250 Days and 250 Nights

250 days have passed since July 8, 2005, the day of the last post and the last time Jeffrey Lehman’s profile was modified. It was 250 days ago that I added the blog link to the profile and released this story to the public. Let’s quickly review what changed since then. Since I have the data logs anyway, I went back 500 days as well.

October 31, 2004 (500 days ago):
666 Cornell friends
2 friends at other schools

July 8, 2005 (250 days ago):
1616 Cornell friends
24 friends at other schools

Earlier today:
1489 Cornell friends
29 friends at other schools

Now (after approving the 318 accumulated friend requests):
1791 Cornell friends
45 friends at other schools

I guess things are really slowing down around here. The Lehman era is over.

By the way, if you add up the numbers, you may notice that 122 people were lost during the last 250 days. I wonder how many actually cancelled our beautiful friendship and are not due to the revised Facebook friend-counting formula. (Unless you are a true Facebook connoisseur, you probably never noticed back when Facebook was still Thefacebook, friend counts in “My Profile” and “My Friends” were not always equal. I would like to hope at least one showed the correct number.)

And speaking of new Facebook features, three new photos of Jeffrey Lehman were added. All of them completely real as far as I could tell. Impressive.

Finally, I apologize for the onslaught of boring numbers. Stay tuned for some great letters that were sent during this long break.


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