It was interesting to get a message like no other today. D.Y. ’05 sent me one in French:

Cher Monsieur President,
Je ne sais pas si vous vous souvenez de moi, mais j’etais la coordinatrice de Prepare votre premiere annee, et je suis venue parler a vous a Slope Day, et on a meme une photo ensemble devant Willard Straight Hall. Comme vous, je suis allee en France ma troisieme annee a Cornell. En tout cas, c’est triste que vous ne serez plus president de Cornell, parce qu’en tant que Cornelliens on etait content d’avoir un president qui etait aussi un ancien etudiant. Bon, je vous souhaite bonne chance, et j’espere qu’on se croisera un jour, qui sait?
Tres cordialement,
D*** Y***, Class of 2005
PS: Je suis une assistante de recherche a Washington, au “Washington Institute for Near East Policy” et si jamais vous etes a Washington, je serai tres contente de vous inviter chez moi pour un dejeuner ou diner avec votre famille.

I guess this means I know French. You learn new things every day. For those of you who are not as bright as me, I asked AltaVista’s Babel Fish for a translation. The result is far from perfect, but you don’t have to be a genius to understand the meaning:

Dear Mr President, I do not know if you remember me, but I etais the coordinator of Prepare your premiere year, and I came to speak has has you Slope Day, and one has same a photo unit in front of Willard Straight Hall. Like you, I am allee in France my third year has Cornell. In any case, it is sad which you will not be a any more president de Cornell, because as Cornelliens one etait glad to have a president who etait also old etudiant. Good, I wish you good luck, and I espere which one will cross one day, which knows?
Very cordially
D*** Y***, Class of 2005
PS: I am an assistant of research has Washington, in “Washington Institute for Near East Policy” and if ever you etes has Washington, I will be very glad to invite you at home for a dejeuner or dinner with your family.

It’s great to have connections all over the world.


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    Who are you??? Reveal your true identity. It is time.–>

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