstated? Was all of your stuff still there? How long will this take?

  10. Nirali says:

    I was disabled too =( No idea why, and from reading these posts it looks like they are never going to write back to my email. damn.

  11. Igor says:

    Mine is back up! :-) Good luck with yours!

  12. maddi says:

    hey there… lol it was very interesting to read your entry.. :D… you’re not the only one… I have been disabled twice… and this is my second time… I do nothing! Just post on walls.. I don’t abuse anyone… I don’t even make fun of other people… I mean what the heck? FACEBOOK is there so we can TALK… sheesh!… I don’t have a lot of friends at skool.. and that sucks.. but I got a lot of friends at facebook… and I keep walling them… and now facebook’s got me disabled… cuz I “post” too much…!! I’m so pissed off right now… but your blog made me feel better! Thanks!… Oh and just on a note… when I was disabled the first time.. I wrote them an email and said “sorry” and stuff.. cuz I really wanted my account back.. and I didn’t know they would enable it anyway… after a few hours/days. So I’m not emailing them this time… but for all you people out there… if you be nice to them and say it’s your fault… and ask for a second chance.. they put your account right back up INSTANTLY!… at least for me they did… Also, they didn’t give me a warning this time… I mean I was walling… and when I hit the “post” button… they just asked me to log in again.. and there it was “Your account has been disabled.. plz contact disabled@facebook.com for further info”… oh well.. I’ll probably be back..

    And one more tip: As soon as they disabled my account.. I registered myself again… thru another email address… and I was back on facebook.. lol.. :P.. altho yeah i didn’t have my friends and groups.. but I could still access facebook.. pff.. losers.. :P

    I’ll post again soon!
    Until then … be patient.. !
    Toodles!~ :)

  13. Igor says:

    WTF??!! They just disabled me again! This time without even a warning! I mean wtf, I didn’t abuse anyone at all, I didn’t annoy anyone, nobody even fucking complained!! Facebook needs to chill the fuck out.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    I was just disabled without any warning.

    They used to have a feature where you could invite people to a group even if they weren’t your friends, but it doesn’t exist anymore. So I sent messages to some people (like fifteen) to invite them to my group individually. Then in the middle of one of them, it told me my account was disabled, but didn’t say why. And I was given no warning. I had no idea that there were activity limits like that.

    And now I am just nonexistant on facebook (not appearing in friends list, and my group is now up in the air for admin). I have no idea how long it will take them to take care of this (no phone number – just e-mail). I don’t even know if my info will be up when I get my account back, or if I will have to add all my friends all over again and add all my groups all over again.

    In any case, what really pisses me off is that there was NO WARNING. If there had been a warning, at least I could have stopped what I was doing. But to just disable your account at the drop of a hat without any indication that you’re doing something wrong – that’s bullshit.

    • Hmmm…I just got disabled four days ago of which i beleive was for no reason at all..Facebook management have to critically look at this chaos and mess they have created,otherswise they have to close this webside if they are unable to manage it instead of causing us inconveniances…

  15. maddi says:

    heyyyyyyyy… daymm Facebook! =_= this is my second time I got disabled… and they say I won’t get my profile back!! :( Any similar experiences?

  16. Igor says:

    I got mine back after my 2nd time getting disabled, but I can’t post like anything for a few days!! Facebook is much better than myspace, but why do they need to do all these fucking restrictions, it;s not “annoying” if no one has problems with your posts!! Maddi..try begging them maybe?Ayways, Elizabeth, I think they disabled you because you’re not allowed to invite people to groups because you’re like adverising they find it annoying or something…wich is bs. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to sit out a few days.

  17. maddi says:

    I did.. they aren’t.. they are being so mean…
    Maybe I’m not good at begging. Anyway Igor.. thanks for sharing!! :(
    Why exactly did u get ur facebook disabled?

  18. Matthew says:

    Ran into the same problem as Elizabeth. Was just inviting a few people from some of my classes, and sure enough they disabled EVERYTHING half way in. The e-mail says they will get back with you soon, but it has already been a few hours… Even though they say in the e-mail to “stand by”.

    Lame lame lame.

  19. Igor says:

    too many wallposts lol.

    Maddi, ask them stuff like,”how do I know I’m posting too much?” “ARe friend walls included” (they are) How do they figure out when you’re posting too much?”

    Good luck :-)

  20. j j the clay says:

    so…i got disabled. and after reading these horror stories, ive been emailing them constantly. you think thats gonna hurtmy case? I mean I apologized, then gave an attitude, then apologized again then professionally bitched at them then professionally apologized to them. still wanting on that “you are no longer disabled” email to come.

  21. Matt says:

    My account got disabled recently, I only log in once or twice a week or so, so I have no idea when exactly it was. I have no idea why I would get disabled, and you would think even if they suspected I was doing something wrong they would warn me. I barely ever post ANYTHING anywhere, and occasionally I’ll message someone or write on their wall, but that’s very rarely.

    This is bull, and by reading the other posts on here, I’m starting to think that either facebook has some computer problems, or someone is typing in random ids and deleting random people for fun.

    I dunno. but i wrote facebook an email, here it is:


    I tried logging in today and it said my account was disabled on your site. After doing some research, I found a blog where many other people posted the same thing.

    I barely ever log in, maybe once a week (if that), and I just logged in a couple of days ago because I got an email saying that one of my friends posted on my wall. I haven’t been on since, and I cannot see why I would be in jeopardy of being disabled. Additionally, I never recieved any notices or warnings saying that I was at risk of being disabled, or this would have been solved a long time ago.

    I ran through some possible scenarios and my account may have been hacked, so somebody could have gone in and done something to disable me (i.e. mass poke or comment everyone). I’m not so sure that happened, though, although it is a possibility.

    If you disabled me because my name, email or information is fake, then guess what: youre wrong. I am a real person and all of the emails that were listed on my profile were real, too.

    This is INSANE, facebook. I got no warning at all, nor did i even do anything wrong. Why would you randomly delete not just me but a whole bunch of other people for no reason at all?

    Please review your decision to disable my account, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  22. maddi says:

    THIS suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx… i made a new account and they disabled that too…
    they’re like you’re the same person… yada yada yada…………

  23. Igor says:

    SO make it so tey don’y know…first letter for last name, shady pic, different email etc etc.. Come on, improvise!

  24. maddi says:

    lol.. Igor you sure have a lot of experience.. I did do that… and i like totally begged to have it back… and i’ve got no reply yet… this sucks so bad…! grrr.. I think Facebook is racist.. they know i’m asian…

  25. Igor says:

    haha I knwo Muslims who are anti-Israel who also think that lo. Maybe they’re right; I got ym 3rd warning today but my account hasn’t been disabled…yet.

  26. maddi says:

    I hope it doesn’t… :P (or maybe I hope it does.. so you can experience what i have experienced.. :P lol j/k)

    I am a Muslim too… but my friends are constantly sending messages to Mark Zuckerberg to reactivate my account now.. lol let’s see what happens.. :D

  27. Jake says:

    Facebook just disabled my account. I started a group for people with the same last name as me and i started sending messages to people with the same name to join, I just wanted to have a group with a lot of people, I didn’t know I would get kicked off for it… Will they let me back on? I sent them an email and I havent heard back, what should I do? I’m so pissed off.

    • monica ciupitu says:

      My fb account is temporarily blocked but I wasn’t informed for how long.so how can I know if my account is on again?

  28. maddi says:

    @Jake… Sucks for you.. wow.. why would they ban you for makin’ a fukin’ group? sheesh!…
    Go with what Igor said, ” BEG THEM”… lol. Didn’t work for me tho.. I have an ego problem … lol naah.. I was like.. “phhhhlease give it back!”.. and i got no FUCKIn’ reply!!… Bastards.

  29. Jake says:

    Yeah, they haven’t replied to me either. Its so annoying… I wrote three emails already

  30. Igor says:

    FIne for a while today…but then another warning. Can’t post for a while AGAIN! When the secret police gets off my back, I’m starting a group against this BS; anyone is welcome to join.

  31. maddi says:

    ooooooh I would LURV to join!!! :|

    But I don’t think anyone will listen to us… I mean… there are so many petitions going on Facebook.. hellowwwww? anything happened? :S
    and.. I just made a new profile today… lol… so much for waiting for the replies.

  32. Igor says:

    And I just got disabled agin, for the third fucking time. NO WARNING ONCESOEVER THIS TIME!!! :-(

  33. maddi says:

    omg.. i’m so sorry… lol hi5.. I got a hatrick too… (just trying to make u feel better!) and yeah i’m back now.. with a completely different profile.. you know you should definitely make that group… I suggest you make a new profile.. they never even replied to my email when I got disabled for the third time..
    Good luck mate!

  34. Igor says:

    Fucking Facebook won’t give my profile back! But this fight aint over…yet.

  35. Igor says:

    Maddi, did Facebook catch your new profile yet? If no, did you use the same name as before?

  36. maddi says:

    I used the SAME EXACT NAME. and no they haven’t caught me yet…

  37. Igor says:

    same here lol…just different pic.

  38. Husain says:

    Facebook disabled my profile for posting on many groups. I think after u get ur first warning u can only post 2 or 3 posts. That also I started deleting wall posts and they disabled my account. lol hope to get on back.

  39. Igor says:

    So they renabled my old account…but I also have my new one now!! So wtf shouldI do, I have 2 Facebookaccounts now rofl!

  40. This is funny says:

    Okay so i just got disabled and every reason they gave yall can not apply to me because i am in no groups i post on no ones walls i just get on there to find a party every weekend so if they ever respond i wanna hear their reason

  41. mike says:

    i just came home to log on and my facebook is gone. i got the whole your page has been “disabled” thing. im pissed i have like 250 pictures and mad friends on it. what can i do to get it back. ill be rip shit if i cant get it back. has anyone just emailed them, apologized, then got it back? cause ill follow whatever rules they have (even though some of your stories really show that most of these rules are bullshit) but i just want it baacckkkkkkkkk

  42. maddi says:

    @Igor.. lmfao… wtf.. how did u get ur back? tell me seriously!!

    @Husain.. good luck wid that yo

    @mike… oh hahaha.. beg them … ask for a second chance.. i got mine back once only.. that’s it..

  43. Igor says:

    You complain that you got no warning and therefore didn’t know you were approaching the limit.. That you didn’t know discussion topics count as posts. You advice them to reconsider your situation.

    And if you don’t get a response, just try again!

    You got it back only once? I thought you had a hattrick?

    BTW Ideactivated my old account (I can go back to it at any time; my reason to piss them off “myspace is better”)..figured my new one would give me new posts lol.

  44. maddi says:

    oh hahahah… “myspace is betteR”…

    I mean I GOT my account back only once.. but they disabled me three times…
    lol.. and now i have got two profiles too… cuz i made two.. if they disable one or start giving warnings on one.. i can use the other one.. lool.. :P you’re inspirational Igor. pfft.

  45. mn!!! says:

    hey igor is you r face book back

  46. Igor says:

    yes and no… I got it back AFTER I made a new one, so just deactivated my old one. lol.

  47. pw says:

    WOWWW. account got disabled. cause my lil cousin was spamming that verifcation stuff? wow. no warning too. wtf

  48. mike says:

    hey guys i still havnt got my facebook back since like 2 weeks ago…i keep begging them to enable my account and apologizing for whatever i did but i get the same stupid response every single time saying i violated their terms of use or whatever. do you think theres still a chance or should i give up

  49. mike says:

    and if i make another one, can i have the same name?

  50. YLC says:

    My account was deactivated TWICE about a month ago. The first time it happened without any warning at all before my account was deactivated. Minutes later (after my account had already been deactivated), I received warnings in my e-mail box telling me to slow down. Wow…thanks for the notice Facebook! The second time my account was deactivated came two days later. I was under the assumption that I would get just as many posts as I did before, but I was unaware of Facebook’s arbitrary policy with regards to the number of posts. It took a lot to get my account back the second time. Now here I am again. After the first two disablings, their warning policy magically improved to include warnings on the actual website instead of my mailbox. Since I’m not a dumb ass I would immediately sign out every time I received the warning. For some reason, my account has been disabled again despite the fact that I heeded the warning and immediately stopped posting. I find it odd that a socail networking website puts limits on their social networking.

  51. Igor says:

    yea, Mike, you can have thw same name!

  52. hi says:

    hi my name is nestor i can login in to my acount because you guys block me i dont know why in the fiirst place i signt in this webste soo thank u you guys thin that bad whatever i wanna to closed my acount with u guys thank u and fuck you assholes and dont send me msg because what a was that problem okay

  53. Meghan says:

    I had my facebook disabled. I am working an event planning and I sent out messages to about 30 people and they disabled me. Does anyone know how long generally, you are disabled for? This is important because it is party of a GRADE for a project.

  54. mike says:

    also got disabled. if i get my account enabled will my profile be intact with all my old messages and stuff?

  55. Shahzad says:

    dear Sir..
    i dont know why..?
    my account is disable automatic
    plz open this Thank you so much..

  56. Zac says:

    They disabled my account because they believed that I was running an automated script. I didn’t know that having tabs open on Internet Explorer/Firefox! How can I get back on?

    If any of you would like to email me and give me their two cents, my e-mail address is zoneil6049@email.vccs.edu

  57. mike n says:

    if i make another facebook with the same name and everything…can i put up the same profile picture or will they find my account and disable it that way

  58. Stephane Gionet says:

    whats the hell thats not right WOW put me back on please . i got to talk to my annie we got too stay in touch. WOW THIS IS NOT GOOD AT ALL

  59. Stephane Gionet says:

    WOW at least give one day to get the msn off of annie an bobbie B.S I GOT TO GET THE TIME AN PLACE I GOT TO PICK HER UP” THIS IS NOT COOL FACEBOOK

  60. Stephane Gionet says:

    This is not high school days .WHATS going on here.

  61. dani says:

    my facebook has just been disabled and it’s really frustrating…i want it back :'( If i sign up for a new one, can i keep the same email addy?

  62. mike n says:

    can i put up a picture that used to be my default on my old account or no

  63. Ha ha! says:

    You people are retarded.

    Facebook is a waste of bandwidth.

    It’s amazing to see the level of intelligence here as well.

    I’m guessing the collective IQ here is only in the double digits.

  64. Brienne says:

    I am in about 1,600 Groups. i just tried to join one today and it said their new policy is you cannot join more than 200 groups! I am outraged! I have met many cool friends through Groups, it was my favorite activity all last semester. Sometimes I leave a group and later decide to rejoin it. Now I have to be very very careful before i leave a group because I will not be able to rejoin it.

  65. Robert says:

    I think that all those who facebook.com have unjustly harassed should band together and lobby facebook incessantly and cause a tremendous hassle to them. They deserve to be inconvenienced because of their stupidity. I mean, disabling profiles for no reason or for stupid reasons is inexcusable, and I think they should know that. Maybe they will rethink their idiocy when they have 1,000 phone calls, emails, and faxes per day telling them how unhappy they are making their users.

    If you want people to use your product, don’t be an asinine, moronic, idiotic company that is completely devoid of any rational, logical thought.

  66. christy says:

    I tried emailing them, demanding them to get my account back due to a second chance on posting limits…hella stupid! I want it back or I’m not going to join back on facebook again!

  67. Daryl says:

    My account was disabled today as well… I created a group to find people with the same last name as myself (an obscure one) and then I started messaging people I found with the last name with an invite to join the group… Not actual invites though, since people need to be in your friends list.

    I think around 15 people, I a message saying my account was disabled for spamming, like they thought I was trying to scam people or something…

    I emailed them with both my Hotmail account and my school email, and hope to get a reply soon. I run a couple groups for the courses I’m in where I post lecture notes, and with my account disabled, all those lecture notes disappear…which isn’t good.

  68. E says:

    My facebook was also disabled, like Daryl’s … I created a group and messaged people inviting them to join. Hopefully they will re-enable my account… I’ll let you know if anything happens.

  69. Heather says:

    Hey my account was disabled ,i understand why they disabled me so I am excepting there decision, but i did write to them explaining why i had done what i did. In hopes for other in my situation.

    Any of you who are users know that when registering you must put down you are either in a school or with a company or none of the above.. I am someone who is none of the above but when i clicked to put that as my chose it said i had to put down a school because i am not 18 years of age. only people who are 18 and older can put themselves down as none of the above, which is understandable. I am 16 so in order for me to be able to make an account it told me i had to put down a school, so i put down the one i was in last year. in doing this i had broken there terms and my account was disabled in only after a few days of making it. I under stand why they deleted me and that what i did was wrong, but my problem with them, is the fact that someone in my position of not going to school and not being with a company i am unable to use face book. which i think they should at least have a section for ppl under the age of 18 who where none of the above…it just kinda seemed un fare..all my friends have accounts, but i wasn’t able to have the same privilege…and it does say everyone is welcome to register…well that isn’t exactly true.
    After hearing people tell there story’s of getting disabled and loosing there accounts I can see that facebook keeps a close watch on what’s going on. Cuz I was surprised that they knew I was no longer attending that school. I hope people who deserve to have there accounts back get them back, because it seems like facebook is very un fare at times.

    good luck,

  70. Peter Hadden says:

    My facebook account was disabled this morning… i have no idea why. does anyone know how i can contact facebook to find out?


  71. Julien Grant says:

    Some guy was pissing me off on facebook, so i sent him ‘stfu’ messages like 7 times in a row, not even on his wall though……. I think Josh G should have his acct disabled too + i only got 1 warning. so unfair :/

    P.S. Can we all just have our accounts back please, its all just a misunderstanding.
    Cheers: Julien Grant

  72. Julien Grant says:

    And btw, when i sent those stfu messages to the person who was harassing me, i didn’t get any warnings…. my comp just frozed and when i go back it says “Your account has been diisabled by an administrator, for further details contact disabled@facebook.com. So since i was being harassed shouldn’t i have another chance, like next time please send me warnings and not an immediate disable.


  73. jeremy noble says:

    i just want an explanation of why my account has been disabled just let me know will i be able to get back on

  74. misstiara says:

    hey i just got disabled because i added too many people and i was messaging too much. i know people had similar experiences but i wanna know if they do enable my page again, would i have to re-do everything?

  75. Clare says:

    How long in general have people been disabled for as i got disabled today for sending too many emails?
    Do you have to appeal or something?

  76. Niro says:

    Clare, the same thing happened to me today – although, I don’t think that I sent more than 20 messages.

