Facebook 2.0

Extra! Extra!

Top story at The Cornell Daily Sun Online (narrowly edging out “C.U. Prof Solves Sudoku”):
Students React to H.S. Addition to Facebook” by Rob Fishman

Roughly two years have passed since Facebook opened up its virtual doors at Cornell. Yet, somehow anything related to Facebook can still become a hot story. So much for the novelty wearing off.

All that aside, the story raises a good point:

While college students require a .edu email address to gain admission to the website, high school students, who do not have standard school addresses, can register for the site with their personal email. In the past, facebook.com has distinguished itself from sites like Myspace by requiring specific email addresses for confirmation.

The initial appeal of Facebook was its exclusivity. In its early days, only the top schools were part of its network. It slowly expanded to virtually every college in the nation. Now, anyone can join. Welcome to the new Facebook. Another MySpace/Friendster/Orkut clone.


2 Responses to Facebook 2.0

  1. helenbrigley says:

    cebook ihad no trouble be fore i used the same email anopassword now they say it is not correct please help

  2. Rishi says:

    Hi. My Face Book account was disabled and i was wondering if you can email me to tell me if you can get my account re-activated. Hope you reply back.

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