I wish I could make this more amusing, but this is a sad time. One week ago today, on July 1, Hunter Rawlings assumed the position of Interim President of Cornell University. He will serve until a new President assumes offices. In his message, he wrote:

The past few weeks have been an unsettling period. President Lehman’s resignation was an unfortunate event for many reasons, and it has generated lingering questions in our community because it came suddenly and without extensive explanation. As you may have read, President Lehman and the Board of Trustees have agreed that his and the institution’s best interests will be served by foregoing more open discussion. Despite the understandable frustration that creates, I am confident that they have acted in the university’s interests.

The resignation news left the Cornell community with many questions. Many of them will probably never be answered. The future of Jeffrey Lehman’s Thefacebook profile is not one of those. It will cease to be active. For the sake of historical value, it will not be deleted, but any new friend requests will be denied. More importantly, the link to this blog will be added to the profile. This will be the final change. Everyone deserves to see the information presented here and perhaps learn from it. This was an interesting experiment, but everything must come to an end. I surely hope no one will be too disappointed.

Now may be the best time to look back. Jeffrey Lehman’s profile was created in May 2004. Almost exactly one year ago, on July 5, 2004, it received a first message. Since then, many more would be sent. Many friend requests would be sent as well. When the last friend was accepted today, the friend count was at 1616 in addition to 22 at schools other than Cornell. Given that this blog is now very public, the friend count may drop a bit.

On a side note, this high-profile profile revealed at least one flaw plaguing Thefacebook. As you gain more friends, the number becomes less accurate. If you compare the counts on “My Profile” and “My Friends”, the numbers may differ. As I climbed over 1000, the difference reached double digits. And in case you are wondering, out-of-school friends were not overlooked when comparing the numbers.

To sum things up, the Jeffrey Lehman profile is done. It’s over. This blog will continue its existence and new posts may be added. If you are really interested in this matter, feel free to come back. If you have something to say, leave a comment here or drop me a line at redprez(at)gmail.com.

P.S.: Thefacebook is still missing Hunter Rawlings. What a travesty!


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