Cornell: Brought to You by Pepsi

“I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study while enjoying a carbonated beverage of my choosing,” uttered Ezra Cornell, but the quote had to be shortened to save on high telegraph costs of the time.

Cornell’s relationship with Pepsi is surprising when considering the marketing opportunities missed by not teaming up with the red Coke. Big Red and blue? What?

Even more surprising is the length the administration goes to in order to protect this affiliation. From Cornell Blog:

Pepsi has an exclusive contract with Cornell, so when my girlfriend and I brought two cokes into the Helen Newman Bowling alley, after paying for some games, we found them mysteriously gone. The manager claimed that cokes could not be consumed in that area due to a Pepsi contract, and explained that he had moved them to some “exterior location.”

Maybe if Cornell plays the cards right, the football team will get the Diet Pepsi Machine, which according to Wikipedia “cannot be tackled because of its size compared to the human players, therefore leading to many touchdown catches as a wide receiver.”


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