    What happens to Friend-Request and to Messages when an account has been disabled? – will all my requests get bounced-off my account?

  77. Diamond says:

    I don’t know why facebook account was suspended but it was really f***k up man give a person a warning what in the world is going with that janky page.

  78. Clare says:

    Niro, Well i know i sent lots of emails. because basically i made a group for peopple with my surname. and i didnt know how to add these people so thought it would be best to email… and then boom i get disabled.
    I dont no, but now my bf is just in a relationship, my name is not there. all my pictures that i tagged him in he cant access and all my messages that i wrote to people have been taken off their walls.
    Does any one know how long accounts get disabled for???

  79. Clare says:

    wooooohohoh i got my account back. 24hrs ours without it !

  80. A says:

    I usually message a lot, and received a warning in my regular email inbox, and then I guess 5 minutes later they disabled me. Hahaha I really want the account back!!!! So far all I’ve been getting are the confirmation emails that say they’ve “received my inquiry and will get back to [me] as soon as possible.” But no explanations or anything!! I think it has to do with my messaging, but I’m not sure. I’m not in many groups, and never post anything or say anything derogatory or just downright bad. Does anyone here know how long they disable it for and how do you avoid it in the future? Thanks!!!

  81. Jade Nicole Postlewait says:

    hey..My facebook account was just disabled and i have recently received messages sayin my inbox and outbox messages were too full.. i have been deleting them, but all of a sudden it kicked me off and said it was disabled. facebook is very important to me because my boyfriend is 4 hours away working and its our only way to communicate thoruhgout the day and late at night..please Can i just have my account back? I will do whatever I need to..I just really need it back as soon as possible..or do u know like how like it will be ?

  82. Claire says:

    Hey ppl… I had my facebook account disabled the other day because, again, I was messaging people with the same name as me, trying to get them to join my group. They thought I was spamming.

    I now have my facebook account back and there seem to be many ppl with questions about what happens how and what happens when you get it back. I sent them a very polite but forceful email asking for an explanation why they had disabled my account – I finished with the closing statement ‘I look forward to your prompt reply’ and it seems that they replied promptyl, compared to other people on here. I was up and running in 24 hours from when I was initially disabled. The other way I contacted them was through the email address info@facebook.com rather than the one that they provide (disabled@facebook.com) – they seemed to reply quicker and I think they were the ones that eventually reinstated my account.

    When I got my account back everything went back to normal… wall was the same, friends the same, photos I was tagged in were the same (as it was very sad when I was disabled, as all traces of me had seemed to disappear) and all my groups, both the ones I created and the ones I’d joined, were still the same. The only thing that was different was an event that I had created. This had to be created and people had to be invited all over again – quite frustrating but I suppose it could have been worse.

    Hope this helps – sorry to go on a bit, I tend to do that!!!!

  83. Cidnie B says:

    can i please have my facebook back??
    i dont know how to make one, my friend made mine for me… I got mine deleted bcuz I was messaging too much..
    The thing on my home said dat my facebook was gonna get disabled and so i stopped messaging.
    and then it went away so i thought it would be ok to message again, and my friend sent me a message saying that she was mad, so i asked her y and then i wenet to home and it said i had to be logged in to do that. so i logged in and it said that my account didnt exist anymore..
    this sux
    i wont message again if i can have it back!

  84. larry swift says:

    my account was taken from me sadly on May 1 2007 i was soo angry. i kept getting the warnings and kept emailg facebook asking them what i was doing wrong and what the so called limit was and why it was in place. all i got was form letters sayng i was abusing the sytem and it made me feel like a criminal…. i had 10 groups that i started and was admins for and now i cant get thos back one group had over 10000 people in it. the worst part is i had allot of pictures on facebook that i cant get back i dont want to ewven go back with them because there rules are stupid but lately its become my only means of communication …. the reality is they got too big too fast and dont have enough servers to handle all the activity it gets FUCK THEM .. i did just go ahed and create a new account tho hmmmmmm!

  85. Anonymous says:

    I just got the message that my accout has been diabled. and i have not done anything wrong as far as i know. i don’t understand anything…i hope they will answer my email soon…

  86. Jake says:

    Does anyone have any idea how to enable an account? and why it would have been disabled?

  87. mike says:

    My account got disabled last night because i was adding alot of friends i was using firefox and tabs i guess they thought i was running scripts, but this is just rediculous i hope i can get my account back soon.

  88. mike says:

    i really dont know what to do, anyone have any tips on how to get the account back?

  89. kara says:

    You are approaching the limit for sending messages

    Slow down or you’ll hit a temporary block! yea i know how u guys feel mine is going to be doing tht too they should not be able to do tht

  90. mike says:

    well i got mine back i guess its actaully pertty reasonable cause im sure they have alot of collage students testign their skills and trying to over clock it or hack it thats why they have these precautiosn…

  91. Ced says:

    mine was disabled cause i sent message’s a lot and i have over 2,500 messages….and a lot of wall post and it disabled mine thats not fair so basically u have a limit on this site. It shouldn’t be like that….u should be able to send as many messages as u want to

  92. Ced says:

    hey mike how long did u have to wait to get yours back?

  93. karl brown says:

    i need my password comfirmed soo i can make friends and tour around and i cant do that unless u comfirm my password thank

  94. Nikster15 says:

    i got disabled for no reason!! i diddnt write on walls tht much and i diddnt do anything to thretin someone i obeyed all the rules but when i logged in it said ur acocunt has been disabled i mean like wtf i diddnt do anything facebook is messed up

  95. rami says:

    My account was disabled bcoz i was sending to many msgs
    and thats not fair plz ppl if someone have a solution tell me

  96. jon rowe says:

    yeah, mine was just done. i sent countless messages back and forth to one person, and was not spamming at all.

    it’s rediculous. since they’re growing and opening up, it’s been hell. better services, but rediculous anxiety:P

  97. Andrew says:

    Facebook needs to chill with deactivating harmless accounts.

    It’s also pretty pointless because anyone with half a brain can simply make a new account. In reality you aren’t actually restricting anyone you’re just pissing them off.

  98. Taylor says:

    My account is disabled so can you please help me.

  99. kelly campell says:

    My account is disabled so can you please help me

  100. astrid says:

    hi my facebook is disabled now please help me i feel alone and sad …………………

  101. titta says:

    its not fair::@ i want my facebook accountttttttttttttttttttttt

  102. titta says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzz i want my accountttttttttttttttttttt:'(:@

  103. nick says:

    yo can i get my facebook back i didnt do anything

  104. Anna NEill says:

    hi my account got deleated and i would like it back

  105. FRED IRBY says:


  106. Jefffrey says:

    Yeah i got disabled for adding to many friends

  107. tyty says:

    my account got disabled for no reason no warnings and i only had one friend (just started) so yah and it wont let me email

  108. denario c says:

    hello, this is demario c., my facebook account had been getting warnings that my page could been temporary disabled, but i didnt know why. i have meet up with old time friends from kindergarten and i just graduated high school. i really need my page, so if you all could please grant me a wish by giving me my page back, i would really appreciate it. thanks

  109. Facebook deleted my account because they said I was writing too many walls and responding to too many emails. How do I get my account back?

  110. phaedra says:

    ive been disabled for adding too many friends. =(

    ive sent them two emails already, and no reply. does info@facebook.com really reply fast than disabled@facebook.com?

    i need help! i think i was begging pretty darn good!

    any advice please?


  112. Jacob Dejno says:

    I added a number of friends from my College because of the mere fact that people in the same school should know one another. I would extremely appreciate it if i could get my account reenabled, i have done nothing wrong, nor recieved a warning about my “Friending”.


  114. phaedra says:

    well turns out i didnt need the advice!

    mine’s up and running =) boy do i love facebook.

  115. Rouzbeh says:

    My account got disabled for some reason so i just sent them a message. I’m really pissed off, facebook = my life!

  116. Rouzbeh says:

    stop spamming! .. damn facebook is pissing me off now!

  117. my account has been deleted

  118. Rebecca says:

    HI….it says my account is about to be temporarily blocked because i have reached my sending message limit..how long should i wait to make sure this doesn’t happen..thank u

  119. Yankeeboy says:

    1) i was sending the link of a funny group out to my friends and i got disabled (after a warning of course)…then they re-enabled me
    2) i had just gotten back and i posted a different website on my friends wall while wishing him happy bday and they thought it was spam and i was banned…then they re-enabled me
    3) that was 2 weeks ago and i had been posting a lot in this group in which i am an admin. i know a lot of the members and we chat a lot within the group. then i got the post limit warning, which was in yellow. i ignored this and posted a little less and talked to one of my friends who said the worst that could happen is that they prevent u from posted for 24 hrs and dont disable ur account. well they disabled me a few hrs ago and i didnt even get a warning. maybe they sent me an email, but i am at work where email isnt allowed. now i will have to beg them to let me back a third time. im pretty sure ill be permanently deleted bc its a third offense (should be my second at most).

    personally i hate facebook now, but i only use it for a few things: getting pics of myself that ppl tag me in, knowing ppls bdays, staying in touch with HS friends and this one group which i post in quite frequently.

  120. Raj says:

    Hi, I just got the following warning on Facebook:

    Warning! Your account could be disabled.

    You are using this feature to spam other users. Continued misuse of Facebook’s features will result in your account being disabled. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us at warning@facebook.com from your login address.

    I was just trying to send a message to a bunch of people. Apparently, sending the same message to ten different people constitutes as spam. Didn’t know that they had limits on these kinds of things…

    I’m not sure how short my leash is…right now I’m kind of scared to do anything because it could result in my account being disabled. What should I do…should I email them and say that I’m sorry?

  121. Yankeeboy says:

    Raj just stop doing that and the message will go away. But I would lay low for a while before doing anything again b/c it sucks to have your account disabled. Btw mine was officially deleted so I have to start over.

  122. Yankeeboy says:

    Rebecca, wait 24 hrs and dont fuck with the system. These ppl have nothing better to do than punishing good kids for being social.

  123. Annie C says:

    They said I wall posted too much,
    and they temporarily disabled me.
    How long is “temporary” ?

  124. Yankeeboy says:

    well it depends on if this is your first “offense.” i guess i never got warned but im now permanently disabled so i had to make a new account. but just email them if its ur first time.

  125. Daniel Deyong says:

    hi, i have been disabled now for 24 hrs. I made a charity event and sent out over 100 invites.. as people started requesting information, i was mailing people back. YEP you guessed it, i got disabled without no reason for ” spamming” how effin stupid !

    so i have emailed 4 times now, with only their robot reply and nothing else.

    there is no PHONE NUMBER to contact them on, and my charity event is in 2 weeks !
    also everything i made on facebook has been deleted, including my charity event.

    this is a social network, how can you limit the number of message you send, surely facebook should be more clear on how many you can send and how often.

    if anyone gets the address or phone number for facebook let me know, i am all for setting soemthing up to lobby these silly kid nerds and giving them a taste of the real world

    Angry and pissed off.

  126. Daniel Deyong says:

    btw this is my first offence, but you know, what is customer service ? with over 50 people working in their department, how long does it take to read an email and get back to you.. anyone would think they are bill gates and microsoft !

  127. clay rucker says:

    facebook is saying that they will disable my account because they said that i have reached a limit on messaging and i don’t send that many messages a day. hopefully facebook can fix my problem.

  128. Lauren Klein says:

    Ummm im gettin this message about me messaging too much…i have a question…y is there a limit on sendin messages..if i have something personal to say and dont want ne one readin it but that person….umm so maybe u can fix the problem b/c that makes no sense

  129. Daniel Deyong says:

    well i phoned facebook this afternoon.. some notty girl on reception wouldn’t put me through to customer services saying they don’t offer phone support.. i said i wasn’t asking for support, i wanted to speak to someone about a complaint.. she said i couldn’t speak to anyone..

    i asked for the CEO, she said NO, i asked for her boss, she said no, i asked for her name, she said no, the i asked for zuckerberg, she put me through to his voice mail..

    36 hrs and still no email from shitbook, i am thinking of creating a site on myspace to protest how crap shitbook is.

  130. Sad Person says:

    Me too i was blocked yesterday and i contacted them and only a robot reply came to be .
    i dont know what can i do . was any one disabled during these days and they re-enabled him again. i dont know i feel it will take too long since the numbers of users has become more than before. can any one tell whom i can i contatc else to fix this problem

    Thx Guys

  131. Al says:

    Just got disabled twice now from facebook. This is crap I just send messages to my friends, adding new friends and uploading photos…damn I hope I dont get deleted!

  132. corina snow says:

    i keep getting a message that i am sending to many messages.,and that my account will be delete.so how can this problem be fixed..i dont want to get delete.i never knew that there was a limit on sending messages..well i hope it can be fixed…thanks

  133. me 2 i was blocked today and i would like 2 no how could i fix this prpblem. i dint no it was a limit so can u please help me

  134. Bailey says:

    My Facebook got disabled last night around midnight.
    I did recieve warnings about slowing down on messages, and this is my first offense.
    From most people I’m getting that if you email them you should get it back in about 24 hours.
    I’m hopeful!

  135. zach says:

    does ne one know the friend request limit per day?

    and the message limit to no friends per day?

    and has ne one gotten there account re enabled and if so; HOW?

  136. vinnie says:

    so basically this is the 2nd time that facebook has disabled my account. i saw the limit for sending messages warning and i sent like 5 more messages and then without like one final warning, BAM my facebook account was disabled.

    does this mean that your account is deleted permanently? if anyone knows the answer that’d be great.

  137. Benny says:

    lol!!! I dont even know how to make groups or anything and I only use it to catch up with old friends and out of the blue the disabled me!!! WTF!!!! really!!!

  138. A says:

    They seem to “RELISH” in this “FEAR CULTURE” don’t they…so you have a “limit” on everything you do whether it be contacting your own friends or adding people to meet new ones!!! Hi5 or Bebo don’t do this so why FACEBOOK! This is totally absurd and we all need to complain and make a PETITION to have our accounts reinstated!!! Who’s in???!!! No matter how polite you are and even when they are clearly wrong – they call themselves “APPEALS” is a blatant falsehood! I feel like kicking them in the jawbone but we must do this with diplomacy!

    My Facebook Profile was “Disabled” by Facebook, unjustly, for trying to bring people together, through friends, societies, groups etc. They said he was given “slow-down warnings” which never happened.

    Hi James,

    This apparent “technical issue” which had metamorphisised into a completely “different” one altogether, an apparent justification for blocking my account, should have been dealt with by Facebook’s technical team and thereby reinstated my account. This has never been a problem for anybody using Hi5 or any other “friends community” for that matter. Indeed, my friends were all “shocked” and thought it was “unbelievable” how I had been “disabled” from Facebook. The way in which I was “disabled” is not indicative of Facebook’s “Fair and representative”/”Equal opportunities” policy given that this is supposed to be the “Appeals” department. Is this being adhered to? The language used as such: “this decision is final” is “authoritative” in nature right from the outset.

    Simply put, there were no “slow-down” warnings given.

    There needs to be some more “clarity” given here.




    Get in touch to make a complaint and hopefully get our accounts reinstated by PETITION. Email me: final_destiny2k@hotmail.com

    Thank you!:)

  139. Anonymous says:

    ummmm..so yeah….i cant freakin write messages on facebook anymore…Im going to need for Facebook to stop acting so stupid….!! what kinda of website blocks you from writing messages…?? Maybe you have alot of friends and you need to talk to them…and you dnt want everybody in your buiseness…!! Or….whatever the case might be,..u should be able to write as many messages as you want….Im meen it is for networking IDIOT..!!—ANYWAYS….so because I’ve reached my limit…HOW LONG WILL THIS TAKE TO GO AWAY…? since you claim its only temporary…..WILL I EVER GET TO WRITE MESSAGES AGAIN..OR DO I HAVE TO CREATE A WHOLE NEW ACCOUNT???…which to me is absurd…because i really dont understand the point of this…but anways…if anyone knows the answer to some of these questions……please tell me!!

  140. vinnie says:

    i know exactly how you feel. i went through this alot.
    the answer to your question is that it will take about 24 hrs before u can message again. it happened to me, and they disabled messages.
    i did it again and they disabled my account
    if i do it again, they said that they can not re enable my account which is crap because i know that they can but they are just gay with messages like that.

  141. Curtis says:


  142. laura says:

    i haven’t even been given a chance to get barred, they won’t even let me enrol! i’m the admin. i haven’t barred myself why can’t i get access?

  143. Annoyed says:

    i’ve been disabled since sat night. i emailed them and i haven’t heard anything since. its been almost 3 days, are they on vacation or something? has anyone heard from them since?

  144. wiseman says:

    me since Sunday!! I have not heard anything

  145. wiseman says:

    I really sick about this. I am embrassed. One minute on my friends, friends list and now I am not. What does this look like to them?? Like I did something really bad… Not

    Now disabled.

    This is very childish. This is suppose to be a social networking site.

  146. Breanna says:

    My facebook just got disabled. i was SO bummed. it’s my birthday too!! golly!
    anways, they said it was for “persistent misuse” of the site. b/c i have been adding alot of people that i will be going to school next year.
    so i hope and pray that i get my account reenabled VERY soon!!

  147. scott fotki says:

    I got the “You are approaching the limit for sending messages

    Slow down or you’ll hit a temporary block!” message, so we’ll see how it goes!!

    feel free to add scott fotki :-)

  148. philip says:

    i got disabled for adding to many people and saying girls are hot to them and telling them to add me it been 24 hours and i havent got my facebook account back

  149. ron says:


    My facebook accout was disabled. What’s the maximum wait? Do these people work on sunday! i do. oy, this stinks.


  150. ibti says:

    My account has been diabled for no reason it’s been 24 hours and i haven’t recived shit i sent more then 6 e-mail no answer all i get is a stupid automated e-mail saying they are on stand by i had a group that had 90 memebers they don’t have an admin now .. how long do these people take to actaully bother to reply to u people a week ? a month or never !!!! everything i read so far kinda tells me they aren’t gonna reply back what do u people think ?

  151. ibti says:

    Guys i think everyone here would appreciate if people;s accounts that were diabled if they get a response can they let us know

  152. Viv says:

    Help please!!! My facebook account was disabled for too much messaging, or as they say, “persistent misuse of the site”

    I have emailed them… what are my chances of getting my account back?


    Please help me!!

