Cornell Student Blogging Project

Have you heard of the Student Blogging Project at Cornell University? It is meant to address the problem that “the student voice is largely missing from Cornell’s web site.”


Because these blogs will be highly visible, it is important that they are maintained regularly. You will be expected to post at least two entries per week during the academic year (yes, even during prelims and study week and finals).

And, because these blogs are highly visible, you will be expected to be intelligent about both the approach to and the crafting of your posts with regard to subject matter, language, and tone.

You will be expected to attend one orientation session before you begin blogging. In addition, there may be semi-regular meetings for bloggers that you would also need to attend.


Assuming that each student makes a minimum of two blog entries per week (one entry per week during breaks), they are eligible for a total of $50 in gift cards per month.

Can this really be considered blogging or just a lame PR stunt?

I just wish I knew about this earlier. Applications to join the project were due on July 24. I am not sure if anyone were approved, but “the most famous blogger at Cornell” was rejected.


One Response to Cornell Student Blogging Project

  1. […] It appears that the Cornell Student Blogging Project has been launched as Life on the Hill. Official description: Curious about life at Cornell? Drop in on our student blogs and see how they find balance between the challenges of academics and recreational pursuits. Pick one to follow through the year, or bounce back and forth between them to get a broad picture of life on the Hill. […]

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