Facebook Cleanup Efforts Continue

Facebook’s crackdown on questionable profiles has been previously noted here. Not surprisingly, it continues.

Wilfred Drew, a librarian at SUNY Morrisville, lost the account he set up for the library. Facebook’s response:


This account has been disabled, as we do not allow profiles for organizations or other non-human entities. If you would like me to change the name on this account to your own, I can do that and reconfirm it. Thanks for your understanding.


On a side note, Drew received a B.S. from Cornell University according to his resume.

Ethan Durant’s Jesus Christ is also gone:

What am I supposed to tell all my facebook faithful who depend on me for their heaven points? And my apostle Karen? A great injustice has been committed toward the inter-webs by that great gloved hand called censorship!!

Another recently lost profile is Roscoe the squirrel.


26 Responses to Facebook Cleanup Efforts Continue

  1. i have been blocked from face book

  2. Robert Conrad says:

    I was just talking to some friends, and then it blocked me and said i was trying to give others spam, now i can’t talk?

  3. i have been blocked from face book

  4. george says:

    ive been blocked from changing my fake name to my real one!

  5. well I have been block from facebook. Ineed a reason why I got blaock because i was l always having a good time on there. Talk to my freinds. so how can i get it back. What do i need to do to kepp it. My email is aander@wi.rr.com. I hope you send me a message

  6. ok cnage my name and let put another name

  7. Dear people,fabekoo adminstartion

    plz i need somebody 2 undertsand me plz i jus cant live without ma facebook i was havin fun on it i jus wanna get it back i was gettin in touch with friends on it doin ma parties flertin with the gurls i hve cruches on spendin hours on it i do addmit ma mistake which is ( sendin 2 much friend request specially 2 gurls ) i addmit it but i swear 2 then 2 u tht if i get it back i won’t miss use it at all i swear ma name on it is (aboody al-barazi ) if u check my account out ur goin 2 see tht im an active member n always a good 1 i hve a abt a 1000 friend i talk 2 most of them at least once every 3 month im communication with ppl from other cltures on it n share ideas sharin opinions makin frineds jus tell me wut do i need 2 do 2 get ma account back anythin i’ll do it i hope i get an answer ASAP cuz i cant handle it no more thts ma email (aboody_474@hotmail.com) i made another account on ma other hotmail but its loooooooong n i wont be able 2 get in touch with all of ma frnds plz tell me wut exactlly i need 2 do n i’ll do it . excuse me 4 ma english langage i kwn its not tht good
    please get back 2 me ASAP .

    best regards
    aboody !!

  8. kyle says:

    i got disabled because my friend got ticked off at me, and some how, got me” ban,
    so please change my name on Face Book.

  9. Succeed Moyo says:

    I have been trying to activate ma facecool but to no avail. At first i thought its the website but the same thing happened when i changed it so please me me understand whats going on!

  10. iteple says:

    Добавил в свои закладки. Теперь буду вас намного почаще читать!

  11. ahmed says:

    pleaze i can t live without face book pleaze if you can returned my compte

  12. ahmed says:

    pleaze i can t live without my compt pleasz returned my compte

  13. shreif says:

    pls i will do any thing u need to get back my account change my name delet some body on facebok any thing anything

  14. rereefrow says:

    Стандартная тема блогу не идёт, чесс говоря

    здесь видел ет gamebulletin.ru

  15. Sharon Ford says:

    In your rules and regulations, do you specify what can cause a block. I put music videos on my page for Memorial Day since so many were not going anywhere and considered entertainment for the day. I am now blocked on the wall, was that it? I have been accumulating friends who are writers, since my sister, Nancy Taylor Rosenberg, is a famous writer, and they seem to all know her. Also, I have many friends who like to communicate with each other, and I answer if it is for me. Is that reason for a block? I am a fast typist, so I can answer my friends quickly. I also have many relatives on Facebook, so is there a limit now. When I try to find out what I have done, it just gives me different scenarios that could be it… I thought I was blocked due to inbox usage, then for comments, but I did not realize that a post which is not a two way conversation due to lack of a comment, was under the block. It now says that i continued to use something I was warned to not use, so now I am under a wall block. A video was posted which had been on Jay Leno, so my friend and I kidded each other with the content of the video, which was an older woman and her answers which were funny and on public TV. I am just guessing… Another, is a man who was being rude to me, so I was back to him. He could have reported me, but it was mainly in fun, but he just was being sarcastic to me.. I did not report him. Another time I reported a woman, who looked like she threatened me over unfriending her. She looked like she could be a fake idenity, and when I asked her about it, she got hostile. Told me I better watch out that our paths never cross. She asked me to be a friend, I did not ask her. I am very careful about who I get to be a friend, it is usually people who all know each other, or my writer sister, or relatives. Please explain if any of these things are the basis for this blockage? I have to try to comment to find out if the block has lifted yet. I just think that the way this is being handled with these blocks are including people who are not really up to anything but just for entertainment, we just do not know for sure the rules as they do not seem to be written down anywhere. Sharon Ford

    I would appreciate the block be lifted, as I still do not know what I did..

  16. tRiKsTeRgOd says:

    I’m a bit confused by this post since the rules on Facebook are pretty clear: “we do not allow profiles for organizations or other non-human entities”. A profile account is for a person with a REAL name, not other things. For other things, you create a Group or Fan Page. What part of this don’t you all get? The examples you state are quite obviously not people when they tack bull**t onto their profile names (i.e., “Ethan Durant’s Jesus Christ”, “Roscoe the squirrel”,,, and a library duh!). Maybe your people with the elaborate degrees aren’t as smart as they give themselves credit.

  17. Sharon Ford says:

    This was sent almost a year ago. I was blocked for a long time, and I was not an organization or anything like that. It has been fine ever since I got back on..I do not know really what you are talking about in reference to my previous situation. I was just blocked for a very long time and was trying to find out why. I do not have anyone nor do I tack on bull***t onto my name..or have anyone that does either.

  18. joselyn says:

    esta chido

  19. joselyn says:

    yo solo les digo smile 4ever y un grito al rock yeah que suene bien chavos as abranle su corazon al rock se los digo por experi encia

  20. Anonymous says:


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