  153. ibti says:

    i got my account after 2 days there is no number to call just e-mail them and in a couple of days they will activate it for u

  154. […] Lately there seems to be quite a number of Facebook (ex)users who have had their Facebook accounts disabled for no reason.  When they contact Facebook they get no […]

  155. podcastjunky says:

    Any coincidence in the fact that “rumours” abound on the blogosphere about Facebook being hacked recently and the fact that so many people have also had their accounts disabled recently too?

    Just a thought.

    Alex – Podcast Junky UK

  156. G-Thang says:

    so i’m sittin here goin nuts cuz i haven’t been able to get on facebook for 2 days cuz it’s disabled.. and i’ve basically spammed them with pleas to reactivate my account.. in the mean time i’m getting spammed by my friends wondering where i went.. and i had just created a cause, donated money, and recruited a handful of people.. and some were still pending.. and then i got disabled. Anyways i made another account, went back in to search myself.. and i’m not in the system.. searched my cause and it’s in the system but the creator is Anonymous, the top donor is Anonymous, the top recruiter is Anonymous.. so i totally got burnt if i cant claim my status. Plus i have over 500 friends in my account and the thought of starting all over again is truly truly sickening. Truly truly sickening. I got their phone number from google and they are closed till monday.. so i’m going for a run to blow some steam. F***!!!

  157. Anonymous says:

    HEy! yesterday I tried to get on facebook and it was disabled! I dont know why! I didn’t do anything… please tell me what could it be!!

  158. ylime says:

    The same thing happened to me! One day I just tried logging in and it said that Facebook had disabled my account. I emailed them but haven’t gotten a reply yet. I don’t understand why my account would be disabled…I didn’t exceed a limit for joining friends, or making wall posts, or giving a fake name or anything. Anyone got a similar situation? :S

  159. ylime says:

    Question…does anyone know how long it takes to re-activate your account? (If they do)

  160. fahad says:

    i just got a warning that said “your approaching the post limit slow down or ull be temporarily blocked” does that mean that if i stop posting on walls for like a day the warning will go away or is there a set limit that when u pass it ur not aloud on facebook anymore? and if u do reach that limit do u get ur account back after a few days and its like nothing happend?
    also about being on facebook too much…what does that mean…im not alout to use facebook as much as i want or i get disabled?…plzzz help…i didnt get disabled yet

  161. Jennifer says:

    Hi all. I am new to facebook, and received several invitations from people to add them as friends. In addition to confirming, I also wanted to send message letting them know I was excited to be up and running. Since these messages were all basically the same, I got a warning for spamming. My question is, if I use the feature to send to 20 friends at once, can my friends see the other recepients like you can with a regular email, or does it appear the message came to only them? I don’t really want my friends to think they’re just on a bulk list, but I have about 80 messages I want to send, and could do it with 4 group messages and hopefully avoid the spam issue.


  162. Flat says:

    i got disabled as well……they said it was because i didnt have a high school network….though my school dont have a network there……so its kinda hard…..didnt know they took it so serious there……had alot of stuff there…..no point making a new account…add all new friends and stuff…..would it help begging them?…or is it a auto message thing they give back?…

  163. ab says:

    Why is my email disabled?

  164. Anonymous says:

    i havent been disabled but they swiped 50 posts from my wall. why is that?

  165. Anon says:

    Dear Bloggers, and the Facebook Staff

    I am somwhat tired of this charade.

    So, this is a message to Facebook and the Facebook staff, start to consider that perhaps you are destroying countless hours of work, and are now starting to agitate a large number of powerful users.

    You have limited time to re-active those accounts that you have mindlessly disabled before you will encounter a rather ferocios shit-storm like you have never encountered before. Trust me, we all just want to be happy, but your mechanistic failure to adapt will leave you with a gaping hole.

    Never underestimate the power of large groups of angry people



    If I post too much that is a sin? I talk to much? No. I am just limited by the amount of material I can talk about? Bullsh7t….. Or invite FACEBOOK users to use an APPLICATION that I SENT INVITES TO. fLiPPiN A.. MYSPACE IS OLD TO ME. Maybe I should create my OWN SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE IF IT IS SUCH A PROBLEM.


  167. Scott Pearson says:

    Yep, me too! NO REASON given and they refuse to get back to me!!

    I’m sending a complaint every hour. It’s been 24 hours now so I’m going to begin every half hour, night life permitting!! : )

  168. Me too… HOWEVER, I’m at least helping them to improve the site a bit by posting this article in my blog. http://chrisbrinkworth.com/digital/media/?p=17

    Did anyone else have this same issue about the help topic not working? Let me know on the post.

  169. lifeinmotion says:

    Facebook disabled my account too for no reason. They claimed I was abusing the wall post, but

    1. No one complained
    2. All my post actually added to the discussions
    3. People miss my rants
    4. I proactively contact info@facebook.com to let them know about trolls
    5. I am a heavy user with little history of trouble

    I don’t know why these kids are penalising us all for being heavy users and contributing to Facebook?

  170. […] https://prez.wordpress.com/2006/10/16/facebook-has-a-post-limit/ – A blogger’s genuine shock on learning posting limits actually exist on facebook […]

  171. WTF? says:

    wtf man…no warning was given, and my account was disabled – HAS ANYONE EVER HAD THEIR FACEBOOK REACTIVATED AFTER RECEIVING THIS RESPONSE?


    You have already been given a second chance when we reactivated your
    account on 2007-05-30. You received numerous warnings to slow down/not
    spam other users. Failure to adhere to those warnings has resulted in
    the permanent loss of your account. We will not be able to reactivate
    your account for any reason. This decision is final.

    Thank you for understanding,

    Customer Support Representative


  172. Ruby says:

    About how long do you have to wait before you can actually get your account back?

  173. come on man just give I wll send message slow as possible. Just give me another. Its that people I know i want to see what they are doing and wondering if they will answer. I hate waitin because it seems that they don’t like so please

  174. Raphael Shklarek says:

    Hey, my account got disabled because of my high school network. i go to the lycee francais de vienne but didnt find the network so they blocked my account and said to me its because its a violation of the terms of use to not be enrolled in a highschool but i am and i d go into the network but it needs a school-email to enter the network but our school doesnt provide us with a email we just use our private if we need email service for school. I send them like 10 mails with the explanation and with all my school data for them to know but yet i only got auto-replies so for anyone who knows a way to get facebook to revoke the disabling if its a missunderstanding and if someone thinks i could get my account back soon after i sent them all my information for them to check PLEASE WRITE TO ME ON RSHKLAREK@MAC.COM!!!! ITS VERY IMPORTANT

  175. Jamie A says:

    Today i log on and it says that Facebook enforces limits on the site in order to prevent certain actions that can be considered abusive. Your account has been disabled for persistent and rapid use of a certain feature. Unfortunately, for security reasons, we will not be able to further explain these limits. but i didnt do anythig all day on it and it just popped up out of the blue. If anyone knows whats going on please help me!!!

  176. […] problem with all spam controls is that you sometimes get false-positives. From the links in Sean’s post, it looks like there have been a few of those, but not as many as there could […]

  177. Jessica L says:

    I was actually ON facebook writing a friend back, then my computer was so so I clicked the refresh button. Then FB asked me to rewrite my emailis and password, when I click enter it says that my account has been disabled. I email disabled@facebook.com telling them I did nothing wrong and “Walter” emails me back saying

    Hi Jessica, Your account has been disabled because you have violated Facebook’s Terms of Use. Abusing the features of the site to spam other people is not permitted. I’m sorry, but you will no longer be able to use Facebook. This decision is final. Thanks for your understanding, WalterCustomer Support RepresentativeFacebook

    Which is NOT true.. i dont send spam… i wrote him back and the disabled @facebook.com telling them i was having conversations with them on the internet… I have lost pictures that have been deleted from my computer (I don’t know how) and they were on my FB. I was planning on resaving them.. but I guess now they are lost forever.. I’m so mad!! this is ridiculous!!

  178. dave says:

    no warnings no nothing, just cut me off, i dont know for how long!
    i wouldnt be so pissed if i had some warning in advance

  179. Jeff says:

    Facebook, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to disable me. They claim that I do not go to Plum Senior High School, and that it is for the protection of my friends. Which 99% claim to go to Plum Senior High School with me. So, as you can see this makes absolutely no sense. I have decided to play their game for now and submit an appeal, which if they deny me, I will spam them with 4 years of Plum Marching Band Pictures. Anyways, goodnight to all, and I hope tomorrow is better for all of us.

  180. Stephanie says:

    I got disabled for no reason at all. The last time I logged into Facebook was to check an event invitation that my friend called me about while I was at my boyfriend’s house. When I got home later that night I tried to log into the site and it told me I needed to join a high school network, when in fact I had joined my school’s network from the moment I made a Facebook a year ago. I followed the instructions that the site led me to and was told I was going to get a confirmation email about it, and of course it didn’t come at all. My friends told me that I come up as “Private” now on things like the SuperPoke application and on my boyfriend’s relationship status. I emailed the disabled address link that their FAQ provided and I got a generic email in return about how “they’d get to it as soon as possible” and “your problem is being addressed by our technical support staff.”

    From what I’ve been reading here, I feel like nothing real is going to be done about this stupid problem. I scarcely wall post and am not even close to be considered spamming – since why do I have to post on walls when I could just call people? I don’t talk in my groups and I don’t add many friends – adding massive friends is for Myspace. This is Facebook. I’m not a spammer, I’m just a regular user that uses this networking site to keep in touch with friends from other schools that I know from my school clubs. The administration must have impaired sense of logic and reason if they decide to disable people who barely do anything on their accounts – my brother told me a few seconds ago that his friend just got disabled too, and the kid just -got- his Facebook. This severe injustice that came without proper warning is utterly ridiculous.

  181. Christian says:

    how long does it take for them to emial you back??

  182. James Wyche says:

    I know, it’s so F**KED!!!!!!!
    I added afew extra friends i KNOW from a group and it cut me off
    they should have a feature saying “you can’t add aby more friends today, try again tommorow”)
    not just say “temp block” then the next week you try again, and BAM! you get disabled, it’s GAY!

  183. James Wyche says:

    and now my friends are saying on their side of the site all my comments, wall posts and stuff are all
    so they better put it all back when they enable my F**KING ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!

  184. James Wyche says:

    It’s like if i go to my local shops
    and the manager stands at the door saying
    “you have been shopping here too often, you can’t come here for a while!!!”
    it’s so STUPID!!!
    why not block adding friends or messages for a while not the whole PROFILE!!!
    why don’t they add a new system saying
    “you have 7 friends left to add”
    “7 messages to send”
    like the invites to applications, it should have a message saying
    “you can’t add, message for today, try tommorow

    then NO spam, NO ANGRY clients, and NO PROBLEMS

  185. westonsavage says:

    what the hek i just got kiked off face book why

  186. westonsavage says:

    fuk face book im gettin a myspace those fukin dick sukers this pisses me off

  187. alex says:

    my account was just disabled for the same reason as another post: i was not verified into my school network, this suckss so much, i don’t know what i can do to get it back besides sending emails, 2 already. im so mad. so mad. soooo anggryyyy. GAHHH!
    the person i requested to accept me in didn’t recognize my name because they know me as my nickname, so ,bam, my accounts gone.


  188. Scott says:

    My account was just disabled for joining a freaking network. Half of my friends are in my school network and i was trying to join so they disabled me. IT MAKES NO SENSE!!! Ive sent three emails so far but what.. its facebook of course there not going to respond. They have freaking computers respond for them! They should seriously get some CONTACT information up..

  189. toutratus says:

    I am very active on Facebook and would like to avoid having my account disabled. Did anybody find the disabling rules? When does FB disable a profile? Or does it depend on luck and how much they like your pictures?

  190. Diana says:

    omg! facebook disabled my account too! cause i was gonna join my highschool network..but they didn’t think i was in highschool. it’s so gay..seriously.
    do we ever get our account back? cause i have pictures and all those stuff on it!
    seriouslyyyy. i want me facebook account back!! i don’t wanna start over and add EVERYONE and add ALL the groups. :(

  191. I am not able to get on to facebook, because the responce I recieve is the address I have is disabled! Why?

  192. Daniel says:

    My account got disabled because I sent to many messages to my friends through the mail service. I would understand if I had been sending them to people that i don’t know but it was only to three or four of my friends.

    I got warned to slow down. So I did. They warned me again. I slowed down even more. Then I send one message to a friend and they disable my account. What give Facebook? Isn’t the whole point of Facebook that you can chat to all your friends?

    They don’t tell you anywhere what the limits are. This is stupid.

  193. Anonymouse says:

    Hey, if you have a problem with facebook, why not call their headquaters in cali?


    I’m sure they would love to hear from 100’s of pissed off people like myself and all of you about our disabled accounts.

  194. AUBERITTE says:

    You legend!! :) They are so gonna get it now!! :D

  195. w.welder@hotmail.com says:

    I was wishing that face book would reopen my account..

  196. Khaiwan says:

    Mine got disabled cuz i tried to add my nickname to my ‘realname’ How do they know which name is real and which is not?

  197. Khaiwan says:

    oh they just reactivated my account after i sent 4 e-mails
    apparently they’ll reply w/in 24 hrs

  198. Anonymus says:

    Hey if facebook email advising they won’t reactivate your account for any reason is there any way they might listen to you and reactivate your acount in the end. Has anyone recevieda “final decision” and then got reactivated?

  199. Alec says:

    30 hours of frustration and no human reply so I did some googling and these may help

    If you set up another Facebook account or have a friend/partner willing to risk also being kicked off you can search for the key board members and ask the CEO etc why but don’t expect an answer



  200. Ian Huntley says:

    My account keeps getting disabled, just because I murdered some children a few years ago and people can’t just let it go. It is most vexing!

  201. Greg says:

    i got disabled for pictures
    they said the decision was final then let me back in

    then i got disabled for no reason
    not even an explanation but got reactivated again

    now about 3 weeks ago i got disabled right after someone randomly HARRASSED ME!!
    i keep sending emails and all i get is the same shit about i violated terms, even when i went through them one by one how none of those were violated

    from the last time i was disabled some faggot named Avery just sends a message saying i violated terms (seems automated). The last one included something that said consider this the end of our correspondance.

  202. mem says:

    how long does it take for them to reply? my account has been disabled about 2 days ago, e-mailed them several times and did not receive a single reply yet.

  203. Bob says:

    My account is locked. I can sign in but I cannot write to people, remove my personal info, updat my status, send gifts, delete mail, or even send facebook a message about it!

    What is going on???

  204. I responded to 6 job postings and Facebook disabled my accound because they said I responded to to many jobs in to short of a time

    FACE BOOK IS A JOKE and this really angers me because not only does it effect me but my whole family and all my friends I think face book is is run by arrogance or stupidity or both.

    I have emailed the every day since its been 4 days now and they haven’t responded other than an automated message saying that they were looking into it.


  205. […] Tu escuela/organización de afiliación es dudosa: Puede salir alguien de la misma alma mater y delatarte. […]

  206. ian says:

    hey i`ve been disabled from facebook don`t know why
    i did ask why and no one gets back to me
    everytime i email then i get an automated message they were looking into it

  207. Dawn Mular says:

    My network was created on 2.0 networking. When outsourcing affected my friends, we helped one another using social networking.. the idea worked.. everywhere but on facebook. I was banned too, sadly for telling my colleagues about a great new group on facebook, at the same time that hundreds of colleagues were laid off and I was sending them career resource messages. I asked for a review, it was declined.. don’t ask because they won’t tell.

    If that is bad, I don’t want to be good.

  208. mohamedeissa says:

    hey i hve been diabled from facebook for adding many friends & it’s my 1st time for beeing disabled ,,, do anyone know if they will activate my account or not please if anyone know tell me ??

  209. raerae says:

    and yah i need to kno how to get my account re enabled or w.e cause its only ben like 10 minutes and im DYING w/o fbook!! haha but its true. i mean the whole point of this site is to connect with friends, classmates, family, ect. SO WHY DO THEY PUT A LIMIT ON STUFF LIKE ADDING FRIENDS, MESSAGING, OR POSTING THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOO REDICULOUS

  210. Anonymous says:

    You guys are abusers that need to be disabled.

  211. Anna says:

    I also was removed from FACEBOOK or as they say I have been DISABLED
    for adding many friends, is it not a CIMMUNCATION website WTF???
    How long does this last does anybody know???

  212. mike says:

    hey what do u expect …? they are a billion dollar start-up run by college students

  213. areena says:

    I just got disabled today.

    I am quite new to facebook and had the day off yesterday, so i spent my time catching up with mates…..addign who i could….

    maybe i did to many searches or pokes which i did, but i never once abused anyone or lied etc…

    very strange one…….

    unless facebook system is computerised to monitor irregular patterns of usage i understand….but deep down i think this is part of their plan….which is devious..

    facebook is worth a lot of money and their future plans must stretch a longer way then we probaly have not even thought about

    by banning addictive users who love facebook is like a punishment to be better behaved…maybe we will spread the word to others that facebook is very strict worse than our parents use to be and punishing the users its reeled in…..

    feed them, once they are hooked take it away…

    and the end of the day any business will succeed if its fair to its consumers….regardless whether we pay or not…

    google where are u?????
    i think their social system has just been born, orkut, but no doubt the giant will take over….

  214. shosho says:

    November 9th, 2007 at 11:30am
    Today i log on and it says that Facebook enforces limits on the site in order to prevent certain actions that can be considered abusive. Your account has been disabled for persistent and rapid use of a certain feature. Unfortunately, for security reasons, we will not be able to further explain these limits. but i didnt do anythig all day on it and it just popped up out of the blue. If anyone knows whats going on please help me!!!

  215. andrea rego says:

    why wont mine work its backing up on me

  216. 2wise says:

    I was just disabled form facebook. I don’t know why maybe adding too many friends!!

    This is the second time the other was so called spam email NOT!!

    Will I be disabled permanately?

  217. Alexander says:

    I just found out I had been banned. I had been messaging a lot, I got a warning. I slowed down. I got an e-mail warning. I slowed down even more. Now, today I post 1 message and I am banned. Don’t they realize they will lose so many users this way?

