Thefacebook is a place where people of all walks of life come together, where anyone can be a star. Today I joined as well. I will coexist alongside Paris Hilton, Donald Trump, Dirk Nowitzki, and Lil Jon. My name is Jeffrey Lehman and this is the story of my life on Thefacebook.


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  1. […] Prank Lands Man in Prison Concerned that your fake Facebook profile got deleted? At least you did not end up in prison. As reported by CNN: Moroccan authorities […]

  2. EDGAR LAVADO says:

    Hola me gustaria saber en que falta incurri dado que no se, por favor expliquenmelo para no volver a hacerlo gracias.

  3. Daniel Sami says:

    We have reports that the same thing happend to Mousavi’s page on facebook! PRESIDENT OF FACEBOOK ! Our President is on Coup ! What is wrong here with your team ?!
    and also :
    Dear Facebook Team ,

    I am an Iranian user and I think you are well aware of current political and social situation in Iran. specially the problems of media restriction that has effects Internet, SMS , Mobile and news papers.
    currently facebook is playing a great role on this

    are becoming a media itself. If you check the mentioned profiles you will see for most of wall post , there are over 300 comment or “Liked markings”
    However since two weeks ago facebook is asking for verification code from most of Iranian users, entering mobile number to get texted verification code is not possible for Iran because Mobile operators has disabled SMS for over 30 days and also this will have security risk for users since Iranian government is watching user activity log on internet very closely.

    I think a simple solution for this issue is to allow even unverified users to be able to send comments and have normal activities only in the mentioned profiles since they are key players here.

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