December 23, 2004

A compliment from Q.G. ’04:

Hello, I ve not met you before, but I’d like to compliment you on the way that you are handling your presidency of the university. I have gotten a great impression of you; it seems like yo are a very down to earth person, and you are willing to listen to what everyone has to say. I just graduated in december, but I will be back in May for the graduation ceremony, hopefully I will get to meet you then and thank you in person. I love Cornell, and I am confident that you will steer it in the right direction. Keep doin what youre doin -Q*** G*** ’05

He is definitely confused about his year, even contradicting his own profile. But then again, that is obviously not the only thing he is confused about judging by his messages.



December 16, 2004

Lehman finally hits 1,000 friends. Next milestone is 10,000, which will most likely be unachievable if I continue the policy of relying only on others to make friend requests.

It’s interesting to note that the requests have already begun to slow down. It took 38 days to collect the last 250 friends, which comes out to only 6.6 per day on average. While this is still a decent number, it is a big drop from 10.9 for the third batch of 250 and 7.6 for the second. It would be interesting to determine if the friend count slowly approaching a limit or if people’s attitudes towards Thefacebook are changing.