  218. Jay says:

    My Facebook account was disabled because Facebook felt my name was fake. My name is of Indian background; it is no John Smith. They want me to scan government id to prove that it is my real name. Can you believe that? I have to go track down a friend with a scanner and scan my id and email it to them? How unsafe and troublesome! Get real!! Every time I email them they take their sweet time to get back to me..24 hours or more. I didn’t record anyone’s email or contact info from my account so I have no way of getting back to them. Nightmare! Hope this experience dissuades anyone from opening an account with Facebook!

  219. barney says:

    facebook is fucking ridiculous.

    i get an email from this cat the other day saying that i cant used initials in my name, so they disabled my account in the fear that im “impersonating” someone else.

    thats insane. these assholes have nothing better to do, and in fact, facebook is a leader in data mining, hence all the applications they just added to mine more information about people.

    fucking curry eating faggots.

    someone shouold set the customer support building on fire.

    does anyone know where it is>

  220. Ray says:

    I wish I had their PHONE #!!!!! They never get back to my emails..they disabled my account because my name is “false”..my name is too short?? WTF??!!!

  221. Kat Newman says:

    I was disabled too. Don’t care . I am not a communist and face book is . It has a secret socity and I think they are dangerous to all . Be happy to rid this piece of shitbook.

  222. somebody must know my password, because i didn’t even know what was going on with my facebook account what is the waiting time before my account gets enabled ? i hope it’s soon because i just found somebody that i havn’t seen in ten years thanks Alphius Morriseau

  223. Grant says:

    Facebook disabled my account like all yours. I added to many friends then you guessed it i as well got disabled.

  224. alphius says:

    Hello facebook employee’s this is Alphius I was just wondering how long is going to be before I get my account enabled whatever i did i’m sorry and it will not happen again i promise and i hope to hear from you as soon as possible

  225. Bec says:

    I just got temporarily disabled for searching for people. I didn’t get a message to say I was reaching a limit. I wasn’t aware that there was a limit to look for old friends?? So when they un blocked me from searching I searched once and then a message came up saying “you are close to your limit you will be blocked if you don’t slow down”

    Is this a hourly / monthly / forever quota of search? Has anybody else had this sort of thing?

  226. Katy says:

    I am also using facebook to find my friends and it was suddenly disabled with no warning.
    So stupid to make a social network with these restrictions…
    I think we should all group together and ban facebook…

  227. Tril says:

    In fact, the Terms of Use (or any other section of the website) do not specify what criteria is used to determine while a member of Facebook is sent an email about most events, such as a friend request or a wall posting, no alert is sent out upon termination of the account.

    However, I`m ready to acknowledge that the fault was mine, and I do hereby state that this type of mistake would not be committed again and there will be no violation of the Terms of Use in future.

    Please , I need my account reactivation and it is very very urgent to me.

  228. ricky says:

    my account was recently disabled cause apparently i spend too much time logged into it, it looks as though i might be spamming or doing some other mischievous act, when in reality, i am not, im just bored and like fixing up my facebook account and playing games on it.

  229. javaad says:

    i have no idea y i got disabel. this is soo gay

  230. mohamed says:

    my account disabled cuz i sent to many freinds

  231. matt says:

    would like to please have my acount back , promise not to what ever i did anymore

  232. Fiona says:

    My account was disabled for posting too much on walls. It was enabled after I sent 2 emails to disabled@facebook.com and 1 email to info@facebook.com within 24 hours. They replied to the “info” email. Be polite and you may get your account back. Hope this helps.

  233. cristiano says:

    hi my account too was disabled.I have been messaging my overseas buddies a lot in US and Argentina,etc and when I do not always send it from the computer,I also did so at night on the mobile phone.Therefore instead of sending messages,I would post fun wall etc.And further more,on the mobile phone u do not always get a warning that u will be blocked.I DO THINK IT IS A BIT SEVERE,AS ALL MY FRIENDS ARE ON IT WITH ALL MY POSTINGS AND THEIR EMAIL ADDRESSES.FACEBOOK SHOULD AT LEAST ALLOW U TO RETRIEVE THOSE.

    Please I just want to be readmitted and in future i will heed to the warnings and send emails to them instead

    thanking you

    cristiano santini

  234. dsk says:


  235. ziv says:

    I too was disabled a few days ago, now i cant log in, and the reason is weird.
    I know i send too many massages, but none were unsolicited.
    Now they keep answering that unsolicited messages are considered harassment.
    plus? my punichment was over!
    I was temporarly unable to send messages. and i waited until the punishment will be over, when it did and I could write again (without recieving warnings) i continued surfing the site when I was suddenly needed to log back.
    I was disabled with no warning. No emails seems to work.
    I think we need to put a new group called “Stop disabling us all the time please”
    I thing we’ll have more than a million users…. So they wont ignore us

  236. Gil Gutman says:

    Facebook disable me because I wrote 10 messages for womens on dating application.
    The messages were almost the same, except the names of the womens.
    They disabled me yesterday, and I am still waiting.
    I think we need to put a link on google for compatitors of facebook under the name facebook, and click it.

  237. kyle says:

    I have been disabled likely due to the fact i have been sending alot of messages to my friends. Please reactivate my ACCOUNT. I have spent countless hours and time on facebook, and as well, i have friends i have just found after 18 years! Thank you kindly.

  238. Devil says:

    I support facebook being tough. E.g. it’s not OK when some real estate agent decides to ‘friend’ me simply because we have a friend in common, though we’ve never met and live 3000 miles away from each other and have NOTHING in common other than a friend. It’s unsolicited bulk messaging. It’s spam. http://www.spamhaus.org/definition.html has a good definition, though it’s for email spam, not spam in general.

  239. ziv says:

    i dont think they read this thread

  240. ziv says:

    lets open a group with our names, that will say we were disabled for false reasons and then ignored at all.
    Each of us could get a as many freinds to join that group
    Eventually they’ll return us if we have big numbers

  241. sarah says:

    hey yall… just wanted to leave this post to give you some hope
    i was disabled a few days ago and i just got this message after writing an email to them
    ( i got disabled for doing too many searches)

    Hi Sarah,

    Facebook has limits in place to prevent behavior that other users may find annoying or abusive. These limits restrict the rate at which you can use certain features on the site, such as search. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with the specific rates that have been deemed abusive.

    Your account was disabled because you exceeded Facebook’s limits on multiple occasions, despite having been warned to slow down.

    However, after reviewing your situation, we have reactivated your account, and you should now be able to log in. Please be aware that if your account is disabled again, we will not be able to reactivate it. Once logged in, please slow down the rate at which you use certain features. We appreciate your cooperation going forward.

    Thanks for your understanding,

    User Operations

    i hope the best for all of you too!!

  242. stuart bannerman says:

    mine too was blocked on New Years Eve. As of yet no reply from facebook but i find it shocking and irritating that a social network punishes you for talking to people.

  243. Sagar Chavan says:

    I can not access my orcut accout since last 15 days.someboby has used my account due to technical problem of net cafe mozilla firebox.plz activate my orcut account.

  244. aldrine says:

    Hello again.

    i just read about Sarah noted above. & i need your help for whom should i write my email? Ms Dori facebook users operations? or she will directly mail to me via my email add given.?

    here’s the situation..
    iam extending the limit of adding friends.I will never do the same mistake again.
    Please reconsider me. I beg for your kind cooperation as iam very very far from my hometown (Malaysia) & now iam working here in the North Caspian.

    FB is the only way for me to catch up..& keep in touch with my friends.

    Please as if it’s was my mistake.i promise,will never do it again.

    thank you so much.


  245. andrea l says:

    here’es my case:

    Hi, I’ve been disabled. I would wish to get my account back and I would like to explain what happened.
    when I joined facebook, I didn’t now quite right how to use it, and I don’t even remember doing it, but I think I accidentally clicked a network when I was looking for my university.
    I appeared on “Universidad de Celaya” and I dont even live in Celaya, but in Monterrey. I am a student at Universidad de Monterrey, but I didnt know how to join their network. So I joined “Mexico” network. I always had that warning on top of my facebook homepage saying if I wasnt confirmed at Universidad de Celaya my account would be disabled. But I didnt know how to unsuscribe from it. So I think it is a flaw facebook has, not being able (or at least have an easy way) to cancel a network.

    I’ll be waiting for your reply and I hope I can get my account back.

  246. i want 2 no why my account has been disabled as i have done nothing wrong 4 it 2 be disabled.
    facebook is the only way that i can really get 2 speak 2 any of my friend who live far away and now i cant even do that.
    can we please do something 2 sort my account cause it very frustrating when u dont no the reason 4 why ur account is disabled?
    please hurry with the reply
    tar very much

  247. ziv says:

    word of advise? fix that cause they wont start to translate your email (like 2=to and such)

  248. Fran Yao says:

    hiyea, I my fb profile just got disabled aswell, and no warning in advance….
    It seems the are thinking me of kinda ‘abuse’ things maker? Only cos of adding too many peeps???
    wtf, someone can deal?
    Ive sent email to them but seems no response…@@

  249. Rick says:

    Yeah I got disabled for doing nothing, just searching for people, barely even contacting any of em, yeah im pisssed off about it and something should be done, this is abuse against its user’s.

    • Perv says:

      Barely even contacting any of them? Hahaha.
      “So I got disabled for being a pervert and stalking people. I didn’t know this was bad. How will I find my next victim without facebook?”

  250. […] Vous êtes amis avec trop de personnes Il n’y a pas si longtemps c’était une première cause de suppression de compte, mais désormais Facebook a institué un maximum de 5000 amis par compte (ce qui devrait vous […]

  251. joey says:


    THERE NUMBER IS (650) 543-4800

    You’ll talk to the operator and then she will say she can’t do anything. Ask to be transferred to an employee. You’ll need a first and last name. KEEP BUGGING THEM, this doesn’t make business sense for them to keep talking on phones!

    employee names:

    Ian Abernathy
    Lior Abraham
    Carolyn Abram
    Aditya Agarwal
    Will Ajadc
    Nik Ajagu
    Viola Alvares
    Suresh Antony
    Jermaine Archie
    Michelle Archuleta
    Nicholas Arioli
    Tom Arrix
    Retro Audrey
    Lea Redmond Averbuck
    Simon Axten
    Mary Ann Bailey
    Meenal J. Balar
    Tanja Balde
    Arjun Banker
    Marco Baray
    Brandee Barker
    Laura Barnes
    Darin Barth
    Andy Barton
    Matt Basnett
    Melanie Bauer
    Jana Beiswenger
    Albert Bergman
    Gillian Berrow
    Divya Bhaskaran
    Lou Bixby
    David Bloom
    Ben Blumenfeld
    Travis Boettcher
    Eston Bond
    Jackson Borland
    Paul Borrud
    Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth
    David Braginsky
    Sonja Bravo
    Adrianna Bravo
    Eileen E. Brennan

  252. no se que susedio pero facebook es lo mejor que he encontrado en internet por lo cual no quiero salirme de ella, ya aprendi las reglas d euso y no volvere a cometer errores

  253. Simon B says:


    I just recieved a email form facebook


    Our systems indicate that you’ve been misusing certain features on the site. This email serves as a warning. Misuse of Facebook’s features or violating Facebook’s terms of use may result in your account being disabled . Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

    If you have any questions, please contact warning@facebook.com from your login email address.

    The Facebook Team

    I reply to the email at warning@facebook.com from asking what have i done wrong

    I have been on face book for 2 week and have around 50 people on my facebook and i have reuested about another 30 who will come back NW .

    I have spend at least a few hour a day in the beggin searching but afterthe temp block i slowed down

    What do i do ?

    Every time i search it brings up a warning message

    I am afaid to search for the next week or so as i am worried they will disable my account because i have many friend currently and about 30 to join over the next week.

    Any Advice

  254. i want a facebook and your not giving me wan

  255. joyboyjr313 says:

    i want 2 no why my account has been disabled as i have done nothing wrong 4 it 2 be disabled.
    facebook is the only way that i can really get 2 speak 2 any of my friend who live far away and now i cant even do that.
    can we please do something 2 sort my account cause it very frustrating when u dont no the reason 4 why ur account is disabled?
    please hurry with the reply

  256. jp says:

    hi… i was wondering when your account gets enabled again… do you lose everything? or does it go back to the way it was? and do you remain like on top friends lists and stuff? thanks!

  257. Pyro says:

    hey…well I just want to know wil my facebook enabled because there is a
    lot of my friend I will lose if I do not det my
    facebook back so pls let me know so I can know pls.

  258. Rajiesh says:

    Facebook is getting sick day by day. everyone started moving to Linked in. its so good. and it doesnt sma, its very professional way to keep contacts with your school friends and to use as a day reminder. and for social networking purposes. there are few more beter things that are really better than facebook. facebook is shit.

  259. maria says:

    hi guys. im gonna make a documentary about facebook. A social network that punishes its users for talking to people.

  260. maria says:

    can u people support me with infos. please put your city name and then your problems.

  261. I recieved this today from facebook, my account has indeed gone.

    Hi Stuart,

    You have already been given a second chance when we reactivated your account on 1/2/2008. You received numerous warnings to slow down your activity. Failure to adhere to those warnings has resulted in the permanent loss of your account. We will not be able to reactivate your account, nor will you be able to recover any content within the account. This decision is final.

    Thank you for understanding,

    User Operations


  262. Daniel Sherratt says:

    the problem with Facebook is that it has grown too fast and too large for the developpers to keep up so they are relying too much on automated restrictions. i love that fact that when you get disabled it says email dasabled@facebook.com for details, who then tell you that due to security, they cannot provide details of your offense.

    punishment without evidence???

  263. jaron says:

    my page was disabled and i was wondering why i did not get a message or anything that said my page was about too get disabled i was talking to my older brother thats in the war rigth now , and now i cant get back on can you please turn my page back on playboy313j@yahoo.com

  264. Kyle says:

    AAHH!! My Facebook was disabled! They won’t say if they can re-activate or not. I will be really pissed if I can’t.

    Has anyone here successfully gotten their account un-disabled!?

    All I did was “bump” a post on a discussion board :(

  265. Pyro says:

    well i stil waitin to know if u going to un-disabled my account so pls let me no
    i will like to no wat happens

  266. Anonymous says:

    my account just got disabled, its so unfair. I got disabled becasue i was searching and requesting to many people. gosh im praying that my account will be reactivated. I guess this is facebooks valentines day present to me. to disable my account

  267. Reza says:

    My friends reach 900 people and my high score for vampire, slayer, zombie, werewolve , is high , but just because my facebook network have wrong. I Was disabled. FUCK YOU facebook.My friends & contact has gone…

  268. ziv says:

    maria, leave your email so ppl could send you their details
    this documentry sounds like a good idea

  269. Prince Zahir says:

    Join this group and protest on limits.



  270. Hussein says:

    Your account has been disabled by an administrator. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page here.

    I got this msg&i dnt know what 2 do 2 log in again&why that happened…?

  271. No Facebook says:

    SO.. Let’s unite to disabling Facebook..!!
    For every body.. it will started 3 march 2008.
    Visit mIrC channel for info.. everybody can participating. Maybe will disabling for only a day with down system, but a message about limit protest will appear in they frontpage.

  272. joe says:

    man facebook is messed up. scew that

  273. Yann says:

    Hi every body,
    it seems that we could have this warning by posting too many posts.
    I don’t know if we have a daily limit or anything else like this.

    Are others people in this case like me ?
    Thx for yours help :)

  274. Your right hand says:

    No Facebook Says:
    February 19, 2008 at 11:20 pm

    SO.. Let’s unite to disabling Facebook..!!
    For every body.. it will started 3 march 2008.
    Visit mIrC channel for info.. everybody can participating. Maybe will disabling for only a day with down system, but a message about limit protest will appear in they frontpage.

    I just got disabled and feeling very dry. This kind of feeling is worst then getting PWNED in a video game. so yes i think you should do it and i will help if need be.

  275. amy says:

    hey im getting a message that says im sending too many messages and to slow down or ill hit a block. what does it mean?

  276. meeka says:

    I just got disabled. I’m going to look for another social network to join and get all my friends to join it…any suggestions??? Which is best?

  277. Drew says:

    I got disabled yesterday for sending to many msgs. I sent 3 message.
    I got a warning a wk ago for poking to much.

    Its stupid. I say we all get together and start own our new social networking site, tho we need someone who can create it. Other sites

    Faceparty 300 messages a day limit
    Myspace dont know what the limit is but its over 50 and they use that code typing thing.
    Netlog, over 100 msgs limit

    Facebook is stupid. 3msgs. I even sent those ppl a long msg reply so there was plenty of time in between msgs. Is it a limit like one msg every 3hrs.
    It doesnt help when friends use the facebook mobile msging. Few wks ago i got warning just for a convo that way with someone, ive no other contact with that person other than FB.
    Ive emailed them 3times now and heard nothing.

  278. annonymous says:

    hey, i was just siomply wondering, my account got disabled for sending to many mesages, does htis mean ill get it back within time. or permanetly gone bye bye hahah please someone tell me it should be re added soon.??!?!?

  279. Sara says:

    I have been disabled, this sucks dont even know why, if its forever or if ill get it back after a few days.
    can anyone whos experienced it please tell me will i ever get it back and if i do is everything there or gone i.e picture albums, wall postings etc
    this is like the last 2 years of my life GONE!
    ive mailed them 3 times with no reply……im so upset!!

  280. kevinsellars says:

    what is with this why ddi you kick me off faceboo

  281. kevin says:

    i didn nothing only added a older girl i though i new and she siad i was to young and i had no clue what age she was

  282. jenica b says:

    my facebook account just got disabled.
    did anyone get there’s un-disabled?
    if so.. how? please tell me!

  283. Omar says:

    I got disabled by face book over something to do with verification in a high school network. I don’t get it. According to what they’ve said, I exceeded the 60 day time limit for verification. If that’s true, then why didn’t I lose my account 5 months ago?!!!

  284. Sara says:

    got my account back, within 24hr after emailing them, after getting it back i replied to one wall post which ended up getting my mailing privledges disabled for another 24hrs, alls good now, trying to keep away as much as possible dont wana give them reason to block me again! good luck all x

  285. This is the irst time my account has been disabled but here is hope-> facebook wants to keep its users and they won’t permanently delete you unless this is your third time or more or u hacked them. They usually send u a reactivation email up to a
    week after you gave been deactivated, I will post any more information in my minor disabled account( posting to many wallposts ) it should be up and running soon!!
    for any info or questions:

  286. scott says:

    Here is a strange one. I was busy using the HotorNot application on facebook. I was responding to a double match that you get and clicked reply when my browser hung so I clicked like 10 times as you would when the browser hangs and next thing I new I was blocked from facebook. I am assuming the application sent like 20 messages to the same person and that’s why I am blocked.

