Life on the Hill: the Community Responds

Bloggers love to blog about blogs. The Cornell blogosphere has been on fire over the launch of Life on the Hill, the Cornell Student Blogging Project.

Elliott Back:

Reading over their last forty entries, the content seems to be about on the same level of insight and quality as the median of Livejournal, Myspace, and Xanga. … The short of it is that the Cornell University Student Blogging Project is just a watered down PR machine written by a gang of unfocused novice bloggers.

Christian Montoya:

This editorial from the Daily Sun sums it all up nicely. If you don’t want to read it, at least read this quote: “… in trying to maintain a positive face for the student body, they’ve chosen a group that does not truly represent the breadth of that body.”

Caroline Dias, one of six Life on the Hill bloggers, responds to my post:

In all seriousness, let me use this entry to point out what I actually want to do with this blog. I intend this blog to be informative to prospective students on what it’s like being at Cornell today. If I get lost in the inane details of my daily life, please call me on it.

Let’s see what prospective students think. Sam Jackson:

This seeming failure to launch brings us back to what I keep saying and trying to stress to some of my institutional readers–authenticity is more important for good PR than anything else.

Much ado about nothing or is Cornell’s blogging initiative really a big deal?


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