August 25, 2004

E.R. ’08 writes:

hey prez lehman,

It’s E*** R*** here. I decided that I wanted to add you as my friend because I could use a few friends in some high places. I’m in arts and sciences and I’m undecided. Everything is going fantastically so far. Orientation has been very smooth. If you have some spare time ever, i’d like to take you on in some Monopoly. I wanna see your skills in action. Anyway, i’ll catch you later el presidente.

He also left his dorm address.



August 18, 2004

V.P. ’08 writes:

My name is V*** and I’m an incoming freshman at Cornell. I’m really looking forward to studying up in Ithaca and was wondering if you could give me a tip or two for the year ahead, you being the president of the school and all.