September 23, 2004

A letter from an alumnus:

Hi President Lehman,

I have had the pleasure of meeting you at a variety of events ( I presented the Service and Philanthropy portion of the Greek Community Call to Engagement), so I do hope that you remember me. I just wanted to let you know that I think it is very progressive and extremely wonderful that you are on the facebook. It is a splendid way to really connect with the students!


J*** K*** ’04

If only I did not feel it is wrong for me to message people, I would definitely be doing a lot more connecting with the students.



September 17, 2004

Finally a letter from someone not a freshman. H.Z. ’07:

President Lehman, my name is H*** Z*** and I am currently running for Transfer Representative -Student Assembly. I would love if you could somehow endorse me, over facebook is fine. Just by putting Vote H*** in your profile or by emailing the whole school, any way would be nice. If not, I understand completley! Have a nice day,
-H*** Z***, class of 2007

If only there was a way I could email the entire school.


September 13, 2004

I finally acquired 250 friends. Although I hardly requested any new friends recently, I still get plenty of requests from others. At this point, however, I will stop completely. Every friend I gain from now on will not be requested by me. It should be interesting to see how many I can gain while putting in absolutely no effort.


September 9, 2004

A great message from A.W. ’08:

Hello, Pres. Lehman –

I’m a freshman A&S Dean’s Scholar from Arkansas, and I wanted to thank you for your engaging remarks at convocation. I still hear comments about Zoolander, even now. But apart from that, thanks for encouraging us to explore.

As a prospective religious studies major, it’s consoling to know that a math major could end up being president of Cornell! So perhaps studying religions isn’t so useless after all, even though my parents probably wonder why the tuition is going towards courses such as classical fencing, Italian, and introduction to cryptology this semester…

Cute email address. I like that: el presidente.


September 8, 2004

Second message from E.R. ’08:

yo prez,

it’s e*** r***. i had a few spare moments in between my homework, so i’m just saying hey, cause you show up first on my “friends” list. school is sweet. My teacher for my frosh writing seminar, cultural studies, is K*** P***. He is a fantastic professor. Well anyways, hope your day has been going well

E*** R***