  287. Drew says:

    I emailed them bout 5xs and finally heard back from them sayin they wont re-enable my account. I bet if u get hacked and sum1 sends tons of msgs etc on ur account, theyd still keep u off.
    made a new account tho, just most of my friends wont add me now cuz they think im sum imposter

  288. bootdisk says:

    kind sir

    i can has facebook ? plz email me teh codez


  289. Gt_Max says:

    I got a warning last night saying that I should slow down with my messeging or Ill hit a block… I imidiately stoped sending any more messeges and logged off hoping that after 24 hours the error would be gone…
    so I came this morning to check on my account and it says that my account is disabaled… I didnt get any warning thorugh email… and I stoped the moment I got the warning on facebook…
    is there any chance I would get my account back ?! if any body knows anything please help me out with this….

  290. kerry says:

    i was disable to and im not sure why or how i get it back and my facebook is very important to me if any one can help me please do

  291. jeramie says:

    i am so frustrated i add like 5 people and my facebook account has been disabled… i was wondering if u can enable it again beacuse i have put a lot of time and effort into it….

    it would be nice


  292. Bob says:

    My daughter just had her facebook account deleted for not being authorized by her High Schools Network for 60 days. When she e-mailed them and asked why her account was deleted as there original message (without a warning) was very vague, this was the answer they gave and said sorry our decision is final.

    What the heck is that?

    Anyone else have a similar experience?


  293. Thierry Delgutte says:

    Hi everybody ….

    I just got the same experience 3 days ago .. i replied to some persons that contacted me and before i knew it got a Spam warning … I replied to two more contact and …


    I contacted them but got a robot answer (we will look into it)

    Maybe Facebook = Skynet from The Terminator movie – taking over our world LOL

    OK but now’s what i wanna know .. aren’t there any legal specialist that read those blog entries here ?

    I know we kinda signed an agreement but it looks like that agreement only protect one side … Is that legal ? Could we sue them for all the work we lost ???

    This is a very serious question .. cause we could join our forces !!


  294. David says:

    this is frightening. i just got the message: you are using this feature to spam other users. your account may be disabled. shit. what do i do???? i figure i should just not touch it for a while

  295. Persii says:

    I had just decided that I didn’t want to look at these old wall posts anymore. Maybe I am one of those OCD people who have to keep things neat but I had over 100+ of them from a year period and didn’t find the need to keep around someone making a joke about something that is now very dated. So I looked at Facebook’s FAQ to see how I could clear them and they had no function and suggested deleting each post one by one. So I set to work and forty posts in that I have deleted, I got a warning telling me to stop or they would disable my account.

    What!? I was DELETING posts, not making new ones, not bothering anyone. How is that people can add a hundred applications to their profile so I can see who the “Hot Guy of the Day” is, and be bombared with invitations to join their vampire/zombie cult or find out how “blonde I am” and I am the one being warned?

  296. nate i says:

    can you get your facebook back if it has been disabled?

  297. ahmed hassan says:

    i want to getback my account

  298. tamer her says:

    yes me also twice ican,t understand why they do this i want my pics realy we should find anew place like fan book its good

  299. dirk origer says:

    My Account has also been disabled, so I wrote a message do them. Question: DID ANYONE OF YOU GET HIS ACCOUNT BACK OR IS THAT DEFINITIVE?

  300. carl says:

    i was trying to upload picture of me and got barred not sure why is there any way i can get it back

  301. Joeanthony says:

    My account was disabled due to a sex talk with one of my ex-s back in Switzerland. I sent an e_mail to disabled@facebook.com. I received an auto message, but until now since 4 days of the disabling, i have heard nothing from them! This is so frustrating!!!

  302. lucy says:

    i am so angry
    my facebook account has been disabled..
    for a reason i do not know why
    i have emailed them but not had a reply yet.

    will it be disabled forever? or just for a few days?
    only i have loads of pictures on it
    and im so annoyed.

  303. latinamcerian says:

    the worst thing is that in the home page of your account theres a application thats called “people you might know” and the funny and stupid thing is that you actually know more than the 50% of these people …. so you start to add these people ” you might know” and POOF! you get disabled because you were adding so many people so fast..



  304. Sarah says:

    Well, what can i say but TITS N BOLLOCKS, thats the message i was sent!!! Why was i kicked off , with no warnings as such, not that i can remember anyway!!! Then when I try to “JOIN IN” i get membership and administrators messages, all 3 of them, then get kicked off again!!! Sorry for being thick, but why, IS the likes of GRIM RITA on the website with people talking to each other of how they’d like to rape her, or each other and what sex aids they can use and where to put a big fat hard C—!!!
    What the hell is going on here?

  305. Sarah says:

    Having read all the other comments, i realise i’m not alone! Why was i kicked off the site and with no warning!!! I then try to “JOIN IN” again and each time get turned away, enough time to read the administrator’s “WELCOME” etc!!!
    Then, i was to be quite disgusted (and i’m quite open minded!!!!!!) and FACED with the likes of ” GRIM RITA” !!! With comments from a Scott (I believe)!! saying how he would like to rape her and nastygirl69 answering as she does!!! I have also read more of their comments since and still wonder why, i, along with many many innocents(ha ha) we got kicked off!!!!

  306. Nathan Riskey says:

    i got kicked off and it was couse i added too many friends at one time or something i thought that was the point i just figured out how to add friends faster then having them add you i think that is wrong wondering what i can do to get everything back i downloaded lots of pics and vids for my friends and family let me know or email me natron84@hotmail.com asap please not gona waste any more time on here if that is what it takes to be kicked off hope you can help me out i use favcrbook everyday and like it verry much thakn you nathan riskey

  307. Man from Finland is ANGRY NOW!!! says:


    Nice to found that I’m not alone…

    Well… I just try to found my frends from facebook and when I try searching my frends I began to get some messages from facebook that say: “Slow down or you’ll hit the block.” And soon I get WARNING from Facebook to my mail that say: “If you continue your account may be disabled.” I wrote to them and ask: “What the he** I do wrong?” but they don’t answer. Hello!!! Is there any people working on facebook or is there just a fu****g machine that randomizes us out???????

    I really don’t understand that sh*t…

    I hope somebody else make better facebook… This facebook don’t work!

  308. ayya dimension says:

    what did my account got disabled

  309. lola says:

    hola quisiera saber si me devolveran mi cuenta de facebook pues es muy importante para mi la verdad me llegaron unos mensajes de advertencia pero como no reviso muy amenudo el correo por falta de tiempo no los vi quisiera ver una respuesta lo mas pronto posible muchas gracias espero su respuesta

  310. listen i got my facebook account disabled b4 for sending ove the limit private messages im welll narked off about this .. i had a great healthy facebook until theyy disposed of it .. im well gutted cant explain how gutted i actually am at this minute in time .. why do they have to do that atall .. pretty pethetic really… :(:(:(:( i had over 800 friends n know they are all gone…. im never signing upto it again …. its stupid and rather sad … dnt u think :(:(:(:

  311. && said this 2 mee

    huh i was sending pivate messages what is so wrong with that

    Hi, Your account has been disabled for persistent misuse of the site. Please contact disabled@facebook.com for more information. The Facebook Team

  312. Daniella says:

    :| :| :| :| :| :| :| ive just been disabled :| :| :| which is totally not cool!! was jst about to get sum1s msn addy anall :@ :@ nt amused :@ stupid facebook :@ all i was doing was sending private flipping messsages and they cut me off!! i need to get back on there asap :( bt dno how long im guna b cut off for :( cause they dnt tel u owt! grrrrs :( :( :( nt cool :|

  313. Chris Nova says:

    i was just disabeld last nite, i was doing nothing other then sending messages to my friends, i was just using the site and got no warnigns whatsoever.. all of a sudden i saw “an error has ocurred” when i refreshed the page.. and then i checked my email and saw that i had recived a “warning” email about 5 minutes prior to that.. what the heck?!? 5 min? i didnt even see the email come in.. let alone have time to read it and readjust whaetver i was supposedly doign WRONG> and then they just disable my account 5 min later?? these facebook administrators are on a power trip RAMPAGE>>> who are the administrators????

  314. Chris Nova says:


  315. Ath says:

    Same situation here… about 4 hours ago I realized that my account was disabled. I received an e-mail with a warning and another e-mail which told me that my account was disabled – the second one 6 times! Notice that the warning and the other e-mail came THE SAME MINUTE. I sent e-mails to all addresses but I’m waiting for 4 hours and still no reply… What the hell should I do? Needless to say that I need my account…

  316. Stressed says:

    My account was disabled today for sending too many messages – but I don’t see how that was wrong, they didn’t tell me what the limit was, I can’t see anything in the T&Cs about it, and I’m very upset cos I am at Uni and use Facebook to stay in contact with my friends and family :-(

    There seem to be a mixture of good and bad stories on here – I’ve sent very polite emails to all the different addresses, and just got one automated reply saying they’ll deal with my query. But I need my Facebook back :-(

  317. Anonymous says:

    you all keep complaining about your accounts being disabled and im about to be in the same situation bc warnings keep popping up. this is ridiculous….wouldnt they WANT us to use the site? how else are they going to generate any money?!
    will someone please answer the question:

    no one is answering that on this site
    if so, how long does it take to be reactivated?

  318. Stressed says:

    My account has been reactivated! It was disabled on Wednesday so had to wait nearly 3 days, but at least hopefully it is some comfort to you guys and you will get yours back soon too though!

    To anyone who’s reading this, I can’t warn you enough to be careful on Facebook! The email I got said if my account was disabled again they wouldn’t be able to reactivate it, so be careful using everything! (Sad but true!)

    Good luck guys!

  319. Sarah says:

    Hi, I’ve been investigating alot of facebook and faceparty stuff, i’m a little the wiser and will not be beaten by…. THE APPARENTELY. BIGGEST AND MOST DISRUPTIVE AND SADDEST KIN PEOPLE!! . and i do believe this to be the reason, that ok people are getting chucked off well known sites!! my comp is fairly new and my keyboard is all over the place! my cursor, has a mind of its own and rewrites text for me

  320. Sarah says:

    see what i mean, i hadn’t finished!!! Hacking is what i’m on about…. i am really angry with the likes of this site and others… just tried to log onto another site which tells you to change everything because of the recent hacking that has been going on!!! call me paranoid but i’ve been asking this for weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  321. wildwest says:

    Apparently I did too many searches in a short period of time. My account fell into that black hole on Thursday.

    Can you imagine losing your e-mail account for receiving “too many” messages in one day? For sending “too many” messages? For deleting “too many” messages at a time? For e-mailing “too many” different addresses? For sending the same message to “too many” recipients?

    facebook is different. It’s not like a fancy e-mail account. I guess I (like many others) used to think it was. This may change soon (as change is rapid in cyberspace), but in the meantime more of us will become aware that a facebook account is not something to be taken for granted like an e-mail address. Something will come along to supersede it that will not have that problem associated with it. In the meantime, frustration, disappointment and heartache is left in facebook’s wake.

    I’ve signed up at gaia.com for social networking. It’s a much, much, much smaller operation, so I cannot reach near the number of people, and it has the same terms of service as facebook, but the fact that it is so much smaller (and ostensibly has a more positive focus) may mean that it could be easier to get such problems resolved. And I have requested that my facebook account be reinstated, so I figure I have a 50-50 chance there. We’ll see.

    Meanwhile, I suggest we not get too attached to it. The technology has revolutionary potential, but until it can be made foolproof I’m not going to put much energy into it. If I get my account re-enabled, I’ll treat it like the precarious thing that it is and not use it much anymore lest it disappear forever. facebook will change or something will supersede it that will be free of these specific problems (and full of new ones), you can be sure.

  322. Techwatch says:


  323. pazimzadeh says:

    My account’s not disabled but I can’t post any more.

  324. DjJersey says:

    I got my account disabled today for sending too many messages? What kid of social networking website is this? Its facebook, the point of this website is TO TLK TO PEOPLE and SEND FREIND REQUEST. WOW. This is some bullshit website. and its really stupid how you have limits. The creator of this website should really stop the limits…

  325. deleted says:

    Facebook is monitored by the DoD and the CIA. As soon as I posted a few anti-war pics in my photo album, zap, I was gone. Big brother is definitely watching you – I won’t be back.

  326. Tiffani says:

    my facebook got deleted cuz i was adding too many people? i just hope to have my face book come back instead of me having to make a whole new one.

  327. Sarah says:

    still intriuged!!

  328. dani says:

    how can we get back our accounts? I we wont let us know……

  329. JoN- says:

    Yea, I just got an email 2 days ago for being “under-aged”
    I had my account for over 1 year and my age has always been set so I was 14 (which I truly am).
    I noticed I had the date off (by 1 day) and so I sent in the email form to change it.

    At that point, I recieved an email 1 week later stating “I am disabled for being under the age of 13 (Grade 9 – 12)” and it is going to be disabled.

    I emailed them several times with no luck? What else to do?

  330. marie woodward says:

    my face book got disabled yesterday for no apparent reason i have e-mailed facebook and they havent replied

  331. Maria Teresa Perez Gatell says:

    How can I have back my account that has been disbled and is terrible!!!!
    I put a lot of effort and time in this and is very upsetting the way you people from facebook acted against the people that trust you. Is very wrong to act like that because my time is precious and you are playing with it!!!

    Put my account back!!!

  332. Maria Teresa Perez Gatell says:



  333. serkan halaç says:

    my account disabled 3 months ago please help me because facebook admin this final decision after this time your account will not open.

  334. Keren says:

    My account is disabled too :(

  335. Keren says:

    My account was disabled a few hours ago.. because I was friending too many people. I didn’t know. what should I do? :(

  336. Fbook_user says:

    Can someone tell me how many friends is the limit. Cause I’m up to 250 and already getting the fucking message “slow down or you’ll hit a block” every time I add someone. I see others have thousands.

  337. Sam says:

    Well, this is terrible. Facebook needs to be stopped. There is an equivalent service run by google which somehow seems fairer. If you still need to use Facebook just create a new account. It’s the easiest way, you won’t be breaching terms and conditions because you only have one account working.

    The other method is through their telephone and address.

    The Google equivalent is called Orkut. Maybe it pays to join several community systems rather than one as a back up.

    Let it be a lesson for all!

  338. Ivo says:

    my account was disable! First time ever i know there are limits!

    they do not inform, do not advise… just disable!

    It is not right!

  339. i want my account come back to me plz :(

  340. i didnt do anything wrong just i forgot and i added so many friends

  341. Stats says:

    Add me to the list! Received the fiery “this is the final decision” email. Arses!

  342. Facebook User says:

    I went from approaching limit to request friends to disabled. The warning was sent to my email address which I was not checking at the moment. There is a big gap between approaching limit and disabled. The first time I was blocked is because I was excited about connecting to all of my old friends I studied with around the globe. So I was a bit mad about adding friends….it’s exciting to connect people, places, and ideas.

    Currently, I have been making request by one degree of separation for networking purposes. If FB is not for networking than why have it has an option? This makes me skeptical about trusting them in building an online social circle. It is not professional and abusive on their behalf because many of us have worked hard at building this social group between friends from travel, school, and work.

    I believe they need to assess what is abuse and what is not through new eyes. I felt like it was like losing my cell phone and we all know how awful this is. It’s like a movie where the FBI wipes out your identity and no trace is left. That is crazy!

    Well hopefully and in good faith they will reevaluate their policies and make our accounts active again. I HOPE!!!!

  343. ali abbas says:

    itz been long tym dey disabled my account still i didnt get my account baq…

    so plz kindly give my account baq nd if i did something wrong im sorry for tht…

    kindly give my facebook acoount baq thxx…….

  344. Brad says:

    i wonder if the opposite happens too, say if 1000 individual people want to request you as a friend – i bet they block it – no doubt facebook is run by a neo-con policy – they dont want average global joe connecting and realising we are all one!

  345. Brad says:

    oops i meant 1000 people within 24hrs, and if not 1000 how about 10000? i bet it’ll get blocked –

  346. Is there any way to get any satisfaction from Facebook customer service? I got disabled on Sunday with no explanation and I have yet to get someone to return an e-mail. Does anyone have Simon Axten’s e-mail?
    Alexandra Everist
    Author of “A Katrina Moment”

  347. besi says:

    hi, i have problem with my account on facebook, my account Besi Pashaj is disabled for facebook, i dont know the reason because in my e-mail is not come anything,and i do it anything bad.and facebook dont respond me. i like to enable my account because i have the friend and family in my contact. Please Help me .thanky for accepting my request,i like to help me for this confusion. My account in facebook is besi_pashaj@hotmail.com . Thanky bye

  348. Mihedin zika says:

    Hello everyone i have a big problem with my account on facebook..today i see it my account was disabled by an administrator .Now i feel very bad .I want to enable again on facebook.My account in facebook is mihedin_zika@hotmail.com.Thank you very much.Byeee…

  349. kamel says:

    my account was disabled a few days ago. I was unaware that posting to much would disable my account through administration. I am now aware of such penelties, if possible could the administration ENABLE my account please?

  350. Meeta says:

    my account has also been disabled
    i have sent emails to warning@facebook.com; disabled@facebook.com; appeals@facebook.com; info@facebook.com but all my messages are coming back……….with I’m sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to one or more recipients. how will i ever get my account back if i cannot communicate with them.its been 3days now?????

  351. meera says:

    my account has also been disabled
    i have sent emails to warning@facebook.com; disabled@facebook.com; appeals@facebook.com; info@facebook.com but all my messages are coming back……….with I’m sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to one or more recipients. how will i ever get my account back if i cannot communicate with them.its been 3days now?????

  352. YESID says:

    Señores FACEBOOK

    Solicito a Ustedes me restauren el servicio de FACEBOOK que desde hace aproximadamente un mes me fue suspendido sin saber los motivos por los cuales tomaron esa dràstica decisión.

    También espero me contesten las notas que he dejado a Ustedes con relación a la suspención del servicio.
    Agradezco en forma especial, la reactivación del servicio.

  353. Anonymous says:

    It’s the policy to delete accounts so users make other and facebook community growing up

  354. peaved says:

    I got disabled today for adding too many friends. Has anyone got their account re-instated from this? From my searching I see that some folks have gotten their account re-instated if it got disabled due to posting too many messages, but I don’t see anyone that has been re-instated after adding too many friends. Should I just make a new account?

