Experiment Not Over

Experiment over? The news did not go unnoticed. It even made the MetaEzra “In Brief” section:

President Lehman’s fake facebook profile has been removed, while Skorton’s reportedly non-fake profile remains. But will the blog continue? And just who is redprez?

Luckily one of those questions can now be answered. After a lengthy email conversation with Facebook, Jeffrey Lehman ’77 is back for an encore. But how did this happen? And why did it take so long? Stay tuned for answers to those questions.


23 Responses to Experiment Not Over

  1. Luay Abuali says:

    hi I just had my account diasbled for some reason while i was posting on some group, i sent an email to facebook but they never replied back… can you plz get my account reactivaited again? Please!! I had so many friends and conversations and pictures so please get my account back!!

    Luay Abuali

  2. Bill McGraw says:

    I have registered with several facebook sites. My login does not work even after I change my PW. It leads me to a login site but will not let me login with my email and PW. I have inquired numerous times and have not gotten real help.

  3. Kerri Crawford says:

    im having a problem logging on to facebook I cant remember my password and it tells me my e-mail was improperly installed and I cant reset it PLEASE REPLY

  4. Caterina Ranieri says:

    Hi there,
    For some odd reason i cannot send messages or delet? Can you please help me detect the problem?

    Thank you


  5. valen brown says:

    excuse me but i was disabled from facebook just becuase i was not in a network eventhough i was trying to get into my school network which requires a school email that i typed in but it never sent the comfirmation therefore cuasing me to have no network i am very upset right now i have tons of friends and pictures that i probably wont get back i am a high school student from NY and i just want it back Please im begging you my email is browniejabe21@aol.com if you know how to fix it im 14 years old in 9th grade

  6. noga krausz kashan says:

    i dont know what happened to disable me..but could you help..nkashan@hotmail.com

  7. i am sorry for violating your terms of use please may you re-activate my account

  8. Andani Nemb says:

    cn u pls reactivate my face book account

  9. Jeret Holt says:

    My account was disabled 48 hours now…I have sent 2 very nice emails explaining that I will not add so many friends at one time but no response..Can anyone help me get my profile restored!!!!!!!!!

  10. Merry Christine says:

    Could i please have my account back on facebook…Please…and sorry and will know not to misuse as it quotes messages in inbox…I need to be back in there …all my family is in there and friends…Please..

    I am real sorry about violating those terms but i had no idea there was a limit..i went to close and tried to get back in…and i could not sign in it said deactivared by administrater.
    Please could i have my account back…restored.
    Thank You So Much

  11. vishwas issac says:

    My account was disabled without any warning. but wen i checked my e-mail(which i used to register and login to face book) they was a email with warning and in the bottom was stated that my account was disabled. please help me. many of my daily contacts were though face book so if i have violated ur terms by any means please pardon me. plese let me no my crime. and can u please restore my account.
    it would be so kind of you to help me.
    Thank you.

  12. I am lost with out facebook, i changed my real name and i think thats why i got kicked off ……..Can you please help me get back on…… I only did use the computer for the fact of getting my face on, lol……. Can you please help me get my face on again…. And it won’t happen again ……. THANX; Sabrina Reynolds

  13. betty says:

    i can’t get into my face book at a friends home but at my work it fine…why………..?

    i have to communicate since face book is the coolest thing ive ever been on!

    please tell me what to do?


  14. Anonymous says:

    Hi i cant get into facebook it iz telling me that my account has been deactived which i didnt know about plz i help me i even brought the phone with internet for facebook. Help me 2 get facebook coz its where i spent my leisure time ……and i promise u it wont happen again this time.Miso Shweni

  15. Troy Hayes says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you can help me in any way? I’m having problems with my facebook… i changed my password and then forgot it… also alot of my personal, important stuff is on my facebook profile or atleast in some importance to me… I promise it won’t happen again… Thank’s, Troy My facebook-email is troyhayeslp@gmail.com My msn-email is troyhayeslp@ hotmail.com

  16. Troy Hayes says:

    Oh one more thing… it also says my facebook profile is disabled i realy hope you can help me with my problem and I’ll be able to one day go on my own profile again With out these problems… Once again thanks, Troy

  17. Ais nurul says:

    Please , actived my account

  18. Megan harris says:

    This the first time that this ever happen to me I don’t know what I did to get my facebook account disable but can you plz give it back because I have somw friends and Other ppl on my facebook I can’t remember all they names so plz give my back undisable my account :)

  19. Megan harris says:

    This mt first time that this ever happen to me I don’t know what I did to get my fackbook acount disable but can u plz give it back because I have some friends and other pll on my facebook I can’t remember all they names so plz give it back undisable my account :D

  20. cassandra says:

    i was disable from my facebook account for no reasone jst replyin to my friend s

  21. anuska dey says:

    this is my real name and that was my real Facebook account not a fake account.and how can u stopped my account without any correct information, please reactive my account.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Why did I get kicked off of Facebook I really would like to know

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