May 16, 2005

A landmark again. 1500 friends and counting.

Despite no major breaks since 1250, the last batch of 250 has taken the longest time to form. It took 76 days.

Just how fast have new friend requests dropped in recent times? 500 was reached on October 16, followed by 1000 on December 16, and 1500 on May 16 (it seems that the 16th is a good day for these things). The slowdown is painfully obvious.



May 7, 2005

Some grad student from a different school sent me a message:

If your really the president of Cornell i just want to have you add me as a friend so I can say i have a college president on my friend list. If your fake then its ok



May 3, 2005

From: The Pony
To: Jeffrey Lehman ’77
Subject: Please get out your old records.
Message: If you have ever listened to Joni Mitchell, especially “Big Yellow Taxi,” and you are still going to PAVE PARADISE for a PARKING LOT, I am convinced you don’t have a soul. What kind of president are you?

I also don’t exist, but that’s a whole different story.