June 18, 2005

The Cornell campus was shocked with the recent resignation news. The impact was felt on Thefacebook as well. In the days following the announcement, several messages came in from concerned students and alumni.

A.R. ’09 could only come up with:

we’re going to miss you

S.H. ’03 asked:

Any insights on why you are leaving so suddenly?

M.C. ’04 managed to write more than one sentence:

It will be sad to see you go, Jeffrey. I only wish I knew what the overriding issues were between you and the Board. This is disappointing.


These are sad times indeed. I wonder what will become of my profile.



June 10, 2005

Looks like someone listened at the commencement. L.R. ’05 sent me this:

Dear President Lehman,

I just thought it would be fun for you to know that ever since graduation, the topics of your speech have been permeating every conversation that I’ve had. All of the sudden, tunnel vision is everywhere! But I’m trying to beware of the dark side;).

Thanks for everything,

I think I just met my biggest fan.