Experiment Over

June 14, 2006

On June 13, the people over at Facebook decided to remove the profile that gave rise to this website. After attempting to log in, the following message was displayed:

Your account has been disabled by an administrator. Please contact info@facebook.com for more information.

In an attempt to preserve what is now gone forever, the profile remnants are posted below.

Screenshot circa June 12
facebook - jeffrey lehman profile
(click here for full-size image)

Screenshot circa June 14
facebook - account disabled
(click here for full-size image)

Account Info
Name: Jeffrey Lehman ’77
Member Since: May 20, 2004

Friends by Network
Acadia (1)
Accenture (2)
Akron, OH (2)
Alabama State (1)
Albany, NY (10)
Albuquerque, NM (2)
Amerada Hess Corporation (1)
American (1)
Amgen (1)
Ann Arbor, MI (3)
Apple (2)
Atlanta, GA (6)
Austin, TX (2)
Baltimore, MD (5)
BC (1)
Bechtel Corporation (1)
Berkeley (1)
Birmingham, AL (1)
Boston, MA (25)
Bryn Mawr (1)
Buffalo, NY (6)
Burlington, VT (2)
Charleston, SC (1)
Chicago, IL (10)
Cincinnati, OH (2)
Cintas (1)
Cleveland, OH (1)
Columbia (5)
Columbia, SC (1)
Columbus, OH (2)
Cornell (1825)
CUNY Baruch (1)
Dallas, TX (1)
Denver, CO (3)
DePaul (1)
Detroit, MI (1)
Deutsche-Bank Group (1)
Digitas (1)
Emory (1)
First Data (1)
Fort Lauderdale, FL (2)
Four Seasons (1)
General Electric (1)
Goldman Sachs (1)
Greenberg Traurig (1)
GWU (2)
Harrah’s Entertainment (1)
Harrisburg, PA (1)
Hartford, CT (1)
Harvard (2)
Hiram (1)
Home Box Office (1)
Honolulu, HI (1)
Houghton Mifflin Company (1)
Houston, TX (5)
IBM (1)
Indiana Kokomo (1)
Indianapolis, IN (3)
Intel (1)
IPFW (1)
ITT Industries (1)
Ivy Tech (1)
Jacksonville, FL (2)
Jersey City, NJ (1)
John Jay High School (1)
Johns Hopkins (1)
King’s London (1)
Kraft Foods (1)
Las Vegas, NV (3)
Lehman Brothers (1)
Lockheed Martin (1)
London, UK (3)
Long Island, NY (9)
Los Angeles, CA (16)
Louisiana (1)
Louisville, KY (1)
Macys (1)
Maine (2)
Maine, ME (1)
Maryland (1)
McAllen, TX (1)
McKinsey & Company (1)
Memphis, TN (1)
Miami, FL (5)
Michigan (4)
Middlesex, NJ (3)
Milwaukee, WI (3)
MO Valley (1)
Mobile, AL (2)
Morgan Stanley (2)
Motorola (1)
MSU (1)
National Institutes of Health (2)
National Public Radio (2)
NBC Universal (1)
New Haven, CT (3)
New Mexico (1)
New Orleans, LA (1)
New York, NY (159)
Newark, NJ (4)
NMSU (1)
Northwestern (1)
Notre Dame (1)
NYU (4)
Ohio State (1)
Orange County, CA (6)
Orlando, FL (3)
Oxford (2)
Paris, FR (1)
Penn State (1)
Philadelphia, PA (16)
Phoenix, AZ (3)
Pittsburgh, PA (4)
Portland, OR (1)
Providence, RI (3)
Purdue (3)
PwC (1)
Queen’s Canada (1)
Raleigh, NC (4)
Rice (1)
Rochester (3)
Rochester, NY (5)
Sacramento, CA (2)
Salt Lake City, UT (1)
San Antonio, TX (3)
San Diego, CA (3)
San Francisco, CA (13)
San Jose, CA (3)
San Juan, PR (1)
Seattle, WA (2)
SHSU (1)
St. Louis, MO (1)
St. Thomas TX (1)
Stanford (1)
SUNY Albany (2)
SUNY Stony Brook (1)
Syracuse (1)
Syracuse, NY (16)
Teach For America (2)
Temple (1)
Texas A&M (1)
Texas San Antonio (1)
Towers Perrin (1)
Tulane (2)
UF (2)
UGA (1)
UMBC (1)
UMiami (2)
UNI (1)
UPenn (1)
USC (4)
UVA (1)
Virginia Beach, VA (2)
Washington State (1)
Washington, DC (51)
West Palm Beach, FL (1)
William & Mary (1)
Williams-Sonoma (1)
Wilmington, DE (1)
Wisconsin (3)
Yale (1)

All gone.