  355. Andy says:

    I too have had my account permanently disabled for adding too many friends and posting 35 wall posts in a short space of time with the same content. I was using tabbed browsing to enable me to post quicker to many groups. Supposedly i got a warning for posting too many wall posts…yeah by email after it was too late!!!

    FB are saying there is absolutely no way my account will be enabled again. Still emailing them to get it re-activated, i will not let them shut me down.

  356. eliasbyvasoula says:

    my account was disabled. they dont give you even the chance to delete your account!!!

    it is of no good practice, even illegal, when a website HOLDS YOUR data and you pay with YOUR money (by sms when you are verificated) to have access to a web place like facebook.

    if there are no clear rules when you pay, then they are ILLEgAL!

    disabled accounts dont mean DELETED accounts…. they do not give you the chance to DELETE the whole account…. they hold your data! it is awfoul!!!

  357. hussein says:

    i have sent emails to warning@facebook.com;but all my messages are coming back……….with I’m sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered . how will i ever get my account back if i cannot communicate with them.its been 3days now?????

  358. Donna Williams says:

    Come on guys.. we all got the warnings and the first warning and “WE” didn’t listen the first time. They give us a second chance and what did we do? We did the same old enfringements on their policies we agreed to when we joined.

    I’m just as guilty as the rest of you!!! But we have to take responsibility and start to realize at one point or another perhaps we are getting carried away and spending too much time on here.

    It’s a great sight. We messed up because we are unaccustomed to such strict adherance on other sights.

    Take some time off for a few weeks. Take your lumps and come back and apologize admit your your infringement and ask to be re-intstated one more time on your honor you have learned and read and will adhere to the rules they set out for us.

    I can’t say it will work. But getting all nasty here about the sight is not exactly pro-active and get results.

    I think we have to look or listen to our inner voice and take responsibility for our own actions.

  359. Natalie says:

    I had my account disabled today and i never received any warnings. What the heck is that about? I never did anything that would make be go against their tems as they say. I think you should be emailed a warning if you are doing something wtong. This is total BS. I have emailed them and we shall see. If I don’t get my account back, I will us another email. Jerks!

  360. darthziv says:

    Donna, you’re wrong
    the reason we are mad is because this site has no real administrators, it cannot be reasoned with…. sending emails isnt helpfull, you cant talk to a computer
    automatic messages cannot understand you
    if they want to perminantly do anything, they should at least have real people checking things

    i heard there are groups to support us blocked members, if anyone find it, post it here (if not just create one, put the link to this page) lets draw attention to this page so actual people will have to notice us and restrict all disableness to a week or so
    once you post here to group link, everyone could have their friends join it
    lets do some noise!

  361. Joel Darnel says:






  362. zeeshan says:

    why i can’t send massage to any one becouse im block to send massage ..what is the limit to sens massage….and why thet is limit????
    can you please solve my problam …..i seen this error wen i want to send massage see below plz….

    You have exceeded the limit for sending messages!
    You are temporarily blocked from sending messages. Block times may vary depending on the feature and scale of abuse. Blocks cannot be lifted.

    Misuse of Facebook’s features may result in your account being disabled.

    If you have questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page.

    Click here to go home

  363. Nelle_Yecats says:

    I joined on September 19 and emailed my sister to join FaceBook. I thought she would love it. I logged out and then tried to log back in and I was not able to. I did not get a warning or email or anything. I really do not know what happened or why but I only had the FaceBook page 19 days and not used it very much. Now I cannot access it at all. No tolerance I guess which is a bit extreme. I really do not know what I did. I had some personal pictures and three little personal videos plus a website I added for my friends to see my pictures, etc.. That was about it. I only had 4 friends on my site so far and then I emailed my sister to join, making it 5 friends. It’s just very weird that I cannot get back on…! Do not know what to do about this issue.

  364. hola mis intensiones no son violar las reglas , al contrario pido disculpas por haberme excedido , es q trabajo de relaciones publicas en playas y boliches entonces por eso agrego gente q por ahi no la tengo de contactos en hotmail , pero las conosco por el simple hecho q en hotmail es muy limitado el limite de contactos y una keja hay una persona q me hizo un mail con el mismo nombre q mi nick name de facebook
    , es decir veneno veneno veneno , con la diferencia q no coinciden ninguno de mis datos solo mi cel . muchas gracias y saludos gente por haber creado este comodisimo y sofisticado sistema . juan pablo ghiglia , veneno. gualeguaychu entre rios cel 03446567243.

  365. Peter T says:

    Dear.Facebook U can see that we all like to know why we all got block of Facebook? U can see that a lot of People like and r on Facebook… Facebook be came like the new MSN for People to be on we can all go on this and see pic and new of Family and Friend..U can see that a lot of People write on this because we all look at it like Msn to when we r….So if u guys r kind to reay opinit for me to get back to toking to Friend and Family back home I will like that much thak u….

  366. I just had my account disabled for no reason at all. What’s going on? I love FaceBook and enjoy finding friends whom I haven’t seen in years.
    How can I get my account back up and running?


  367. Has anybody ever had their account enabled after having it disabled?


  368. Mike says:

    im about to be disabled if i dont stop adding friends the messages are popping up now o noes LOLZ

  369. Estrella says:

    They told me that i should be carefull cuz i’ve sent to much mssages….

    but i still dont know how many are the lmit..??

    help pleasee :(

  370. […] 13. You scraped information off Facebook They have a zero tolerance policy for page scraping (i.e. pulling content off their web pages via a script). Unfortunately, they don’t have a reliable way of proving it’s you who’s doing the scraping (IP matching is probably as good as they can get), so you may find this a difficult charge to defend yourself against. […]

  371. Lando says:

    Using the Digsby client (which is free) appears to circumvent the chat limit problem. Don’t know about the others.

    Of course, it might not actually fix the problem. But looking at it carefully, all my messages are going through (including in other browsers) but the message does not come. Do it straight through the facebook page, and there it is again.

  372. buck says:

    facebook disabled my account for adding too many people. i dont understand…if the point of facebook is to add friends, why is there now a limit on how many people you add. And if you add to many people, WHY DO YOU GET KICKED OFF?? In the earlier days, they’d just disable the adding for 24 hrs-7 days. This is just fucked up. I already got kicked off once and it took me 3 days of going back and forth with them, talking to 4 different people to get readded and now i am back in the same situation. Its such bullshit. I just wrote 4 e-mails to them hoping to get back on soon. I just enjoy using the site. Its just so fucked up. There is no “Abuse” as they like to put it. Only us enjoying the site expect no stupid restrictions.

  373. facebook disabled my account for adding too many pepole im soryyyyyy

  374. facebook disabled my account for adding too many pepole im so sory can i get it back

  375. natasha says:

    por que me cancelaron el fecebook

  376. The Grand Inquisitor says:

    *burns a little FB flag*

  377. jai says:

    You are approaching the limit for sending chat messages!
    Slow down or you’ll hit a block.

  378. jai says:

    i m getting message on facebook chat that “You are approaching the limit for sending chat messages!
    Slow down or you’ll hit a block.”
    please help me out how to fix this problem

  379. Hey ummm I was disabled for adding to many of my friends…..So when it said disabled…does that mean they deletd my profile….or is it temperately? When can I go back on again? I sent an e-mail to the disable@facebook people. Do you think they will un disable my profile? Because I don;t get the point of how adding friends is countable as spam….

  380. Hung Ju Lin says:

    I also have the same situaion. My account is disable suddenly and facebook does not give me any warning so that I don’t know what’s wrong with my account. I also sent e-mail to them, but no one reply. Who can tell me how to contract correct person and get my account back?

  381. Tom Reilly says:


  382. anon says:

    You have all upset them for one reason or another, they can’t have students being nice to eachother and having intelligent conversation, farrrr too dangerous!
    Better to let them joke about how drunk they got or how many drugs they did last night…thus rendering any chance of a political career and therefor change in the status quo impossible. Lively debate and generall good nature is a strong start for influence.

    Anyone with too many friends or too much influence is a danger as they could/ im not saying would BUT could organise a riot or an uprising…Im not joking this is a deadly serious matter, just look at the sheer size of the London tube party or mass waterfights to give an indiucation of how easy it is now for one person with a bright idea to take it to the masses.

    I may sound crazy to 99% of you but to anyone educated or open minded you will soon realise this is a worrying fact.

    Dont piss off the establishment kids…don’t rock the boat

  383. disabilityalert says:

    Facebook started one way and now has become a Fascist dictator or perhaps another example of imperialist hyprocrisy. We have freedom of speech at home but out the colonies it’s a dicatorship.

  384. My Facebook got disabled today. I don’t know what to say. I just want back and get back to my normal routine. Yahoo mail check, Youtube check, Facebook check? =(


  385. freckles4u says:

    I received a warning saying I was sending too many messages so I stopped (I was sending them to all my friends letting them know that I had a myspace as well and to add me on there). then the next day I was on facebook just messing around after having sent a few more messages and all of the sudden without ANY warning it logged me out and my account was disabled. So I listened to the warning and my account was still deleted. I don’t understand why. I would like my account back, it is very very IMPORTANT to me because I keep in-touch with family members that I NEVER see…

  386. trisha says:

    I got disabled from facebook for sending out friend request. What is going on here? How can you set a limit and not tell people what it is? It absolutely crazy!!! Does disabled mean that I can’t reactivate my account?

  387. neji boubaker says:

    i spend a day long on the facebook exploring groups and inviting friends all over the world than i’m surprised with a notice that say that i’m bloked .
    now i can’t sent any invitation .
    please who can advice me what to do
    My great thanks

  388. Hello! facebook disabled my account for adding too many friends.I just wrote an e-mails to them hoping to get back on soon. I just enjoy using the site, I have many friends in the world. There is no “Abuse” as they like to put it.
    Help please!
    Thank you


  390. P.S
    I SPENT 6 HOURS SO PLEASE HELP ME IM BEGGING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  391. LM says:

    I haven’t been disabled or blocked but suddenly I cannot log into my account. I emailed the help center and they said I’d recently logged in and if I had any more problems to email them back and let them know. I waited a day, I tried to log in again and it then said my email address isn’t even registered. I have nearly 500 friends (over the last year or so…not huge bulks at a time), relatives, clients, colleagues and potential employers and had been logging in daily, no over posting (not much posting at all).
    I have since emailed to let them know that I am indeed having issues. Over one week later, 7 emails and not the courtesy of even a bulk reply.
    What did I do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing and nobody will help me resolve the issue.
    Please, help me…

  392. andrew says:

    what the HELL how perfetic can it get just for adding people i cant beilve it is such a crime to do so their my friends and i can add the if i want END OF.

  393. Shammiul Haque siraji says:

    I was adding too many friends and at the same time was using the messaging thing of facebook with one friend. if i am not wrong i sent that person like 30-40 msgs ….while i sent like 30-35 msgs one warning msg came, that i was violating their terms and conditions and when i reached 40 msgs approx , fb administrator disabled my account. the disabled that on 3rd January, 2009…today is 8th January, 2009. its been 6 days….I’ve sent like 4-5 mails with sorry that I violated their terms and conditions. Only first time one automated reply came on which they mentioned they will write back to me shortly by that time i should check their terms page. But so far no mails from them and my account is still disabled. I don’t know what to do…….I was planning to open a new account with the same name. but i won’t get back my pictures, comments, groups, msgs, friends….. i had over 500 plus friends…. how would i get them back ? :S among them lots of ppl are only my facebook friends… I am very much frustrated with this situation. They should have an online chat room where they will reply to their users if they have any question and query. Can anyone tel me whether or not will I get back my that account ?


  394. kadri says:

    jai mon compte qui a ete suprime son connaitre les raison, je me suis connecte jai demander une amitier avc une personne que je connait tres bien depui des annee
    mon compte a ete suprimer sans raison valable

  395. G says:

    Hello everyone.
    24 hour back my FB account was disabled. I played Mafia Wars massively. 8 days. I was good, but needed to post many many posts on the application’s wall.
    I slowed down after warning but it came out it wasnt slow enough… And got account disabled :/
    Then i looked for help in google. Found also that page and helped me so i have to write something to help others :)

    I wrote to:
    abuse@facebook.com (that one gave me reply)

    I politely wrote what happened and it wasnt my intention to harm anyone or violate any Terms. Also told i wont do that again. Send couple of emails in that 24 hours. Was really happy and surprised seeing reply :-)

    Here’s what i got:
    Facebook Support to me
    show details 5:00 PM (1 hour ago)


    Hi G***,

    Facebook has limits in place to prevent behavior that other users may find annoying or abusive. These limits restrict the rate at which you can use certain features on the site. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with the specific rates that have been deemed abusive.

    Your account was disabled because you exceeded Facebook’s limits on multiple occasions when writing on Walls, despite having been warned to slow down.

    However, after reviewing your situation, we have reactivated your account, and you should now be able to log in. Please be aware that if your account is disabled again, we will not be able to reactivate it. Once logged in, please slow down the rate at which you write on Walls. We appreciate your cooperation going forward.

    Thanks for your understanding,

    User Operations

    So, thats all folks, thanks Kenny and others.
    Good luck everyone in getting your account back.


  396. jason walsh says:

    i have sent messages to whom it may concern…and have not got a reply back…my account has been disabled almost 2 weeks ago…for leaving happy new year messages on my friends wall?….could you please reactivate my acct so i can get back to my friends….thanks so much on this matter.

  397. John Doe says:

    Want to laugh? Today I have been kicked out of the chat in FB without even being warned,
    for “exceeding the message sending limits.”

    Funny. Have they changed their policies into “one strike and you are out?”

    Besides, why imposing limits on message sending in an IM application which, correct me if I am wrong, should be intended right for that purpose?

    I am not a hypertechnological geek, but I am sure there must be other ways of preventing spam than that.

  398. Nadia says:

    All i did was add like 35 friends then i wasn’t able to open my account after still don’t know what has happened I HATE FACEBOOK

  399. Nadia says:

    I didn’t even get 1 warning not fair

  400. thenameman says:

    Does any one know the real technical reason behind facebook’s add limitation. Is there a cut off numnber

  401. izzy says:

    i am just making one and it wont let me it just says go on to this website and i dont know wot is goin on?

  402. thenameman says:

    found out what the problem was …
    Face book is a sort of moral , religious type of site. They feel that you should not add a person to your freinds list .. unless you actually know them personally …..
    So .. if you live in , say , Georgia, in a town called ThisTown, you will ohnly be allowed , for the most part, to add people in your town.

    It appears that the owners of face book are extremely immature

  403. ali aslani says:

    why my face book dis able please solve fo me this problem

  404. kookimebux says:

    Hello. And Bye. :)

  405. William says:

    Hi there. I joined a facebook app game, and after adding about 100 people in about 2 hours as friends, a not so friendly message popped up and said i “might” be breaking the TOS (terms of service) for facebook. Got an email telling me that I “had violated” the terms of service. and that continued action would get me banned.

    Well, I emailed them back and told them to put up or shut up. I told them to prove I had broken their TOS or give me an apology. After a few days, they apologised. They also admitted that their monitoring system gets mixed up and cannot monitor specifics, ergo a lot of innocent actions are mistaken for violations. Be polite and demand specifics. That’s my advice. Hope this helps.

  406. gabriele says:


    I just sent 30 messages today and my account is now disabled :((

    when will u reactivate my account???? :((((((

  407. faizan says:

    sir im really sorry sir plz i cnt again misuse facebook sry sir plz delet this mesage im reslly sry i cnt do again misuse

  408. Nik says:

    Get your own domain and host it at home, problem solved.

  409. Sunil Grover says:

    Funny & laughable….. Am 59 years of age.. Spent not more than an hour on the face book… posted some of my family photographs…And out of blue my account was disabled… I can challenge that this disabling had no logical basis… And FACEBOOK.COM should RESTORE MY ACCOUNT & HENCE IT’S OWN CREDIBILITY. I donot expect an apology but admission of mistake/mis- judgement/wrong monitoring process will make this portal an honor… Sunil Grover.

  410. Disabled and Upset says:

    I had my Facebook account disabled. I had received warnings about “misuse”, but these warnings are vague and don’t help you to correct behavior. I work in a nightclub and go out a LOT, so I meet hundreds of people in real life every week, and like to add new friends to Facebook. Apparently, this makes me a horrible person. I’ve only added people who are friends, I’ve met briefly, or who have joined groups created for my club. And I’ve only messaged friends or people who are planning to attend one of my events.

    If this leads Facebook to believe that I’m out of line or “abusive”, I humbly believe that Facebook should shut the fuck up and stay out of my business. They just deleted my account with 500 friends, several event listings, all of my messages and contact info, and pictures. Who is misusing Facebook and abusing users? Facebook administrators.

  411. philip says:

    hey,…i really needed my facebook account allot ..because i really spend alot of my time on facebook and i meet alot of people out on facebook..
    it means more because i met by childhood frnds after like 7 yrs…

    i really need it …

  412. Grace says:

    Does anyone else feel like a big hand in the sky just put you in time out?

  413. Anita says:

    I had an account for my cat that was disabled. It took them almost a month to reply.

  414. meagan says:

    my account got disabled for the same reason
    i sent them a e-mail , and the next day i had it back
    and than within a hour of me using my account again , it was disabled again , and i haddent added ANYONE
    its such bullshit

  415. Phillip Johnson says:

    my account got disabled what out a warring I sent Fb 2 email but go reply . thin sent 3RD email asking them if they where going to reactivate my email add to my account. Here the response I gout
    Was thank you for you inquire we will get back to you soon in the me time take a look at the terms of use and have heard any thing yet

  416. khalil rhayem says:

    my facebook was also disabled and i send facebook many e-mails asking them if they where going to reactivate my email add to my account. the response I got was :
    ” thank you for you inquire we will get back to you soon in the me time take a look at the terms of use ”
    and actually i was adding too many friends
    will accout be renabled i hope so

  417. Class Action TIME!!! says:

    I think it’s time we all band together and file a class action law suit against Facebook for wrongfully disabling and deleting peoples accounts. How do you get “warnings” if you have no idea what you are doing wrong? You look at some people and wonder how the hell they got 3000 friends in 6 months, without ever being diabled- yet some people get warnings after 100 friends.

