Skorton’s Rise

On March 24, 2005, the Yale Daily News published Josh Duboff’s “‘Poke’ your prof: faculty discovers“. It starts off:

During a meeting in late January, University of Iowa President David J. Skorton mentioned jokingly that he had read about, the popular online social network, in The Washington Post. He was curious as to what the Web site was all about. … Over a thousand friend requests and numerous “wall-postings” later, Skorton’s entrance into community has caused quite a stir. Iowa students say they see the addition of Skorton to their “friends lists” as indicative of the close bond he has with the student body.

This was one year ago. Now Skorton is about to assume the presidency of Cornell University.

And almost one year before that, Jeffrey Sean Lehman joined Thefacebook. Since then, he was fired and exiled to Washington, DC. Or in official words, he resigned and took a sabbatical at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

Two presidents. Two stories. One Facebook.


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