250 Days of Mail

Although over 300 friend requests (in addition to 19 group and 14 event invites) were sent out during my 250 day retirement from Facebook, only two messages were sent.

On August 8, 2005, G.M. ’05 wrote:

I just wanted to let you know that I met your step-daughter Monica at Columbia University this past spring and she was mad chill. Tell her I say what’s up. Hope all is well with you after having stepped down from your position as President of Cornell, which, by the way I was very sad to hear because I had the hopes that you were gonna help change Cornell from becoming the huuuuge corporation it is becoming. toodles. -G*** aka G-money

The daughter mention sparked my curiosity. A search for Monica Lehman and Monica Okun turned up nothing on Facebook. Google was of no help either. I wonder how much truth is to this story.

J.F. ’07 wrote on December 12, 2005:

I know you’re Jewish, so I thought I’d express my emotions in only the way the ancient and poetic Hebrew language can:

מה קרה לך?! זאת היתה ההחליטה הכי טיפשה בעולם! אנחנו עדיין מאמינים בך. כל הכבוד ודרך אגב, אני חושב שזה הזמן להחליף את התמונה שלך.

fight the power!

Surprisingly, I could not find any functional Hebrew-English translation tools online. So much for that.

In addition to Facebook messages, two emails were received. Posting a functional email address on the profile proved to be a step not gone unnoticed.

First one came on October 27:

Dear Professor Lehman,
I hope all is well with you in DC, my name is Emily Kraus and I am currently an A&S freshman at Cornell. I just wanted to say, because I am also a patient of your friend Dr. Linda Waldman, and she spoke very highly of you, so I thought I would drop you a line. Are you in DC for the semester? or for the whole year? because I would love to meet with you at some point just to chat. Talk to you soon!
E*** K*** ’09

And the other came from D.W. on December 1:

Sir, there is still no Hunter Rawlings on thefacebook.com. Ignorant of how to create a fake facebook profile, I would request that you turn over the user/pass information to Jeffrey S. Lehman ’77 in order that it might be changed over to Hunter R. Rawlings III.

What say you?

Thanks for refreshing a point I made earlier and for the interesting proposition.


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