    Who the fuck does Facebook think they are- deciding who what when and where people can make friends & posts. We are all adults here- and we have the decision whether or not to accept someone as a friend. So a spammer just won’t make the cut to anyones account.

    Facebook likes to hide behind the “legal” disclaimer we all were presented with upon signing up a new account- but I doubt that would hold up in any court. Facebook is breaking some very important constitutional rights we all have. I think it is time everyone, as a group, stands up and sues the fuck out of them.

  418. jordan says:

    i got disabled for my high school, i have lelf my school. and there saying u dont go to that school now

    wtf :S

  419. jordan says:

    My account just got disabled today as well… does anyone know exactly how long it takes for it to get re-activated if its my first offense?

  420. Patrick Boyle says:

    I got my facebook account disabled 3 days ago, sent e mail but no replay as yet. I only play about 5 games, Motorcycle Madness (10th world-wide) Premier Football (top 600) & a few others, all that hard work now lost.
    You are encouraged to add friends who play some of these apps & when you do you are disabled, not fair. Dose anyone know how long it takes to get your account back.


  421. dear facebook ppl,
    i didn’t get any warning that my account was going to be disabled ..that is unfair……..i hope u can enable back my account and correct the eerors you have told be about …..

  422. Emmaline says:

    Bonjour! The babes are here! This is my sexiest site to visit. I make sure I am alone in case I get too hot. Post your favorite link here.

  423. BJB says:


  424. Andrea says:

    Seeing how much a lot of people here repeatedly post on this one blog it’s no surprise your accounts were disabled. I don’t want to log on and see invites from a bunch of stupid groups either. Nor when I log on and my home page comes up, all I see is your picture 20 times in row with some ridiculous link that only you find funny. Sucks for those who have been disabled for doing absolutely nothing though. Sorry if you’re one of those people.

  425. j ai ete desaciver car je voulais me faire des amis pour les points cool je suis desoler veuillez s il vous plait me re activer d avance je vous remercie salutations fabrice boley

  426. Sherry Marjani says:

    Unforetunatly I wrote on the mafia’s wall without attention to warning and sudenlly my account was disabled…
    I really love mafia’s war Game and I like use facebook to find and contact my old friends, please help me and active my account.\
    I really love this game, please !!

  427. I would recommend you to visit FacebookDisabled. It explains in detail how to get your Facebook account back if it was disabled.

  428. Nigel H Hicks says:

    Dear Facebook,

    My account was disabled earlier today and I do not know why. I understand that there are certain actions that are not allowed under the Facebook Terms of Use but as far as I am aware I have not done this. I have no bots or automated processes running on my account. There are no scripts or other third party software. If there is something I have done I would appreciate you letting me know and I will refrain from doing it again. At the moment I am at a complete loss as this happened without any warning.

    I use Facebook for exactly what it is, social networking. . My profile is private to non friends and I purely use this site for personal reasons. I have uploaded a lot of personal information and photos, as well as many personal emails, and would appreciate if you could REINSTATE MY ACCOUNT please.


    Nigel H Hicks

  429. Septi Caesari Rosa Utami says:

    Dear Facebook,
    i found my acount was suspended today, and i dont know what is my mistake that bring this account suspended, please re-check my account and if i didnt make a mistake, please unspend this account.

    i was reply my wall, and everytime i opened “wall to wall” there was WARNING ! and i just closed at all . i don’t care about that !
    and after i’m replay many wall [ it’s about 15 walls ] my FB was DISABLE !
    hoooh~ i don’t know what to have to do !
    can you HELP me to qive me my FB BACK ? :'(

    thank you

  430. Septi Caesari Rosa Utami says:

    i was sent email to disable@facebook.com but you DON’T REPLY !
    5 DAYS AGO as you know !

  431. I my acconut was disabled from Face Book for adding too many friends in a month period. Theirs no limitation of friends posted in the by laws you can add with a month.
    Can you help me?
    Craig M. Smith

  432. peiman bagherzadeh says:

    My account was disabled my by an administrator and they refuse to tell me why?

  433. Badr says:

    Hi, my FB account got disabled for NO REASON. I only get “your account is disabled” message, I don’t understand anything, I was only only commenting some links, until I got logged off. This is not fair ? What is wrong with FB ? No notification ? Nothing ?

  434. John H says:

    I am new to facebook and am adding new friends. I now receive a popup with a warning. Please remove the popup and allow me access. I cannot even add friends that want me to join.

  435. Lahiru says:

    My FB has disabled because too many friend requests. after that i sent mails to relavant personnel in Fb to reactive my account but i didnt get any reply already 5 days gone. Wanna know how long it takes to reply me and reactive???pls help me….


  436. I got disabled by Facebook totally randomly too, wtf?

  437. BARRY says:

    hi its done me and i cant get on any help would be top as i need to get on there as some of my family chat 2 me on there why o why do they boot ya off 4 2 many friends it so mad

  438. BARRY says:

    cant get on any help would be top as i need to get on there as some of my family chat 2 me on there why o why do they boot ya off 4 2 many friends it so mad

  439. Don’t be worry regarding being disabled from Facebook, cause they reactivate it. the key term here is that you must send email to this address: appeals+dw5w8wy@facebook.com
    and they will activate your account soon…lol

  440. Tammy says:

    Hello, I was on facebook yesterday browsing around and all of the sudden poof, I get kick off. I tried to get back on and my account was disabled. I sent an email to facebook about my proble. They did responde by saying they received my inquiry and they would get back to me soon. What does all this mean? Will I get my account back?

  441. andy says:

    when you have been reinstated what info do you loose & can they permantly delete you? friends,photos etc.

    & happens if they disable you for inadequate photos?

  442. claire says:

    I was disabled for no reason its been 7 days with no reply will i get it back.. how long does it take to get a reply if ever?? and what should i do… someone

  443. […] You friended too many people Not so long ago this was a prime cause of disabled accounts, but Facebook has instituted a maximum of 5000 friends that should protect you from […]

  444. I have had the blessing of not being shut down, or even pink boxed (That’s what we call that warning, also known as the Pink Fairy). But some of my DB friends have not been so lucky. One of them gets shut down a month at least. I find it’s the competitions that do it, drawing people to post so that they can win something.
    When one of us gets shut down, they somehow get a message to another of us, and they post it for all to see. Then we are given a list of Facebook emails, and make our plea.
    They are back after a while, with so many people telling Facebook that they have erred.

    I have told them time and time again, that spammers (They ban you because you fit some sort of spammer profile) don’t post often enough to get caught in that way. I have tried to discourage them from keeping this plan of action, and to maybe count on the people to report problems instead. But you know how they are.

    I’ve been hunting spammers on Facebook for a while now, Maria Joseph as my prime target, but she has changed her name many times, and has had some 15 accounts. Thanks to me emailing Facebook about them, with links, and ID numbers, every last one was terminated. I am very careful not to report innocent people. I do my background checks, and provide the evidence that I see. Facebook then judges.

    I wish that they would rely on people like me to get spammers to be shut down, but instead they go for people who like to communicate on a communication site (Stupid, eh?).

    I know it’s just a matter of time before I too, am taken out for posting too much. I am currently violating the terms of service by having a second account for when it happens, so that I can notify my friends. This is quite common on the boards where I am.

    I hope I can someday get Facebook to see it’s error, and make it better for all, as I have always tried to do.


  445. Robert says:

    First of all, FacebookDisabled.com web site sucks! There is information on there, but nothing that will help you get your account back!

    Second, those of us who have had their accounts disabled, need to rise up against Facebook in a class action lawsuit! I am organizing one as we speak, along with a well made web site with all the bells and whistles. I am also creating a list of those Facebook users who have had their accounts disabled. Please e-mail me at downwithfacebook@yahoo.com and I will add you to the list and keep you notified!

    Lets do something about Facebook’s stupid automatic spam detections and how it is hurting those who are sincere.

  446. NEED HELP! says:

    My Facebook account is getting disabled all the fucking time. I’ve made about 10 new accounts, but they are still getting disabled, and Facebook doesn’t tell my why.

    Is there anyone here who can help me?! I’m addicted to Facebook :\

  447. Abbie says:

    I was adding friends “that i know” and added a few , not that many when i got a red warning sign come up and say WARNING something about being annoying. I am a facebook addict but dont do anything to violate the rules so has someone reported me or is facebook just warning me that i need to stop adding lots of people at once ?

  448. Anonymous says:

    no se a que se refieren que estoy asiendo mal si me explican tal ves sepa de que hablan para no volver a hacerlo de ante mano resiban mis disculpas.

  449. steven says:

    ive just been kicked off for adding to many friends???????? whats the fucking point of it all if they wont let you add friends, facebook i think is for adding ur old m8’s and to fiend new ones???????? some people i dont know but i like to m8 new m8’s and i think alot of other people do to???????? alot of people ive add in the past r my m8’s and my misses m8’s and yes i do know a good few of them. if people dont know u they send you a message, some people add u and some dont which is fare enough i haven’t got a problem with it and i dont think other people have a problem with, any que my email is– s600kawasakizzr@hotmail.com cheers

  450. mrjameszzz says:

    must be deleted.
    best deltes delete this post

  451. Hello, my name is demetrios louvaris–email–jimmythegreek@comcast.net— i was just disabled from my account while i was promoting my mafia in a mafia wars link! i was not trying to add friends because i got the warning sign that tell me to slow down! i have put alot of time and spent a suggnifacant amount of money in my mafia wars account!! can you please turn my account back on and please tell me what i should avoid in order for this not to happen again!!! i love this site and i would never ingage in any inproper actions that facebook would not allow!!my facebook link is—Join My Mafia: http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/status_invite.php?from=1625772735

  452. alim shomahua says:

    Hallo folks,

    what can we do to get our accounts back? this sucks.

  453. facebook is run by the biggest n rudest faggs in the world, n they don’t give a bloody shit about their customers. sorry to say that my account was disabled twice without any reason, n the only way for them to learn their lesson is to be overcome by another new social networking website. let’s just hope that happens. facebook is useful, but it doesn’t help when these faggs arbitrarily disables u for fun n never respond to emails–if they do, it’s the automated response, n their tone is extremely rude. like when they emailed me bak, if the biach was in front of me i woulda knocked every single one of his teeth out. no kidding.

  454. Isaac says:

    I have just been disabled. Facebook haven’t even told me why. I honestly don’t see why they have disabled me. I have emailed them at disabled@facebook.com From experience, does anyome know if they do actually let you have your account back? Cheers.

  455. Facebook Revege says:

    Why don’t we e-mail the heck out of Facebook every day with every Facebook e-mail you know. Over and over again!

  456. Caroline Chaychuk-Reynolds says:

    I have just been disabled for sending to many posts?????? I have 251 pictures up …have two Reunions going (which Im organising and poof……..I’m gone!!!
    I will not be going back ..I’m totally devastated two years work on there gone!!!!!!!!

  457. Jim Cervantes says:

    I think the reason i got booted from facebook is to many request at one time but i see nothing wrong with that i guess. But my question is will i get my account back this is the first time this has happen to me please help and thank you

  458. FACEBOOK says:

    Facebook is against Christians too

    Mark Zuckerberg
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Mark Zuckerberg

    Mark Zuckerberg in Paris in 2008
    Born May 14, 1984 (1984-05-14) (age 25) Taurus
    White Plains, New York
    Occupation Founder, CEO & President of Facebook
    Net worth Less than $1 Billion [1]
    Religious beliefs Atheist[2]
    Mark Zuckerberg, (born May 14, 1984) is an American computer programmer and entrepreneur. As a Harvard student, he created the online social website Facebook with fellow computer science major students and his roommates Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Facebook is a social networking site popular among students worldwide. He serves as Facebook’s CEO.[3] He has been the subject of controversy for the origins of his business[4] and his wealth.[5]

    Time Magazine added Zuckerberg as one of The World’s Most Influential People of 2008. Zuckerberg fell under the Scientists & Thinkers category for his web phenomenon, Facebook, and ranked 52 out of 101 people.

    Contents [hide]
    1 Early life
    2 Facebook
    2.1 Founding
    2.2 Moving to California
    2.3 News Feed
    2.4 Facebook Platform
    2.5 Facebook Beacon
    2.6 ConnectU Controversy
    2.7 Forbes
    2.8 Microsoft investment in Facebook
    3 References
    4 External links

    [edit] Early life
    Zuckerberg was raised in Dobbs Ferry, New York, by his Jewish parents, Edward and Karen Zuckerberg. His father Edward is a dentist in Dobbs Ferry, New York, and his mother is a physician. He started programming when he was in middle school. Early on, Zuckerberg enjoyed developing computer programs, especially communication tools and games. While attending Phillips Exeter Academy, he built a program to help the workers in his father’s office communicate; he also built a version of the game Risk and a music player named Synapse that used artificial intelligence to learn the user’s listening habits. Microsoft and AOL tried to purchase Synapse and recruit Zuckerberg, but he decided to attend Harvard University instead.[6]

    [edit] Facebook

    Zuckerberg (right) with Robert Scoble in 2008
    [edit] Founding
    Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his Harvard dorm room on February 4, 2004. It started off as just a “Harvard-Thing,” until Zuckerberg then decided to spread Facebook to other schools and enlisted the help of roommate Dustin Moskovitz. They first spread it to Stanford, Dartmouth, Columbia, Cornell and Yale, and then to other schools with social contacts with Harvard.[7][8][9] By the beginning of the summer, Zuckerberg and Moskovitz had released Facebook at almost forty-five schools and hundreds of thousands of people were using it.[citation needed] Zuckerberg was a member of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity while at Harvard.

    [edit] Moving to California
    Zuckerberg moved to Palo Alto, California, with Moskovitz and some friends. To date, he has not returned as a student to the college. They leased a small house which served as their first office. Over the summer, Zuckerberg met Peter Thiel who invested in the company. They got their first office during the summer of 2004. According to Zuckerberg, the group planned to return to Harvard in the fall but eventually decided to remain in California.

    [edit] News Feed
    On September 5, 2006, Facebook launched News Feed, a product to show what your friends were doing on the site. Zuckerberg was criticized as some saw News Feed as unnecessary and a tool for cyberstalking.

    [edit] Facebook Platform
    On May 24, 2007, Zuckerberg announced a Facebook Platform, a development platform for programmers to create social applications within Facebook. This announcement sparked a great deal of interest in the developer community. Within weeks, many applications had been built and some already had millions of users. Today, there are more than 400,000 developers around the world building applications for Facebook Platform.

    On July 23, 2008, Zuckerberg announced Facebook Connect, a version of Facebook Platform for building social applications on other websites.

    [edit] Facebook Beacon
    On November 6, 2007, Zuckerberg announced a new social advertising system at an event in Los Angeles. A part of the new program, called Beacon, enabled people to share information with their Facebook friends based on their browsing activities on other sites. An eBay seller, for instance, could let friends know automatically what they have for sale via the Facebook news feed as they list items.

    The program came under heavy privacy concerns from both privacy groups and individual users. Zuckerberg and Facebook failed to respond to the concerns quickly, and on December 5, 2007, Zuckerberg ultimately wrote a blog post on Facebook[10] taking responsibility for issues with Beacon and offering an easier way for users to opt out of the service.

    [edit] ConnectU Controversy
    Zuckerberg’s Harvard classmates, Divya Narendra, Cameron Winklevoss, and Tyler Winklevoss, claimed that he stole their idea intended for their own site, ConnectU. A lawsuit was filed in 2004 but was dismissed without prejudice on March 28, 2007, although was never ruled on. It was refiled soon thereafter in U.S. District Court in Boston, and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for July 25, 2007.[11] At the hearing the judge told ConnectU parts of their complaint were not sufficiently pled and gave them the ability to refile an amended complaint. On June 25, 2008, the case was settled and Facebook agreed to pay a $65 million settlement.[12]

    As part of the lawsuit, in November 2007, confidential court documents were posted on the website of Harvard alumni magazine 02138. They included Zuckerberg’s social security number, his parents’ home address and his girlfriend’s address. Facebook filed to get the documents taken down, but the judge ruled in favor of 02138.[13]

    [edit] Forbes
    In 2008, Forbes ranked Zuckerberg as the 321st richest person in the United States, with a net worth of $1.5 billion. He is the youngest person ever to appear on the Forbes 400. [14] In 2009 it was reported that Zuckerberg’s fortune had dropped below $1 billion. [15]

    [edit] Microsoft investment in Facebook
    On October 24, 2007, Facebook Inc. sold a 1.6% stake to Microsoft Corp. for $240 million, spurning a competing offer from online search leader Google Inc. This would indicate that Facebook had a market value of $15 billion at the time of the sale.[16] However, most analysts believe the actual valuation of the company to be far less.[citation needed] The $240 million paid by Microsoft include premiums for both preferred shares and global ad placements.[citation needed]

    [edit] References
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    [edit] External links
    Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Mark Zuckerberg
    Did a Dorm Room Theft Launch an Online Empire? Rolling Stone
    Mark Zuckerberg recognized at Score event
    Michael Arrington interviewing Mark Zuckerberg at TechCrunch40 video
    FastCompany: Hacker. Dropout. CEO.
    Current Magazine interview with Mark Zuckerberg
    NNDB page for Mark Zuckerberg
    Part of Business 2.0’s List of “10 people who don’t matter” for refusing a $750 million buyout offer
    ‘BusinessWeek’ graphic: “The Bad Boy: Mark Zuckerberg”
    Mark Zuckerberg talks about online personas at The Commonwealth Club video
    Microsoft/Facebook Deal
    Facebook, Friendliness and Money Mark Zuckerberg speaks at Stanford University, October 2005
    [hide]v • d • eFacebook

    Website Facebook Beacon · Facebook features

    People Mark Zuckerberg (founder) · Chris Hughes (co-founder) · Dustin Moskovitz (co-founder) · Sheryl Sandberg (COO) · Peter Thiel · Ted Ullyot (general counsel)

    Other Criticism of Facebook · Facebook in investigations · Wirehog (suspended)

    Retrieved from “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Zuckerberg”
    Categories: 1984 births | Living people | Facebook employees | American businesspeople | American Jews | American atheists | American computer programmers | American Internet personalities | Businesspeople in information technology | Child businesspeople | Phillips Exeter Academy alumni | Harvard University people
    Hidden categories: All articles with unsourced statements | Articles with unsourced statements from March 2009

  459. FACEBOOK says:


  460. A says:

    Facebook Is Rude

  461. Anonymous says:

    some1 who get banned could have his/her profile deleted from his/her friends profile too.. and that could lead to a misunderstanding because people don’t know why he/her just deleted his/her own account. come on..
    this just isn’t the way a social networking was intended for..!!!

