Life on the Hill

It appears that the Cornell Student Blogging Project has been launched as Life on the Hill. Official description:

Curious about life at Cornell? Drop in on our student blogs and see how they find balance between the challenges of academics and recreational pursuits. Pick one to follow through the year, or bounce back and forth between them to get a broad picture of life on the Hill.

The six finalists:
Jenna Bromberg ’08 (Hotel Administration)
Ben Crovella ’07 (Ag & Life Sciences)
Caroline Dias ’08 (Arts & Sciences)
Nikki Gusz ’08 (Arts & Sciences)
Jennifer Lin ’09 (Arts & Sciences)
Alex Payne ’09 (Human Ecology)

The blogs offer a highly detailed look into the students’ daily lives. Why would anyone outside their circle of close friends be interested in following them? Why is the university spending money on this?


11 Responses to Life on the Hill

  1. Anonymous says:

    it’s for prospective students.

  2. […] The blogs have been launched! Cornell has given it a fair share of publicity on the home page, and the Cornell Daily Sun featured an article on it.  Pretty cool, but not without bringing out the naysayers; point in case -the president of facebook- who gives a rather scathing critique. […]

  3. […] The Prez is quite critical of the content of the blogs, most of which deals with verbose, mundane details of each of the official bloggers’ lives. Caroline responds and says, “If you want a little dose of what it means to be a regular old student here, I hope that my blog will fit the bill.” While there is at least dialog going on now in the online Cornell blogging community, what Cornell actually did was create a migration program for personal online journals. […]

  4. Sam Jackson says:

    If it’s for prospective students, it’s a terrible failure. If it’s for parents, alumni, donors, etc, then… less of a failure.

  5. […] Caroline Dias, one of six Life on the Hill bloggers, responds to my post: In all seriousness, let me use this entry to point out what I actually want to do with this blog. I intend this blog to be informative to prospective students on what it’s like being at Cornell today. If I get lost in the inane details of my daily life, please call me on it. […]

  6. alexpayne says:

    read our damn blogs before you make an opinion and who the hell is sam jackson? It’s unnatural to have such a huge ego

  7. Zenia says:

    For a World Wide Web Blog, one should be astute to the facts: a blog posted on the Internet is for the World Wide Web, and this would include alumni, those who dropped out, those who consider applying, etc.

  8. […] Old media meets new media. Chronicle Online posted a story about the Life on the Hill project that rocked the Cornell blogosphere back in August: “Life on the Hill,” a pilot project online since late August, is an initiative of the Office of Web Communications, intended to give prospective students and parents a view of how students balance academic, social and recreational life. Six bloggers were chosen from the ranks of tour guides and Cornell Tradition members, out of more than 40 students who applied. Their blogs add to the dozens of others maintained by Cornell students and alumni (see list below). […]

  9. […] Offices Open Up Through Blogs Last August, Cornell launched the Life on the Hill project to allow prospective students get a feel for campus life. While this initiative faced […]

  10. […] year ago, Chronicle Online posted a story about the Life on the Hill project. In addition to highlighting the new University-sponsored student blogs, the article […]

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