State of the University 2006

June 13, 2006

Hunter Rawlings gave his farewell State of the University address June 10. Naturally, Chronicle Online covers the event. From “‘New Cornell’ is more popular and visible than ever, says Cornell President Rawlings” :

Receiving standing ovations both before and after he delivered his farewell State of the University address June 10, Cornell Interim President Hunter Rawlings told the packed Bartels Hall alumni group during Reunion Weekend that Cornell, a “new Cornell,” has just accepted “the most selective class in the history of Cornell University.”

This new Cornell, said Rawlings, who steps down June 30, is “so popular right now and so highly visible”– reaping 28,000 applications for a class of 3,000 students and grabbing national attention as a major contender to enroll Alex Doonesbury in the famed comic strip — for a multitude of reasons.

And what a fine benchmark Doonesbury is when measuring the success of an Ivy League university.

Companies Using Facebook to Screen Job Applicants

June 12, 2006

Facebook scare continues. From “For Some, Online Persona Undermines a Resume” :

When a small consulting company in Chicago was looking to hire a summer intern this month, the company’s president went online to check on a promising candidate who had just graduated from the University of Illinois.

At Facebook, a popular social networking site, the executive found the candidate’s Web page with this description of his interests: “smokin’ blunts” (cigars hollowed out and stuffed with marijuana), shooting people and obsessive sex, all described in vivid slang.

It did not matter that the student was clearly posturing. He was done.

“A lot of it makes me think, what kind of judgment does this person have?” said the company’s president, Brad Karsh. “Why are you allowing this to be viewed publicly, effectively, or semipublicly?”

Many companies that recruit on college campuses have been using search engines like Google and Yahoo to conduct background checks on seniors looking for their first job. But now, college career counselors and other experts say, some recruiters are looking up applicants on social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Xanga and Friendster, where college students often post risqué or teasing photographs and provocative comments about drinking, recreational drug use and sexual exploits in what some mistakenly believe is relative privacy.

Fortunately, it looks like the clean profile of a certain Cornell ex-president will not be hurting his chances at landing the next big gig.

Mid-June Mail Update

June 11, 2006

Now that new messages are so hard to come by, it feels nice to receive something.

On June 6, Y.W. ’07 wrote:

Dear president Lehman:

Even though you are no longer our president, i still related to you as our president. I am a junior in arts and science, so you had been the president of Cornell since my freshmen year. I often saw you at Ivy room when I went there for lunch or dinner, and i really regret that i did not come up to you and say hi because i thought i would always have the chance to. A lot of my friends at cornell really like you as our president, obviously including myself, it is so unfortunated that you have to leave cornell. I hope that I will still have the chance to see you someday, and i will definitely come up and introduce myself. Where are you working at now? Do you find having a JD degree helpful in whatever that you do? I am a Econ major, during my first two years at cornell, i was actually planning on studying math. I am also considering law school because it has been my dream for years since i was a little kid, but i know it is very hard and it is not for everyone, is there any advice that you can give me. I am currently studying abroad at University College London and I really appreciate Cornell for providing me everything that i have today. I think you have done a great job as a president at Cornell, and i really hope you will come back to visit often.

Best wishes
y*** w***
Art and Science 07′

I think this may be the longest message to date. Certainly the most detailed.

Facebook Tracking Profile Views

June 9, 2006

A piece of Facebook’s source code somehow showed up in one user’s browser. From “Facebook has a built in ability to track who’s looking at your profile” at digg:

I was on facebook and out of no where some of the php source code showed up (I didn’t do anything illegal, and I still don’t know why it showed up). I browsed through it and found this interesting bit. Make of it what you will.

Partial transcript of the image:

// Monitoring these people's profile viewage.
// stored in central db on profile views.
// Helpful for law enforcement to monitor stalkers and stalkees.
// Wayne
// [blurred]
// [blurred]

function monitar-usey-ictl~ity(%userid){
$monitor = array('[blurred]' => 1, '[blurred]' => 1); // Put baddies (hotties?) in here

return ($monitor[$userid] || check_super($user_id)); // Stalk ourselves too.

The authenticity of the code is questionable. If it is indeed real, the code comments provide an interesting glimpse into Facebook culture.