  462. Greetings

    I’ve been passive on this forum for a while now, so here goes my first post! a great site I’ve found for Free Mobile Applications etc. is Esnips.com I’ve found everything on my list…

    let me know what you think!, Hope this helps ;-)


  463. Deny Nurdin says:

    limiting our fun activity …
    what a suicide x_x”;

  464. den says:

    dear sir my facebook acount has been disabled can i know the cases why my acount has been disabled.

  465. den says:

    i need sow much that acount can u make it aviable.plzzzzzz.

  466. Boc says:

    wow, i now take these warnings seriously

  467. Pissed Off says:

    Mine was disabled on 6/13… Same shit, no response. I’ve emailed disabled@Facebook 4 times and info@facebook, just today. If I don’t hear anything back, I’m going to the BBB.

    They currently have a C rating at the BBB, I think they are purposely disabling accounts cuz’ forcing people to create new accounts, forcing a false positive as being the fastest growing social network site.

    Post a complaint!!! http://sanjose.bbb.org/businessreport.aspx?companyid=223670


  469. […] You friended too many people Not so long ago this was a prime cause of disabled accounts, but Facebook has instituted a maximum of 5000 friends that should protect you from […]

  470. don mafia says:

    this is damn ridiculous! i get disabled for having too many friend adds. i got a ton of friend adds cause i just made facebook and told everyone at work to add me and gave all family etc email for facebook. Disabled really soon! i will never use facebook now

  471. Anonymous says:

    Facebook has the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

  472. […] You friended too many people Not so long ago this was a prime cause of disabled accounts, but Facebook has instituted a maximum of 5000 friends that should protect you from […]

  473. well, I have had 3 warning mails about abusive behavior (they didnt say what like you all stated) but it was because i had too many friends added (musicians, singers, artists, work collegues, friends from life, family, relaivs, ahbba, eurovision and mlodifestivalen fans) so i had like 10 very quickly add,add,add and was getting a warning. so i stopped for 2 days…then stared at a bit slower rate and added 5 or so and then did something ele and added 8 at slow rate… and so on and got 300 new friends in a week. then boom 2nd warning mail.

    i stopped for a few days again…and when adding ONE friend it was that pink stop message and a 3rd mail was sent emmideatly.

    I then started to read on pages like this one and now i have not touched facebook for 14 days…so my question is that what happens when i try to add ONE SINGLE friend again after 14 days of no adding whatsoever?

    i cannot find any info on anyone who actually managed that..some who has been in this situation I have contacted them (8 different users) and NONE answered so I guess they do not have facebook anymore

    or should i wait 1 month? or a whole bloody year? or it is already to late…i will be banned if I add one single friend even if I wait a whole decade? maybe my grandchildren will try to add one in 2099?

  474. oh by the way..if they continue with this policy…facebook will die out WHEN…..someone smart ass start THE NEW FACEBOOK with users allowing or binding up a portion of their harddisc space for NEW FACEBOOK storage. That NEW facebook wont have th same costs as todays and will be free and also will have NO LIMITS WHATSOEVER because with evry new user there comes additional harddisc space available for that social network.

    with this dumb ass banning more and more will hit that limits in one way or the other. also if the start taking a fee for accounts then bye bye to the 100ed millions of users

  475. jason says:

    is unreal, but luckily myspace has improved recently and is a good substitute for facecrap

    similar to google, people like the name and feel of facebook which is why it got popular, but it is actually a crap website run by a crap company

    hopefully with myspace, bebo, friendster, inlinked, etc, facebook will lose some of its addiction

  476. raffaello marino says:

    i was chatting with a my friend and i got this message “You have exceeded the limit for sending chat messages!”
    what’s mean this..

  477. tamara says:

    …xchè c’è un limite nel scrivere in chat agli amici???
    da cosa dipende????
    cosa vuol dire che verrò bloccata???
    può spiegarmi????

  478. Yolandi says:

    I am so glad there are others out there, my facebook account also got deleted after i sent too many messages to my boyfriend, but if they had read the messages they would have seen that it was due to a long-distance relationship for a month and i missed him so much. I used the message function on facebook to stay in touch and suddenly i got kicked out. They had warned me saying that i may hit a block if i dont slow down, but hitting a block doesnt mean having your entire excistance on facebook deleted permanently??! I had so start a new account from scratch…and needless to say, facebook just aint the same anymore… :(

  479. Robert says:

    I have sent an inquiry to you asking why my facebook account has been disabled and have not received a response as of yet. In my last correspondence I stated the Importance of this account to me as I have a facebook band page/reverbnation page that I use to promote gigs, retain a fan base and inform my fans of a CD of mine that is to be released in the very near future. I am a professional musician who takes his business very seriously. This is my only means of income. Facebook is a social network is it not? I have only requested friendship from individuals who I personally know in the music community and from individuals worldwide who are contacts and aquaintances through means other than facebook. Please reinstate my account. Seeing that facebook is a “social network”, it seems outrages that you can deem my activity as “abusive”. Every individual that I have contacted has accepted my invitation of friendship. Most important I feel that an important avenue of my career growth is at great risk. reinstate my account and I will retain facebooks advertising services from now on in order to expand my fan base. Is this facebooks way of strong arming its users into using the advertising component available? Shame on you! Please reinstate my account as it is the fair and right thing to do.

  480. ston says:

    activé facebook

  481. Anonymous says:

    IF your going around adding people randomly, GENGOR mcNEIL, your account deserves to be suspended!! PERMANENTLY!!!! There is NO WAY you actually PERsonally know 300 people in less than a week. I only have like 112 friends in over 3 years on facebook. And every single one of them I know personally. If you are doing something wrong on facebook, you KNOW your doing it. In which case, you absolutely deserve to be kicked off! Guess what people, this is NOT your website, follow the rules or get out. You all know what you did wrong, your just pretending you don’t. Facebook doesn’t just randomly go around delelting peoples profiles, come on now, get a grip on reality.


  482. ElloJoh says:

    GENGOR MCNEILL – why the hell did you have 300 friends in a week?!?!? THAT IS A BLATANT MISUSE OF FACEBOOK!!!

  483. Max says:

    We all use Facebook in different ways. Some use it for staying in contact with folks they actually know, reconnecting with old friends and alums, some use it for professional networking. There are some of us that use it to play things like Mafia Wars and Sorority Life. There are Facebook groups for “mass adds” to grow your “family” or “house” in such games. These are Facebook-approved applications that encourage users to continuously add gaming partners that must be Facebook friends. Hence, we add scores of folks in short spans of time. We are not spamming anyone so it’s difficult for me to see it as a misuse of Facebook.

  484. PAT P says:


  485. PJ says:

    will u get ur facebook back? or is deleted for good?

  486. jayne watson says:

    i’m fed up with not being able to get on facebook.one minute it was fine then it wanted my email and password. i printed them both in and it just wouldn’t let me on.if i signup again i loose all the things that i already got so when are you going to get it sorted and let me back on to where i was on wednesday night please let me know as would alot of other facebook users thankyou

  487. jayne watson says:

    get me back on facebook where i was please as i live 250mls away from my home town where my family are apart from phones its a quick and easy way of keeping in contact

  488. Dot Stein says:

    I was disabled today again for the FIFTH time in two months!! This time it was:

    “Why was I disabled?
    Facebook enforces limits on the site in order to prevent certain actio…
    Facebook enforces limits on the site in order to prevent certain actions that can be considered abusive. Your account has been disabled for persistent and rapid use of a certain feature. Unfortunately, for security reasons, we will not be able to further explain these limits.”

  489. Dot Stein says:

    I am REALLY sick and tired of this harassment I get from Facebook. I never upload naughty pics, I don’t have hateful rants on my page, NOTHING, they just pick on me because I have over 2,000 friends- I feel picked on and I am TIRED OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  490. Apollonia says:

    I am trying to understand why my facebook account got disabled. I did receive a message that my log in session had timed out and when I went to hit refresh and log in again. The message popped up that my account got disabled. I never got any emails or warnings as to what or if I did something wrong. I TRULY believe they need to fix their automated service.

  491. liz jack says:

    i cant send mail to my friends,dont know why,i like facebook alot.why cant i send mail to my friends.when i touch send the letter is not going throw.why?help me facebook.i belive i cant get mail as will.

  492. Tellenia says:

    wen i log on 2 facebook wit my correct e-mail and password i can’t c my home page,i talk 2 my frens and i can’t post something

  493. tracy says:

    Everytime I log onto facebook and lets say I want to llok at someones comment, facebook asks me to log on again, and if I use the back button on my phone, it asks me to logon again, and whem i go to my profile, i am asked to logon for everything I do. Any suggestions. I tried making anew account and it is still doing the same thing. I have a Samsung gravity 2 ohine thru t mobile, maybe its my phone, but i have reset all the settings and still same things happening. I need help please

  494. Christina Laurenceau says:

    Yesterday I’ve gotten blocked from posting on wall posts just for thanking my friends for adding me. Why can’t we be social on a social network?

    “You are blocked from making wall posts due to continued overuse of this feature”

    I definably did NOT -overuse- this feature I only posted on four of my friend’s walls and got automatically blocked. I understand how you guys are fixing up face-book and making the environment safe for us,but sometimes I think you guys are over doing it. Today is my boyfriends birthday and he’s far out in Iraq, we communicate through face-book, sometimes I.M and its a shame how I can’t even post on his wall or even send a message saying “Happy birthday” I do feel harassed by this, and I am pretty much upset about this too.

  495. […] friended too many people. (Not so long ago this was a prime cause of disabled accounts, but Facebook has instituted […]

  496. burak says:



  497. Anonymous says:

    Hello my facebook has been disabled. I dont no why because all I do is play games. What can i do or can you call some one.

  498. Jeremy says:

    I just got my second warning on Facebook, so I’m done with posting for the day.

    I guess in the loosest sense of the word, I could be labeled a spammer. Today, I sent out 25 messages to *gasp* people that I don’t know.

    What differentiates what I do from spamming?

    Well, a couple of things.

    First, I include my actual name and website name on each message that I send.

    Second, I add the name of each person I send a message to onto a list, so that they never receive the same message twice.

    Third, and most importantly, I target who I send the message to. Will my band be playing a show at a particular venue? If that bar has a fan page, I join… and send individual messages to their patrons.

    For the website, I’ve joined as many forums as I can discussing “As Seen On TV” products, and sending individual messages to their members.

    It’s called selective marketing. Or, you know, NETWORKING.

    Sorry about your FB experience.

    –Jeremy from We Took The Bait

  499. cbouricco loisirs says:

    Je change de compte, je passe du compte julien ricco guillemyn a cbouricco loisirs qui n ai rien d autre qu un bon delire et de ce fait je veux y convie tout mes amis seulement on ma bloque l acces en me disant que j avais demande trop de personne ce n est pas un spam mais juste une personne qui change de compte.
    ca serai vraiment sympa de me debloque que je puis demande a tous mes amis de me rejoindre
    merci d avance

  500. cbouricco loisirs says:

    Je change de compte, je passe du compte julien ricco guillemyn a cbouricco loisirs qui n ai rien d autre qu un bon delire et de ce fait je veux y convie tout mes amis seulement on ma bloque l acces en me disant que j avais demande trop de personne ce n est pas un spam mais juste une personne qui change de compte.
    ca serai vraiment sympa de me debloque que je puis demande a tous mes amis de me rejoindre
    merci d avance

  501. Martin Drew says:

    Willickers- it’s amazing the people you see wearing big sunglasses on the street. There are two kinds of people in the country today- those who think the treasoners who attacked this nation on Sept. 11’th are nifty and those who don’t. The DOD and CIA and people of fourteen other intelligence agencies are cowards, this is a far more important fact about them than anything they can do to you or me or some old buddy of William Jefferson Clinton.

  502. SIMO S says:

    Hello , disabled my account for adding too many people. i dont understand…Why ? !!!

  503. Jorgen says:

    I was disabled for over 3 weeks ago. Still no answers from them at mail.. have i lost my account for good now?

    this is second time ive been disabled for the same reason, adding too many friends.. :(

  504. micheline says:

    i.m disabled to will like to know why

  505. micheline says:

    will like to know why i,m disabled

  506. winemaker says:

    y is it that u tell me u r having bs on the network that u , i like it but u need to do better

  507. Matt says:

    I got a warning for searching for friends, I only searched for about 5 people and they say that I need to slow down… How many people can I search for in one day and how long should I pause between searches. This is very unclear…


    need my account back. i sent facebook a email for help and was disabled. why ?

  509. murad says:

    The account is not active has been shut down your account. If you have any queries or questions, you can visit our FAQs

  510. Bill says:

    My account was disabled too for no reason. I tried to appeal the decision and they refused to help. My plan of action is to send an email with Facebook copied on the email to their top advertisers and let them know about the unfair decisions of Facebook.

  511. DD says:

    for those of you with 2 warnings, 3 strikes and your dead so be careful. tryna make new frneds on facebook is like saying hi with a gun at your head. they have 400million users thers no point tryna help a couple thousand people they dont even have 1000 staff, just kill anything and everything off the site that may be a problem with automated robots and welcome them to the facebook gas chamber. its a social site with WW2 strategies

  512. Your account has been disabled. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page

  513. […] pas très confiants, et ils peuvent vous accuser de ne pas être diplômé de Harvard (ou de Plum Senior High School). 7. Vous avez « poké » un trop grand nombre de personnes Nous avons découvert cette raison […]

  514. roy garza says:

    i would like to let face book an myspace know that mandy menasco out of bryan texas says point blank that she does not like ni..ers an mexicans. jus read her my space coments.i am now reporting her to all websites. if this problem is not taken care of i will find away to hold face book an myspace responsible for letting mandy menasco on facebook or myspace.i will keep updated on this matter thank u

  515. christopher synnott says:

    Does facebook management ever reply to these comments so that we can understand why people’s accounts are disabled?

  516. Missie says:

    Facebook keeps saying Im temporally blocked from sending messages because I reply to them too fast. And to wait days or hours for it to be lifted. I wait and wait. Then I send a message it goes through, so I think ok its lifted, go to send another one to a different person then BAM I HAVE BEEN BLOCKED AGAIN. Its really starting to get on my nerves Im not doing anything wrong!! I have stopped replying to them as fast, but it still blocks me. WTF !

  517. Scott says:

    Fighting Spam is great but not all friend requests from strangers are a bad thing, ALL FRIENDS WERE STRANGERS ONCE!
    Wake up Facebook, your draconian policies are hurting you.

  518. technology says:

    Thanks for this insight,I appreciate the info.
    That ‘s quite a unequaled point of view, not ever really thought of that. Resplendent article .

  519. mohamed says:

    Elvis has been locked Boom in Egypt, what solution can you help Egypt

  520. keenan says:

    ye mon mi feacebk acount was dissabled 2 4 no reason now i cant comunicate wid fwends at socull unless i waste creditone morning i just got up and i tryed loging in and it sed password not reconide so mi guan try cange it and it sed fce buk discunecte

  521. Alex says:

    Three words: Better Business Bureau. Make a complaint.

  522. Midnight says:

    Facebook never said they would do no evil – they are not google (who has done some evil, after all). Besides the fact that their software is flaky and prone to breakage in unpredictable ways at unexpected times, their greed, expressed as tightwaddery, prevents them from hiring programmers and buying the necessary servers and bandwidth to run their site correctly. Or maybe instead of saying “they”, I should say Mark Zuckerburg. Is he still doing all the programming? Is he making all the decisions? His arrogance and his greed make a bad combination.

  523. […] they came for the "excessive evangelists" here and there, and I didn't speak out, because I did not post excessively or have too many […]

  524. Al says:

    thanks great site

  525. Andy says:

    Hi friends…..

    Facebook is fucker…Iski maa ki choot. If you add more friend without any reason they start blocking users ID without any reason. These fuckers they made this site to make more friends on the other hand they put restriction for the same. It shuold be sued in court for playing peoples emotions and making them feel guilty to make more friend…….Fuck this site all fuckers are in this website…I wana shot that man who made this kind of limit. If you belongs to FB Management then close your site and fuck off from website

  526. AV says:

    close this website if you cannot accommodate more frinds request…..for no reason dont disable users for clean messaging, writting on wall and adding friends for which this site is earning money…

    Change your policy and make it user friendly otherwise you will loose the fame what we have given to you…..fuckerssssss

  527. William LaSalle says:

    I get blocked temporily for posting songs, for liking too many photos, for posting photos,for sending messages, for posting on my wall and for adding or accepting a friend.

    I don’t use profanity, but I have read that is a biggie.

    I think Facebook has a new mott:

    ” If it is fun don’t do it. ”

    As long as you don’t do any of the things I listed above you will probably not be blocked.

    Like only one photo a day, post only one photo each day, send only one message a day, post on your wall only one time a day, only post on one friend’s wall each day, never add a friend or invite a friend and you should do fine.

    Don’t use profanity or post nude photos. You can go to Twitter for that, well if you are in Congress, from what I hear.

  528. William LaSalle says:

    I think they have a computer program watching Facebook, and not real people.

    Computer programs can’t read.

    Computer programs can only count.

    Computer programs can only see the number of posts and don’t know content.

    For me some days Facebook works and some days it won’t let me log on.

    For days that I can’t log on, I do something else and forget that Facebook it there.

    It is like Facebook tells me I need a break sometimes, it is pretty cool.

    Maybe they should set up Facebook so it kicks everyone off for 24 hours anytime they are logged on for one hour.

    That would make it easier for their Computer Program to watch Facebook,

    It would be a simple timing program.

    Just kidding.

    Thank you Facebook.

    It isn’t a perfect world.

    Facebook can’t be perfect either.

    I hate the new layout and the new photo viewer.

    Have a nice day.

  529. ReplaceBook says:

    Mark Fuckerburg is responsible for these moronic rules on a site supposedly devised to promote communication. FaceBook should be called ArseRook.

  530. Ben says:

    I just got a warning for liking birthday posts on my wall, now i have a “few hour to few day ban on liking things”


  531. Website says:


    Facebook Has a Post Limit « president of facebook…

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  658. Anonymous says:


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