Mid-June Mail Update

Now that new messages are so hard to come by, it feels nice to receive something.

On June 6, Y.W. ’07 wrote:

Dear president Lehman:

Even though you are no longer our president, i still related to you as our president. I am a junior in arts and science, so you had been the president of Cornell since my freshmen year. I often saw you at Ivy room when I went there for lunch or dinner, and i really regret that i did not come up to you and say hi because i thought i would always have the chance to. A lot of my friends at cornell really like you as our president, obviously including myself, it is so unfortunated that you have to leave cornell. I hope that I will still have the chance to see you someday, and i will definitely come up and introduce myself. Where are you working at now? Do you find having a JD degree helpful in whatever that you do? I am a Econ major, during my first two years at cornell, i was actually planning on studying math. I am also considering law school because it has been my dream for years since i was a little kid, but i know it is very hard and it is not for everyone, is there any advice that you can give me. I am currently studying abroad at University College London and I really appreciate Cornell for providing me everything that i have today. I think you have done a great job as a president at Cornell, and i really hope you will come back to visit often.

Best wishes
y*** w***
Art and Science 07′

I think this may be the longest message to date. Certainly the most detailed.


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