Ivy League Presidents on Facebook

On March 3, The Daily Princetonian published “Poke your prez: ‘Tighman’ friendless on facebook” by Brett Amelkin and Sophia Ahern Dwosh. It starts off:

Facebook.com helps students network with friends on campus, those at other universities and even friends in high school. Now, facebook is doing more than simply bringing students together. Have you “friended” your college president yet?

It continues:

“Tighman” is not the first among Ivy League presidents to have a facebook account. Her counterparts at other universities, however, outrank her in their number of facebook friends. … The presidents of Cornell, Yale and Columbia have not yet had accounts set up in their names on facebook.

Good research Princeton.

No love.


2 Responses to Ivy League Presidents on Facebook

  1. Anonymous says:

    good research? Looking up stuff on facebook is research?

  2. prez says:

    Clearly my sarcasm was not obvious.

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